If you are expecting a baby at home, there will surely be many preparations that you should be thinking about. Toys, clothes, cribs, pacifiers, you may even be thinking about its future and, without a doubt, about the name it will bear. There are a wide variety of baby names and many options to choose from. It may be that some of them catch your attention more. Visit our post on original names or rare names to learn more details. In this opportunity we are going to explain the meaning of Rocío .

Etymology of the name Rocío:

According to anthroponymic studies, the name Rocío is considered to be of Latin origin, however other sources suggest that its origin is Andalusian, since despite the fact that the word is attributed to Latin, its use as a name was initially popular in Andalusia . María Santísima del Rocío coronada, also known as the Bride of Malaga, is known with a baroque-style temple in the Church of San Lázaro. The Virgen del Rocío or also called La Blanca Paloma, is a Marian dedication of the Catholic Church venerated mainly in Huelva where the Hermitage of El Rocío temple lies since the 14th century and the Pilgrimage of El Rocío takes place. Rocío is the variant of the name in Spanish.


It has no male variants. A diminutive can be Rosi or Rosy.

Famous people named Rocio:

  • Rocio durcal

    • Spanish singer and actress : she was born in Madrid in 1944, although her name was María de los Ángeles de las Heras Ortiz, she was known by her stage name and considered as the Queen of rancheras. He began his artistic career at the age of 15 after appearing in a talent contest on television, although he had previously participated in contests and festivals. She is the winner of the Billboard Hall of Fame Award, the Latin Grammy Award for Musical Excellence, among others. It also has a wide participation in the seventh art.
  • Rocio Carrasco Mohedano

    • Spanish presenter and actress : she was born in Madrid in 1977. She is the daughter of the well-known flamenco singer Rocío Jurado, she grew up in an artistic environment and since she was little she had appearances on television and in the press. She later began to work as a model for different firms and began to have participation in television programs as a collaborator and presenter, becoming a media character.
  • Rocio Vidal

    • Spanish journalist, publicist and YouTuber : she was born in the Province of Castellón in 1992. Also known as Schrödinger’s Cat for her YouTube channel, which has more than 130,000 subscribers. In this channel he deals with scientific issues and critical thinking that he tackles with great simplicity, which is why he has had a great boom. He studied at the University of Barcelona and has also given talks at TEDx.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Rocío:

They are usually haughty, intelligent, communicative , empathic and very observant people. They are very easily aware of what is happening around them, they are analytical, accurate and at the same time they are attracted by the future. They are usually people who are loyal to their principles, responsible, honest and with a source of allergy that seems like it will never end. They also tend to be impulsive, hasty and thrown into adventure, although sometimes they may feel fear or distrust, they do not allow these thoughts to delay them.