Thomas is a name that has a beautiful meaning and a very unique origin. In addition, it has a great religious connotation, since it was the name of Saint Thomas, who was one of the Apostles of Jesus Christ. This is why it enjoys great popularity within the Christian community.

In this Babynamesforgirls article you will find the meaning of the name Tomas . Together with that, you will also see its numerology, when is its calendar, the personality of the people who wear it, its popularity throughout Spain and even the celebrities who wear it. It is possible that with all the data that you will find here, you will choose it as a first name for your baby. Thomas is a boy’s name.

What does Thomas mean?

The name Tomás means ” the one who has a twin brother ” or also “the twin”.

Origin of the name Thomas

Thomas is a name that comes from the Aramaic language . This word was pronounced as “Take” and comes from the Aramaic word תום  . This masculine given name translates as “twins” or “twins”.

It appears for the first time in the Holy Scriptures with Thomas Didymus, who was one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ, who was known because he did not believe that Jesus of Nazareth had risen. From this biblical episode comes the saying “seeing is believing like Saint Thomas”.

Diminutives and variations of the name Tomas

Due to the long history of the name Tomás, there are many diminutives and variations that it has. We see them below:

  • Tom.
  • Tom.
  • Tam.
  • Tomasito.
  • Tomasillo.
  • Tomalito.
  • Tomas (a female variant).
  • Tamsin (a female variant).
  • Tasmina (a female variant).
  • Tamia (a female variant).

The name Thomas in other languages

Let’s know how Thomas is written in other languages:

  • German : Thomas, and Tommi
  • Bulgarian : Тома
  • Czech : Tomáš
  • Chinese : 托馬斯
  • Scottish : Tam
  • French : Thomas
  • Welsh : Tomes
  • Galician : I took
  • Greek : Δίδυμος
  • Dutch : Tommy
  • Hungarian : Tamas
  • English : Thomas and Tommy
  • Italian : Tommaso
  • Japanese : トーマス
  • Polish : Tomasz and Tomek
  • Portuguese : Tomaz
  • Russian : Фома́

Personality of the name Thomas

Tomás is a talkative, funny and eloquent man . He has a unique genius and creativity to entertain everyone with his spontaneity. That is why many people love to hear him tell his stories and adventures.

In love, he is very romantic and an inveterate seducer. In fact, he usually consents and showers his future partner with attention. However, once the relationship begins, he tends to become somewhat insecure and jealous.

At work, it is common to see Tomás specializing in the areas of finance, law or the performing arts. His oratory skills and conversational ease help him climb important positions in the workplace.

With his friends, he is a key piece to maintain harmony and unity within his circle of friends. He is a companion that everyone trusts and that they always look for when they need some support. In the family, Tomás is an understanding, loving father and a source of inspiration to educate his children and grandchildren with values. Also, he does not allow dishonesty or lies.

Celebrities named Thomas

The most well-known celebrities bearing the name of Thomas are:

  • Thomas Alva Edison : He was an American scientist, businessman and inventor who developed many gadgets and devices which have changed the world.
  • Tomás Abraham : is an Argentine philosopher, writer, professor born in Romania. He is also an analyst of human behavior.
  • Tom Cruise : He is a film actor who is known for working in science fiction and action films.
  • Santo Tomás de Villanueva : He was Archbishop of Valencia in Spain, who was characterized by helping the poor a lot. He was called “Tomás el limosnero”.
  • Tomás Bretón : he was a Spanish musician who composed operas and zarzuelas, and who died in 1923.
  • Fray Tomás de Torquemada : he was the confessor of the Catholic Monarchs of Spain and also the inquisitor general of Castile and Aragon. Under his command more than three thousand heretics died and he also expelled the Jews from Spain.
  • Tomás Luis de Victoria – He was a Catholic priest as well as a renowned Spanish musician and composer who died in 1611.
  • Tom Hanks : He is a renowned actor and film director, winner of Globe and Oscar awards, born in the United States.
  • Tomás Enrique González Sepúlveda : is a Chilean gymnast who wins medals in world competitions.

Saint Thomas Day

According to Catholic saints, December 21 is the day of Thomas. Saint Thomas the Apostle, who died in 71 AD, is venerated on that date.

Numerology Of The Name Thomas

The number 5 is the digit that is related to Thomas.

Popularity of the first name Thomas

Thomas is an ancient name originating from the peoples of Judea. In countries like Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States and Latin America it is widely used as a masculine given name.

According to the calculations of the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in Spain there are around 63,433 men named Tomás with an average age of 54 years.

The communities with the highest concentration of men named Tomás are the following:

  • Lion
  • Zamora
  • Salamanca
  • Badajoz
  • Real city
  • Jaen
  • Teruel