There are very old names that, due to their popularity, continue to be valid over time, other names are modern and respond to current contexts. The human denomination of reality and this characteristic of our intellect towards the world, wanting to give everything a name, is part of our evolution as a species. Communicating through words and having our own name is something that allows us to have an identity and relate to other people, in addition to the authenticity that each name gives us. There may be other people who have the same designation as each of us, but each person gives meaning to each name. Next we are going to explain the meaning of the name Oscar .

Etymology of the name Oscar:

According to anthroponymic studies, it is considered that Óscar is a name that comes from the Old German that probably arises from the word Ásgeirr in Old Norse where Ás means “God” and geirr means “lance”.The derivation in the names Osgar or Ansgar were the first to become popular. According to Irish legend, Oscar was the son of a 9th-century Viking-related hero who had a great appreciation for nature and deer. Saint Oscar or also known as Saint Ascarius, a bishop and missionary from Amiens known for being the first Archbishop of Hamburg and patron saint of Scandinavia, is known. Oscar Wilde was a renowned writer, poet and playwright of Irish origin. Óscar is the variant of the name in Spanish, Asturian, Galician and Portuguese.


Oskar in German and Czech, Oskap in Bulgarian, Òscar or Anscari in Catalan, Oskaro in Esperanto, Oskar in Basque, Oskari in Finnish and Gregorian, Oscar in French and English, Oszkár in Hungarian, Óskar in Icelandic, Oscare in Italian , Osukaru in Japanese, Anscharius in Latin, Oskars in Latvian, Oskaras in Lithuanian, Oscaar in Dutch, Oskar in Norwegian and Polish. The feminine variants of this name are usually Oscaraor Oscarina.  A diminutive of this name is Osquitar.

Famous people named Oscar:

  • Oscar Freire Gomez

    • Former Spanish cyclist and commentator : he was born in Torrelavega, Cantabria 1976. He is currently a cycling commentator on Cadena COPE, before he was a professional runner being known for reaching the cycling record of victories in the Road Cycling World Championship and for being one of the the best sprinters of the decade getting high speed in short efforts. He was three-time world champion and winner of tournaments such as the Giro de la Provincia de Lucca, Milan – San Remo, the Fleccha Brabanzona, the Tour de France, among many others. He was also a competitor in three Olympic Games. He has the Silver Medal and the Gold Medal for Sporting Merit, a Star in the Tetuán Walk of Fame and is Cantabria’s Favorite Son, among other distinctions.
  • Oscar Esplá and Triay

    • Spanish composer : he was born in Alicante in 1886. From an early age he was attracted to music but studied engineering at the University of Barcelona to please his father. However, he dedicated himself to music and was the director of musical groups without further studies than those of experience. He moved to Germany and later to France where he would begin to study what he was really passionate about, which allowed him to compose his greatest works. He was also a professor at the Madrid Conservatory, president of the National Board of Music and director of the National Conservatory of Music.
  • Oscar d’Leon

    • Venezuelan singer and composer : born in Caracas in 1943. Also known as El Sonero del Mundo or the León de la Salsa, during his artistic career he has excelled in Caribbean genres, especially as a salsa, mambo and bolero singer. He was the first Venezuelan singer-songwriter to win a Latin Grammy for best tropical salsa album. His music has also been the soundtrack for films such as Mi villano favorite 2. He received the keys to the city of Maturín, an Honorary Doctorate from the Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador and the Congos de Oro from the Festival de Orquestan del Carnaval de Barranquilla.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Oscar:

They have a brave, dreamy and very determined spirit. They generally seek to be people with ruthless righteousness and an example to follow . They are honest, analytical, consistent and highly intelligent. They have a deeply rooted sense of morality and therefore can make decisions involving others without harming anyone. They are very demanding with themselves, for them there are no mistakes or failures, each act they perform is done to the best of their ability and they assume it as a fundamental responsibility.