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Etymology of the name Tiago:

Tiago is a short form of Santiago , which comes from the Latin Iacomus from which Jacobo also comes. In the bible James was given birth while holding his twin brother Esau by the heel. This was evidenced as a challenge to which one would occupy the position of older brother. That is why he was also called the supplanter or the one who held the heel . Another meaning could be guarded by God .


Xanti in Basque, Dídac in Catalan, Di d acus in Medieval Spanish, and Santí in Spanish.

Famous people named Tiago:

  • Tiago Leifert

    • Brazilian journalist and television presenter : He was born in 1980 in São Paulo, Brazil. He started as a reporter in a program dedicated to amateur soccer called Desafío ao Galo . He majored in Journalism and Psychology at the University of Miami and was a journalism apprentice at the US network NBC. In 2009 he became editor-in-chief and presenter of Globo Esporte SP. He was also the main commentator on the Brazilian version of FIFA video games from version 13 to 20. In 2016 he began hosting the Zero1 program focused on video games, Geek culture and the Pop universe. In 2017 he became the host of Gran Brother Brazil.
  • Thiago Motta

    • Brazilian Former Player and Manager – Born in 1982 in San Bernardo do Campo in Brazil. He is a former player and manager who runs Serie A for Club Spezia. He began his career as a midfielder at Barcelona. He played two and a half seasons at Inter Milan, before moving to Paris Saint-Germain in 2012. He won 27 titles with all these clubs. To these are added some seasons with Atlético de Madrid in Spain and Genoa in Italy. He participated in the 2014 World Cup and in two European Championships with Italy. He finished second at Euro 2012.
  • Thiago Alves

    • Brazilian boxer and martial artist : He was born in 1983 in Fortaleza, Brazil. He is a professional boxer today. He had previously performed as a mixed martial artist. He is a veteran who has 27 fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, in which he competed from 2005 to 2019. He has also been a fight trainer for the American Top Team since 2017. At the age of 15 he began training in Muay Thai and at 17 he went on to mixed martial arts. He moved to Coconut Creek Florida when he was 19 years old to train at the American Top Team camp.

Characteristics of the most famous people named Tiago:

These are persistent individuals, who are fully dedicated to achieving their goals. They work proactively to learn, prepare, or train for a career or activity. They always do the right thing and keep their word no matter what.