If you are looking for a name for your baby that is beautiful, short and with a deep meaning, Rome is a perfect alternative, since it is a vocative loaded with a lot of legend and linked to mythology. Specifically, it derives from the twin brothers Romulus and Remus, who were the founding fathers of the so-called eternal city: “Rome”.

If you want to know everything about this fascinating name, in this baby names article, you will find the meaning of the name Rome , the origin, the personality and its numerology. Rome is a girl’s and boy’s name .

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what does rome mean

There are several hypotheses about the meaning of the name Rome. The most widespread is that this vocative comes from the word “ruma”, which is of Etruscan origin and translates as “the udder”. Other connoisseurs say that the meaning of Rome is “strength”. Although, etymologically, by referring to the capital of Italy, it can be said that its most universal meaning is “the one that comes from Rome”.

A curious fact about the name Roma is that in India it is used as the equivalent of “Lakshmi”, who is the goddess of prosperity in that culture.

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Origin of the name Rome

The origin of this Latin name is highly debated. Among the best known currents is that it comes from the Greco-Roman, where the name Roma belonged to the wife of Aeneas, who was a hero of the Trojan War.

However, the best known theory of its origins is in the Etruscan word “ruma”, which translates udder. This origin is referred to the myth of the she-wolf that nursed the twins Romulus and Remus , who, according to mythology, were the founders of the city of Rome.

Diminutives and variations of the name Roma

Some of the variations of Rome in both masculine and feminine are the following:

  • Roman
  • Roman
  • Roman
  • Roman
  • Romi
  • Ron

The name Rome in other languages

Now, let’s see how the name Roma is written in other languages:

  • Arabic : روما
  • German : Roma
  • Chinese : 罗马
  • Basque : Error
  • French : Roma
  • Greek : Ρώμη
  • English : Roma
  • Japanese : ローマ
  • Hebrew : רומא
  • Russian : Рим

Personality of the name Rome

Roma is a person who has a calm and friendly character. She always knows how to listen and will try to find solutions to help others. Also, she is someone sentimental. In fact, she likes to convey her opinions and experience with a lot of sweetness and optimism.

At work, you will be a creative and dreamy person. Of course, he is usually easily distracted, so it is usual for him to lack some concentration in the activities he performs. Added to that, artistic and design careers are Rome’s forte, since it has creativity on the surface. In the family, she is a valuable member and much appreciated by all members. That is why her uncles, parents and siblings like to be with Roma at meetings and gatherings.

On the love plane, as a woman, Roma is selfless and dedicated to her partner. She will always be faithful, loving and an ideal partner who will always be by her husband’s side in any circumstance. With her children, Roma is a loving mother who strives to provide a good education and healthy habits.

Celebrities with the name Rome

  • Roman Polanski: is an actor, screenwriter, producer and film director, born in France and of Jewish descent.
  • Roma Maffia: She is a television and film actress of American origin.
  • Roma Shane Ryan is an Irish-born poet, musical lyricist, and writer.
  • Roma Ligocka is a designer, novelist and painter from Poland.
  • Roma Waterman – an Australian television presenter, singer, and music writer.
  • Roma Zver: is a singer, guitarist, writer and producer of rock music in Russia. He appears in the image.

Holy Day of Rome

For the Catholic calendar, the onomastic date of the name of Rome is February 28. That day commemorates Saint Lazarus of Rome, who was a martyred deacon in ancient Rome in the 2nd century.

Numerology of the name Rome

According to numerology, the number associated with Rome is 6.

Popularity of the first name Rome

Roma is a household name in Italy, England, and the United States. In certain regions, it has been used as a masculine name with its respective variations such as Romano or Román. However, it is more used worldwide as a female name.

On the other hand, taking into account its antiquity and its Latin origin, Roma is a little used name in the Spanish language. According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in Spain there are only 169 women who bear the name Roma, who have an average age of 18 years. While at least 305 men aged between 36 years are called Roma.

The Spanish communities that have the largest number of people called Roma, are the following:

  • Castellon
  • Alicante