There are very old names that, due to their popularity, continue to be valid over time, other names are modern and respond to current contexts. The human denomination of reality and this characteristic of our intellect towards the world, wanting to give everything a name, is part of our evolution as a species. Communicating through words and having our own name is something that allows us to have an identity and relate to other people, in addition to the authenticity that each name gives us. There may be other people who have the same designation as each of us, but each person gives meaning to each name. Next we are going to explain the meaning of the name Thomas .

Etymology of the name Thomas:

According to anthroponymic studies, Thomas is considered to be an ancient name of Aramaic designation with similarity in the Hebrew language. The name appears in the New Testament of the Christian Bible and is related to Thomas Didymus, a missionary and one of the twelve apostles of Jesus of Nazareth. Thomas Aquinas is known, an Italian theologian and philosopher of the Order of Preachers considered one of the main figures of scholasticism and systematic theology. Thomas Hobbes was one of the exponents of modern political philosophy during the 16th century. Thomas Alva Edison was an American inventor, scientist, and businessman who filed nearly 1,093 patents for his inventions in the 19th century. Tomás is the variant of the name in Spanish.


Thom in Afrikaans, Thomas or Tom in German, Touma in Arabic, Tovmas in Armenian, Tamash in Belarusian, Tomaz in Breton, Toma in Bulgarian and Gregorian, Tomàs in Catalan, Tomáš in Czech, Douma or Toumasi in Japanese, Doma or Tomosu in Korean, Tomislav in Croatian, Tomica in Ukrainian, Tam in Scots, Tomaso in Esperanto, Toomas in Estonian, Tummasin Faroese, Tomas in Filipino, Tòmas in Scottish Gaelic, Tomos in Welsh, Tomé in Galician, Toumazos in Greek, Tumás in Hungarian, Thomas or Tommy in English, Tuma in Indonesian, Tomaltach in Irish, Tomasso in Italian, Toms in Latvian, Tomac in Macedonian, Tamihana in Maori, Tomasz or Tomek in Polish, Tomašis in Romani, Tomescu in Romanian, Foma in Russian, Taumain Syriac, Tomus in Thai, Choma in Turkish. Some diminutives of the name can be Tom, Tomi or Tam. The most common feminine variants are Tomasa, Tasmina or Tami.

Famous people named Thomas:

  • Tomas Enrique Gonzales Sepulveda

    • Chilean gymnast and kinesiologist : He was born in Santiago in 1985. He participates in artistic gymnastics competitions, standing out in the disciplines of floor and vault. He has won several medals in major competitions including 30 medals in the first places of the Pan American Games, finalist in World Cups, South American Championship of Artistic Gymnastics, in addition to his participation in the Olympic Games on several occasions. He is a member of the Chilean Olympic Sports Association and president of the Chilean Gymnastics Federation. He has won awards such as the Chilean National Sports Award and Best Chilean Athlete.
  • Thomas Brodie-Sangster

    • British film actor and voice actor : he was born in London in 1990. At the age of 11 he took his first steps in acting for short films and telefilms that were very well received. Together with his mother, he created a production company called Brodie Films while continuing with roles in films, generally dramas and historical films. Later he was chosen as the main voice for the children’s series Phineas and Ferb. He has won awards such as the Teen Choice Awards and the Monaco Music Film Festival. He also plays various instruments such as guitar, drum and bass.
  • Thomas Quasthoff

    • German lyrical singer : born in Hildesheim in 1959. He is a renowned bass-baritone recitalist who excels at performing baroque repertoire and oratorios. Being rejected by the Hannover Conservatory, he took private lessons, obtaining first place in the Munich International Competition, which allowed him to make several recordings. He won the Grammy Award 4 times, the Brahms Award, the Berlin Bear, the Ring of Honor of the City of Hildesheim, the Herbert von Karajan Music Award, the Gold Medal of the Royal Philarmonic Society, among others. He is also a professor at a music school in Berlin.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Thomas:

In general, they are avid, awake people, of great ingenuity and with a lot of initiative to carry out their projects. They are persevering, enthusiastic and tend to make their decisions very clear as well as what they are willing to give to achieve it. They may feel unsure of themselves at first, but when they overcome their fears, they will show the great courage that they carry within. They are also very familiar, tender, affectionate and like to show their affection. They are also nature lovers and their ability to analyze allows them to reach rational conclusions about the observed events. They are curious, creative and sincere.