If you are expecting a baby at home, there will surely be many preparations that you should be thinking about. Toys, clothes, cribs, pacifiers, you may even be thinking about its future and, without a doubt, about the name it will bear. There are a wide variety of baby names and many options to choose from. It may be that some of them catch your attention more. Visit our post on original names or rare names to learn more details. This time we are going to explain the meaning of Guillermo .

Etymology of the name William:

According to anthroponymic studies, the name Guillermo is considered to be one of the oldest that comes from the Germanic peoples. During the Middle Ages it became a very popular name in European countriesand during the warlike conflicts of the time. From there its use continued to the present day. Guillermo de Vercelli or also known as Saint William Abbot, is known as an Italian monk of the Catholic Church who founded several monasteries and religious communities. Guillermo de Peñacorada was a Catholic hermit and philosopher who founded an abbey in Cistierna during the 12th century. William of Ockam was an English philosopher, logician, theologian, and Franciscan friar who developed a methodological and philosophical principle known as Ockam’s Razor or the principle of parsimony. Guillermo is the variant of the name in Spanish.


Gulielmus in Latin, Guglielmo in Italian, Guillaume in French, Guilhem in Occitan, Guillem in Catalan, Guillerme in Galician, Guiyermu in Arabic, Jelle in Frisian, Welian in Chinese, Uiriamu in Japanese, Gouliélmos in Greek, Goulielmós in Armenian, Gwilym in Welsh, Gwilherm in Breton, Illiam in Manes, Uilleam in Scots, Uilliam or Liam in Scottish Gaelic, Guildhelmin Flemish, Velvel in Yiddish, Vilgelm in Russian, Vilhelm in Danish,  Vihelmo in Esperanto, Viliam in Slovak, Viljem in Slovenian, Vylyam in Hebrew, Vilim in Serbian, Ilie in Opés, Vilén in Czech, Vilmos in Hungarian, Vilhelms in Latvian , Vilis or Viliumas in Lithuanian, Viljami in Finnish, Vihjálmur in Icelandic, Wilhelm in Polish, Willem in German, Willliam orWilly in English, Wiremu in Maori. A common diminutive can be Memo. The best known female variants are Guillerma, Guillermina or Vilma.

Famous people named William:

  • William Del Toro Gomez

    • Mexican director, screenwriter, producer and novelist : he was born in Guadalajara in 1964. As a teenager he began to venture into film and at the age of 21 he was the executive producer of a film. From there his work became known. He is co-founder of the Guadalajara Film Festival and owns a film production company. He has won several awards in his film career in the categories of best director and best film such as the Oscar Awards, Golden Globe, BAFTA Awards, winner of the Cannes Festival, Goya Awards, Ariel Awards, Cóndor de Avocado Awards, among others. and has a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • William Rendon Garcia

    • Colombian composer, conductor and scientific organist : he was born in Manizales in 1935. At the age of seven he received an education in traditional music instructed by his father, performing musical ensembles with him and with his brothers. His interest in music led him to belong to the Manizales Music Conservatory and later enter the Music career. He was a professor in the Department of Music at several universities in his country and founded the Bokkota Institute of Higher Studies in Bogotá.
  • William Orts Gil

    • Spanish chemist, physicist, writer and science communicator : born in Barcelona in 1978. He studied Chemical Sciences at the University of Barcelona and moved to Berlin where he completed his training and was a researcher as well as project coordinator and head at the Max Planck Society. Later he was Director of Communication of the Society of Spanish Scientists in Germany and coordinator of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology at the Embassy of Spain in Germany. He also collaborated with several television programs. His research focus has been nanotechnology focused on nanomedicine.

General characteristics of the most famous people named William:

Generally, people who have this name are usually focused on their goals and very eloquent. Your personality can range from an outgoing and exuberant attitude towards life , but you can also display traits of shyness and introversion. Sometimes they may feel a lack of self-confidence but with the right motivation they can make their great talents count. They are helpful, susceptible, have great creative capacity and are usually very imaginative. They tend to stand out for their tendency to innovate and make a difference.