Ruben Name Meaning, Popularity, Origin & Characteristics

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Etymology of The Ruben Name:

According to anthropogenic studies, it is considered that the name Ruben comes from the word Reuven and later Rahhver, which means “see, a son of God.” It is regarded as a biblical name for its appearances in the Old Testament. Reuben is known to be the third Hebrew patriarch, son of Leah and Jacob, who later formed the Tribe of Reuben, one of the twelve tribes of Israel to whom the promised land was inherited. This name retained its popularity over time, increasing its extension in all the world countries. Reuben I is known to have been the first prince of the Armenian kingdom of Cilicia during the 11th century. Name Ruben Dario was a Nicaraguan poet recognized as the Spanish language’s greatest exponent of 20th-century literary modernism. Ruben is the variant of the name in English.


For most languages, the Ruben spelling is maintained. Reuven in Hebrew, Reuben or Rube in English, Rouben in Armenian, Rubem or Rubinho in Portuguese, Ruben in Swedish, Ruuben in Finnish. This name has no known female variants.

Famous people with Ruben Name Meaning:

  • Meaning of The Name Ruben

Panamanian singer-songwriter, musician, actor, lawyer, politician and activist: also known simply as Rubén Blades or as the Poeta de la Salsa, he was born in Panama in 1948. He is a renowned artist in various spheres. From a young age, he was interested in music, always with marked political and social proposals, leading to his first compositions. He recorded several albums, usually in tropical and Latin genres. He ran for the presidency of his country, reaching the third place and later served as Minister of Tourism. For his musical career, he has received 13 Grammy Awards and was named Person of the Year by the Latin Academy, among other awards. You might be interest to know more about Samuel name meaning.

  • Ruben Isaas Albarran Ortega

Mexican Musician, Composer, Singer, Producer, and Activist – Born in Mexico City in 1967. He was famous for participating in Café Tacvba and has performed under the name of various characters throughout his musical career. Since high school, he became interested in music participating in school groups and later developed as a complete musician. He is also an activist for environmental causes, defense of the territory, human rights and respect for animals.

  • Ruben Doblas Gundersen

Spanish Youtuber and streamer: also known as El Rubius, he was born in Mijas, Malaga, in 1990. He also has Norwegian nationality. He studied communication at the University and decided to open a YouTube channel that would launch him to fame. He usually uploads entertainment content such as gameplay, sketches, and parodies, among others. His YouTube channel is one of the 50 channels with the most worldwide subscribers and the most important in Spain. His interest in video games comes from a young age with his first Super Nintendo. Time magazine included him in its list of Next Generation Leaders.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Rubén:

People with this name are usually brave and suspicious and always maintain a positive energy. They tend to retain an indefinable magnetism that attracts others with their charisma and way of seeing the world. They have a high ability to empathize and like to listen to other people to become great friends. They have communication skills, great creativity to solve problems and are enemies of injustice and hypocrisy.