If you are looking to give your girl a particular, elegant and beautiful name, Sol is a good alternative. It is a short name of Latin origin that has a beautiful meaning, since it is translated, among other things, as “the woman who shines” or “the woman who has a luminous faith”.

To find the meaning of the name Sol , keep reading, because in this babynamesforgirls article you will see its origin, saints, the lucky number, the famous ones who bear it by name and the popularity it has in Spain. Sun is a girl’s name .

what does sun mean

Sol is a name that comes from the Latin language, where “Solis” was written . This word was used to refer to those people who had a particular brightness and personality, as it means “the woman who shines” or “the woman who illuminates with her own light” .

Another of its associated meanings is “the woman full of luminous faith” or simply “the woman who has a luminous faith”.

Origin of the name Sun

The name Sol is of Latin origin. It can be translated as “luminous” or “bright”. It was a name that the ancient Romans gave to their deities. In addition, due to its etymology, it is also translated as a feminine name meaning “the woman full of luminous faith”.

Diminutives and variations of the name Sol

The name Sol, being a short word, does not have diminutives or known variations. Although sometimes it is used to abbreviate the name of Soledad.

The name Sun in other languages

The name Sol is spelled the same in most languages. However, its translation should not be confused with that of the star king. For example, in English Sol is translated as “Sun” , and in French Sol is “Solei” . But these are not common female names, so they should not be confused with the female name.

Personality of the name Sun

Sol is a woman with a happy and fun spirit. She is of good character and has a special sensitivity to deal with others. That’s why everyone loves to share with her.

In love, Sol is romantic and sensual, which makes her very attracted to the opposite sex. In addition, she is careful, since once her romantic relationship has begun, she will focus on keeping the situation under her control. In fact, it does not allow cheating or ambiguity.

At work, she is a tireless woman . She likes to give the best of her effort, and is always willing to help to carry out teamwork. Together with this, Sol feels special motivation for volunteer work for the benefit of her community.

Among her friends she is a very appreciated companion . That is why she is always surrounded by good friends who support her. In group meetings, he is characterized by talking and entertaining, telling his anecdotes and experiences.

She is very attached to her parents and siblings. In fact, everyone sees Sol as a very important family member that everyone can count on. Although work commitments force her to physically distance herself, she will always find a way to be in contact with all her relatives.

As a mother, Sol is passionate about raising and educating her children . For this reason, it will not skimp on education expenses for the future of the children.

Celebrities with the name Sol

  • Sol María Carreño : She is a Peruvian lawyer and television presenter.
  • Sol Rodríguez : She is an Argentine soap opera and series actress.
  • Sol Saks: was an American actor and screenwriter.
  • Sol Gabetta: She is a well-known cellist from Argentina.
  • Sol Daurella Comadrán: is a Spanish businesswoman, who chairs the company Coca-Cola European Partners.
  • Sol Nazarena Estevanez: is a television actress born in Argentina.
  • Sol Núñez: is an Argentine model.
  • Maria Sol Pérez: an Argentine television presenter born in 1994. She appears in the image.

Sun Saint’s Day

December 21 is the day on which the name Sol is commemorated. The Catholic saints assign this date to Our Lady of the Sun.

Sun name numerology

Numerology associates 1 as the lucky digit for the name Sun. This number is related to people with a friendly, cheerful and helpful character.

Popularity of the first name Sol

Sun is a name that has its origin in ancient times. But despite that, it is not a very common name today. In fact, it is only heard in some provinces of Spain, Portugal and France, as well as in Latin America, especially in Mexico and Argentina . On a few occasions it has been used as a masculine name.

According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in Spain today there are some 1,604 women with the name Sol, most of whom have an average age of 17 years. The Spanish provinces that have the largest number of females called Sol, are the following:

  • Barcelona
  • Balearic Islands
  • Seville
  • Madrid