A baby at home is a great joy for the whole family and certainly a lot of work to do. There are many preparations that you must make: baby clothes, room colors, toys and even ways of life and it is not always an easy task. Perhaps some topics that have crossed your mind, however there is nothing more important than the choice of a name. We want to accompany you by providing you with useful information, which is why in this post we are going to explain the meaning of the name Raúl .

Etymology of the name Raúl:

According to anthroponymic studies, it is considered that the name Raúl comes from the German language in the old variant Radulfr where Rad means “advise” or “advice” and wulf or ulfr meaning “wolf”.In this way the meaning attributed to him is the “courageous counselor” in its first forms. It is estimated that by the 17th century it began to become popular in England after the Norman conquest and in the 18th century it was a common name in France and Spain in its respective variants. Raúl de Cambrai, a 12th-century French monk who founded the Valley of the Cells monastery, is known. There is also Saint Raúl de Bourges, an 11th-century archbishop, and Saint Raíl Milner, an English martyr of the forty martyrs of Wales canonized in 1970. Raúl is the variant of the name in Spanish and Portuguese.


Raül in Catalan, Raoul or Rodolphe in French, Radulf or Ralf in German, Ralph in English, Polfous in Esperanto, Rudolf in Hungarian, Raul in Italian, Rudolf in Polish, Rudolfi in Slovak, Raoulo in Swedish, Rauru in Japanese, Rahul in Hindi, Rasulo in Arabic. His diminutive is usually Rai. A common female variant may be Raula.

Famous people named Raul:

  • Raul Rojas Gonzalez

    • Mathematician and professor : he was born in Mexico City in 1955 and became a national of Germany. He is an expert in artificial intelligence, known for his work on artificial neural networks, epidemiology, and measurement tools. Some of his robot creations have stood out in sports such as soccer and motor racing. He is the winner of the European Award for Academic Software, First Place in the Robotic Soccer World Cup, Wolfgang von Kempelen Award for the History of Computing, Professor of the Year by the German Society of Professors and the National Prize for Science and Arts in Mexico.
  • Raul Santos Seixas

    • Brazilian singer and composer : born in Salvador de Bahia in 1945, also known as Raulzito or Maluco Beleza. He is a recognized artist of the Brazilian Rock and Roll movement. He has collaborated in several film productions and in others he has been mentioned for his career, he is also the author of several literary works. He has been awarded the Order of Cultural Merit.
  • Raul Gonzalo Leather Rengifo

    • Colombian Microbiologist : He was born in Buenaventura in 1948. He studied at the Universidad del Valle and later entered the Heidelberg College in Ohio. He subsequently decided to pursue a doctorate in microbiology in Scotland. He is an expert in biogenesis and microbiology field research. The University of Antioquia awarded the researcher an Honoris Causa. He currently works for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Raul:

Generally, people who have this name are usually expressive, tolerant and with great ease in communicating with others. They are intelligent, suspicious, dedicated and passionate at all times. They value the time of others and their own time, not without people who are unfulfilled or who arrive late, and likewise, they remove from their lives, without thinking twice, all those who do not keep their word or are unpunctual. Respect and obligation is the basis of his line of thought and therefore of the way he faces the world.