If you are looking for a good name for your son, Unai is an ideal alternative. It is a beautiful name that, in addition to being short, is sonorous and its popularity is growing throughout Spain, as more than 21,000 men have it as a given name throughout the country. Likewise, it is originally from the Basque Country and has the meaning, among other things, “the one who takes care of the cows” or “the cowboy”.

If you want to know more about this particular name in this paraBaby article, we will tell you the meaning of the name Unai , its origins, saints, numerology, how is its personality in the workplace, with the family, in love and what famous people bear this name. Unai is a boy’s name .

What does unai mean?

Unai is a name that means ” the caretaker of cows ” or ” the shepherd of herds “. It is a name that characterizes people with an adventurous spirit, who are independent and who are also motivated to protect others.

Origin of the name Unai

Unai is a name of Basque origin . Etymologically, it translates as “the cow keeper” or “the one who herds the cattle”. Some also translate it as “the cowboy.” It is a nice name used mainly in the Basque Country, in the community of Navarra and in other nearby provinces.

Diminutives and variations of the name Unai

Being a short name, Unai does not have diminutives. However, among the best known variations we have the following:

  • One X
  • One and

The name Unai in other languages

Unai is spelled the same in most Western languages. However, in other languages ​​we will show you how to write:

  • Chinese : 乌奈
  • Korean : 우나이
  • Greek :Ουνάι
  • Hebrew :אונאי
  • Hindi :उनाई
  • Japanese :ウナイ
  • Russian :Унаи
  • Persian : اونای

Personality of the name Unai

Unai is a shy and cautious man . In addition, he is analytical and thinks things through before doing them. Added to that, he is polite, simple, with good manners and is always willing to dispense justice when he considers that there is none.

At work, Unai is a methodical, responsible worker who quickly adjusts to his environment. When he sees an opportunity, he doesn’t let it pass, which has allowed him to climb quickly in the workplace.

In love, he is a reserved person. In fact, he is not one of those who publicly expresses his feelings. But by having the ideal partner, he becomes an elegant and romantic man who will give everything to please her.

As a father, he is an individual who always strives to give the best example of honesty and good manners to his children. He will have no qualms about spending for education and activities that the little ones need.

In friendship, Unai is the type of person who will always be willing to support and provide security to his colleagues and friends. Undoubtedly, Unai is a loyal, polite and helpful man .

Celebrities with the name Unai

The best known celebrities bearing the name of Unai are:

  • Unai Simón Mendibil : He is a Spanish footballer in Athletic Club and in the Spanish National Team. He occupies the goalkeeper position.
  • Unai Elorriaga López is a Spanish writer of novels and children’s plays in Basque.
  • Unai Emery Etxegoien – He is a midfielder former soccer player and the current manager of the Spanish club Villarreal CF.
  • Unax Ugalde Gutiérrez : is a film, theater and television actor, born in Spain.
  • Unai Elorriaga Zubiaur : he is a Spanish cyclist who competes in the track modality, specialist in the omnium test, he is a European medalist.
  • Unai Nuñez Gestoso : he is a Spanish footballer for Athletic Club, he plays in the central defense position.
  • Unai Arazandi : is a philanthropist and Spanish film director who has documented wars around the world.
  • Unai López Cabrera : He is a Spanish footballer for the Rayo Vallecano club in Spain, and who plays in the position of midfielder.
  • Unai Amenabar : Journalist and TV news presenter on Venezuelan television.

Unai Saint’s Day

The Catholic calendar assigns November 6 as the date on which Saint Unai is honored.

Numerology Of The Name Unai

According to numerology, 3 is the number associated with Unai. This digit represents an independent and charitable character.

Popularity of the first name Unai

Unai is a household name in the Basque Country and in the surrounding communities. However, due to the sonority it has when pronounced, it is already used by many young people in other countries.

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics of Spain (INE), today there are some 24,241 men , with an average age of 18 years, who are called Unai.

The Spanish provinces that have the largest numbers of people called Unai are the following:

  • Biscay
  • Guipuzcoa
  • Navarre
  • Arabian
  • The Rioja
  • lleida
  • Tarragona