If you are reading this article, it is because you are surely looking for the right name for your baby. One of the most beautiful alternatives is Israel, since it is a vocative with a beautiful religious connotation and is full of elegance and sonority. In addition, Israel has a beautiful meaning, since it is translated, among other things, as “the one who fights with God”.

So that you know everything about this emblematic biblical name, in this paraBaby article, you will discover the meaning of the name Israel. Also, you will see its etymology, the saints, the celebrities who wear it and even its popularity throughout Spain. Israel is a boy’s name .

what does israel mean

Israel is a name that has been used for centuries, and whose meaning is “the one who fights with God” . Other translations are “the prince” or “he who was born to succeed.”

Origin of the name Israel

The name Israel is of Hebrew origin. It first appeared in the Holy Scriptures as the name given to the patriarch Jacob by the angel he fought against when he was on his way to Bethel.

This name comes from the Hebrew root “ישׂראל”, which translates as “he who fights with God”. Later, according to the biblical account, the name Israel was given, as proof of the strength Jacob had in fighting against the angel and keeping his faith intact.

Due to its etymology, it is a name with a deep-rooted religious meaning . Its most accepted translation is “the man who fights with God”. On the other hand, it is the name to which the 12 tribes of Israel, the Israelites, the people of Israel, the land of Israel, among others, owe their name, for being descendants of the patriarch Jacob.

Furthermore, since 1948, it is the name given to a region in the Middle East.

Diminutives and variations of the name Israel

Although very old, the name Israel does not have many known variations or diminutives. However, some of them are as follows:

  • Israel
  • Raël
  • Israeli
  • Israel
  • Israel

The name Israel in other languages

This is how the name Israel is written in other languages:

  • Bulgarian: Израел
  • Czech: Israel
  • French: Israel
  • Galician : Israel
  • Greek : Ισραήλ
  • Dutch : Israel
  • Hungarian: Israel
  • English: Israel
  • Italian: Israeli
  • Polish :Izrael
  • Portuguese: Israel


Personality of the name Israel

Israel is a man with a strong and very focused personality. It is characterized by the fact that it analyzes everything in depth, therefore, it knows how to reflect on each step it will take in its life. Furthermore, Israel does not like to get stuck in a rut. In fact, his great creativity and energy will lead him to explore different projects to seek success in life.

He is a kind and respectful man. This makes it highly appreciated among your loved ones. Likewise, he does not like lies or tolerate irresponsibility.

At work, he is usually applied and talented. In general, you will be interested in anything related to numbers and statistical calculations. Therefore, it will not be unusual to see Israel lean towards science or engineering careers.

On a friendly level, he is very sociable and unconditional. This makes him a friend you can fully trust, as he will never let you down.

Likewise, Israel is very careful with its relatives. He will always be aware of your needs, and will spare no effort to plan reunions with your loved ones.

In the love field, it will be rather a bit reserved. He doesn’t like to get tangled up in relationships that lead nowhere. Therefore, when he finds the right person, he will do everything on his part to maintain a lasting and stable relationship.

Celebrities with the name Israel

Some of the most well-known celebrities bearing the name of Israel are the following:

  • Israel of Aksum: he was an Ethiopian emperor of the 6th century, who became known in ancient times for the famous coins minted with his face.
  • Israel Bascón Gigato: is a famous Spanish soccer player.
  • Israel Asper : He is a well-known tycoon who owns various Canadian media.
  • Israel Kamakawiwo’ole is a renowned Hawaiian musician and singer.
  • Israel Broussard: Famous American film and television actor.
  • Israel Romero: Colombian musician, known for his participation in the Colombian music group “El binomio de oro”.
  • Israel Adesanya is a mixed martial arts fighter, boxer, and kickboxer born in 1989 in Lagos, Nigeria. He appears in the image.

Holy Day of Israel

According to the saints, the day of Israel is celebrated on September 13 .

Numerology of the name Israel

For numerology, 1 is the lucky digit associated with Israel.

Popularity of the first name Israel

Israel is a name steeped in history and religion. This has made it very popular in Europe and Middle Eastern culture.

According to the INE (National Institute of Statistics), in Spain there are some 19,668 men who bear the name of Israel. Most of them have an average age of approximately 32 years.

In addition, on the attached map you can see that the Spanish communities where the name Israel is most popular are the following:

  • Caceres
  • Huelva
  • Seville
  • Cadiz
  • Toledo
  • Basin
  • Valladolid