!! Congratulations!! It is time to know the meaning of the name you have chosen for your baby. Sometimes this can be an exciting process for many people because there are a wide variety of names that can be an excellent choice. Do not stay behind if you are looking for a name with beautiful meaning. In this post we are going to explain the meaning of the name Patricia .

Etymology of the name Patricia:

According to anthroponymic studies, the name Patricia is considered to be a Latin name that during Ancient Rome became very popular. It is associated with the gens Patricius , which in turn is related to the Latin word pater meaning father . The patricians were an important social class until the 2nd century BC. C. Later, after family deterioration, the denomination of patricians was used to call people of high rank in society. It came to be used simply as a name from the Middle Ages to the present day. Saint Patricia of Constantinople is known, around 665 AD. C. was a Byzantine nun and co-patron saint of the city of Naples. Patricia is the variant of the name in Spanish.


The name retains its spelling in variants. Patrizia in Italian and in Catalan. Its diminutive is usually Patti, Patty or Paty. The best known male version may be Patrick.

Famous people named Patricia:

  • Patricia Janeckova

    • Slovak opera singer : born in Münchberg in 1998. She is an acclaimed opera singer with a soprano voice. She started singing at the age of four and began performing with the Ostrava Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra. His first solo concert was at the age of thirteen in Bratislava. He has participated in several musical demonstrations and has appeared on television contests such as those on CNN. She is an enthusiastic, generous girl with a great talent for music.
  • Patricia Lee Smith

    • American singer and poet : also known as Patti Smith, she was born in Chicago in 1946. She is a recognized artist of the punk movement, who integrates several elements that make her music a novel proposal. She was named Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters of France, entered the Rock Hall of Fame, has won a Polar Music Award, Golden Globe Award, Illustrious Visitor of Montevideo distinction and the Gold Medal of Fine Arts. in Spain. She is an irreverent, intelligent woman with a unique style.
  • Patricia Landaverde Gonzalez

    • Guatemalan biologist, researcher and science communicator : she was born in Guatemala City in 1981. She is a full member of the Organization of Women in Science for the Developing World OWSD. He studied natural sciences and has dedicated himself to researching biodiversity with a neotropical approach that highlights the variables of genetics, conservation and population ecology. She is a studious woman, applied and focused on her goals.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Patricia:

People who have this name are usually insurgent, haughty, brave and with a world surrounded by great creativity and imagination. They are usually the first to make proposals and these tend to be outside the standards. They are not interested in pleasing, they are sincere, truthful and manage to have the world in their hands. They are innate leaders and have communication skills that allow them to get along with all people equally. They are generous, humble and focused on each of their interests, although sometimes being the center of attention can divert them from their initial goals.