If you are curious about the meaning of the names, you have come to the right place. We have an extensive list with its etymology and what each one means. We know that understanding a name is important, either to choose one for a baby or to learn about a particular one. It is interesting because they have originated in various cultures and have survived many eras. In this case you will know what Noah means .

Etymology of the name Noah:

It is a modern form of Noah, which in turn comes from the Hebrew No’ah which means movement. On the other hand, there is also the possibility that it has roots in the Babylonian nukhu , which designates rest or rest . In Hebrew there is also the term nahum which means to comfort . Noa is in the Old Testament a daughter of Zelophehad . Noah is the The Bible to whom the fury of God who would send water from heaven is revealed . For his revelation he built an ark to survive this with his family and a couple of animals of each class.


No’ah in Biblical Hebrew, Noa in Dutch, Noa in Hebrew, Noa in Portuguese, Noy in Armenian, Nooh in Bengali, Noè in Catalan, Noë in Dutch, Nooa in Finnish, Noé in Greek, Nói in Icelandic, Naoi in Irish , Noass in Latvian, Nojus in Lithuanian, Noy in Russian, and Nuh in Turkish.

Famous people named Noah:

  • Noah Centineo

    • American actor : born in 1996 in Miami, Florida, United States. His best known roles are as Jesus Adams Foster in the series The Fosters , until 2018. He has also starred in the Netflix teen saga To All The Boys I’ve Loved , Sierra Burgess is a Loser and The Perfect Date . His first important role was in the series Tagged in which he played Hawk Carter. He also appeared as Camila Cabello’s romantic interest in the video clip Havana.
  • Noah Galloway

    • Motivational Speaker and Former US Soldier – He was born in 1981 in Birmingham, Alabama in the United States. He is an Iraq veteran, who now works as a motivator and extreme sports enthusiast. In the war he lost his left arm up to above the elbow, and his left leg up to above the knee. He became a motivator after overcoming depression and addiction. In 2016 he published the book Living Without Excuses: The Remarkable Rebirth of an American Soldier . He is currently dedicated to encouraging the recovery of veterans in talks and presentations.
  • noah raviv

    • Israeli Fashion Designer – Born in 1987, she is a fashion designer known for her grid pattern designs and 3D printing in her work. In 2016 she presented two pieces at the Manus X Machina Exhibition at the Anna Wintour Design Center in New York, which takes place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Her work is defined as the manifestation of the aesthetic phenomenon of hypertexture. In 2014 she was awarded at the 3D Printshow as the fashion designer of the year.

General characteristics of famous people named Noah:

These people are creative, intelligent and very proactive. They work hard to make their own place in the activity of their choice. They like to interact with people who have the same interests as them, and they are also supportive of those who need help.