Aida is an old Arabic name, which is widely used today. She became known thanks to the dramatic opera by Giuseppe Verdi entitled “Aida”, which was premiered in 1871. This particular feminine name has a somewhat bohemian and melancholic meaning, since it translates as “the generous woman who returns home ”. In order for you to discover all her fascinating history, in this baby names article, you will find the meaning of the name Aida, its origin, saints, diminutives, what her personality is like, as well as the famous people who bear her name. By the end of reading, you may end up choosing this sweet name for your baby. Aida is a girl’s name .

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What does Aida mean?

The meaning of the name Aidathe woman who returns home ” or “the generous woman who returns home”. Therefore, she is related to the goodness, purity and virtue that women have.

Origin of the name Aida

Aída is a woman’s proper name that comes from the Arabic ” aida” (written in Arabic عايدة), whose translation is “the one who returns” or “the generous and kind woman”.

Other studies affirm that its origin is from the Latin language and that, due to that, it can have multiple meanings such as: “the friendly woman or” the woman of good feelings”.

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Diminutives and variations of the name Aida

Aida’s name does not present many variations. However, the most common are the following:

  • ada
  • Going
  • Aide
  • Going

The name Aida in other languages

Let’s know how to write meaning of the name Aida in other languages:

  • Arabic : عايدة
  • Catalan : Aïda
  • Chinese : 爱达
  • Korean : 아이다
  • French : Aidee
  • Hebrew : אאידה
  • Japanese : 相田
  • Portuguese: Aida
  • Russian : Аида

Personality of the name Aida

Aída is a woman with an independent and mysterious personality . She is kind and kind to her peers and, at the same time, she is a person who adapts very well to any situation she finds herself in.

At work, she is curious and disturbing. She possesses analytical thinking, which is why she always stands out in the areas of research and teaching. It is also possible that she opts for the sciences, the arts and literature, since she has a lot of creativity and curiosity about everything that surrounds her.

With the Aida family she is not very close. In fact, she doesn’t like being emotionally overloaded with too many displays of affection. That is why at family gatherings and parties she tends to walk away and enjoy the evening with very few people. This does not mean that she is a hermit, but rather that she enjoys her privacy. Wikipedia also having lots of meaning for the name you searched.

As a mother, she is a good guide and a great support for her children. She always cares about encouraging the independence of the little ones from an early age. Only, sometimes, this attitude can have certain risks. In love, she is a passionate and sentimental woman , who does not hesitate to express her emotions to the ideal person. However, she seeks to impose her ideas, which generates certain altercations with her partner.

On the other hand, with her friends Aida is nice and talkative . Although they do not see her as a leader, everyone enjoys her company, since she knows how to earn the affection and respect of each one. In short, Aída is a special woman, who motivates others and who will not hesitate to help them.

Celebrities named Aida

The best known celebrities who bear the meaning of the name Aida are:

  • Aida de la Cruz: television and theater actress, who has participated in various television series.
  • Aída Yéspica : She is an actress, presenter, model, and showgirl born in Venezuela. She is known in Italy, Spain and the US.
  • Aída Gómez : well-known Spanish choreographer and dancer.
  • Aída Folch : She is a film and television actress of Spanish origin.
  • Aída Marina Arvizu : She is a lawyer and deputy of Mexican origin.
  • Aída Lafuente : She was a Spanish activist and militant, who died during the revolt in October 1934.
  • Aída Cuevas Castillo : She is a ranchera music singer born in Mexico.
  • Aída Cartagena Portalatín : was a writer, narrator, poet, and educator born in the Dominican Republic.
  • Aída Luz : She was a film, theater and television actress born in Argentina.

Aida’s Saint’s Day

On February 2, the day of Aída is commemorated. This date was chosen in honor of Saint Aida, who is a figure revered by the Catholic Church, because she was martyred to death by the Roman army in the 3rd century.

Numerology of the name Aida

In numerology, 6 is the lucky number for Aida.

Popularity of the first name Aida

Aida is a name that has good popularity and acceptance in many parts of the world. Although he is an ancient man, it was not until 1871 that he became known for the famous Italian opera “Aída”.

According to the latest analyzes by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in Spain today there are 15,506 women who bear it by name, who have an average age of 32 years. These figures show that it has not been used with such popularity in the last 2 decades.

If we look at the map below, we will see that the communities with the most women named Aída are the following:

  • Girona
  • Barcelona
  • lleida
  • Tarragona
  • Castellon
  • Valencia
  • Asturias