If you don’t know the word “Meraki”, you wo n’t know its full potential in terms of inspiring people. It is a word that can help us grow, in every way. With so much potential, that when you get to know her better, your mind will react positively to her, and so will your children!

Meraki: a word with a lot of power

Not everyone is aware of the power of words, and this is one of them! Why does it have power? Because it is a word that can change the behavior and even the emotions of people. It indicates that people can continue to grow despite the circumstances, with resilience.

It is a word that shows us the way to get to know ourselves better, to do everything that makes us feel well-being and is the engine of our actions. It will make our values ​​even better than they are today.

A new philosophy of life

This word can make you have a new philosophy of life. All of us reach a critical moment in our lives that makes us make decisions (not always easy) that will make us move forward and improve in life. Signs that reveal that your child is unhappy. That will separate us from the past and allow us to learn from it to improve the future by building it from our present.

Changes are usually scary and can make people (of any age) get stuck without moving forward. You may or may not want to make the changes in your life, but uncertainty can paralyze you. In any case, when the perspective changes for the better, we realize how important it is to move forward.

It is necessary to lose that fear of change and look for everything that will make us improve internally. Choose strength and internal power so that uncertainty does not paralyze us and not ignore all the good that changes have. Sometimes things don’t turn out as expected, but even in these cases, it’s also good because something fundamental for life is achieved: learning.

Stop living in automatic mode

It is important for parents to realize whether or not we are living in “automatic” mode, because if we do so… without being aware of it, we will be transmitting it to our children. Living in automatic mode means not enjoying life, or the little details, or the pleasant emotions that help us to be happy. When that happens, people experience internal voids that are difficult to fill, which sometimes lead to depression or even not wanting to continue living because they do not find the meaning of life.

In this sense, the word Meraki is the one that takes power and the one that will become the guide of life. The person will begin to have a commitment with himself to decide how he wants his life to be and what to do to improve it. Because we all have the power to solve things and make everything better, you just have to want to do it. In this life, almost everything has a solution… you just have to have the necessary will to look for it.

experience happiness daily

The most important thing that must be transmitted to children so that when they grow up they do not feel that horrible emptiness inside them, is that they know how to enjoy happiness on a daily basis, in the little things. Teach them to be grateful from the heart and not just in words, to realize that life is wonderful and worth living.

Meraki is a word of inspiration that can be used as a mental mantra in the most difficult moments and at any age. For example, when a mother feels frustrated because she has not continued her professional career, when an adolescent is not able to know what attracts him most for his future, for children who have daily difficulties in their school homework, for those people who think they have lost their way… Meraki is that word that must be kept in mind to find the solution to any of our problems.

Meraki and you

At this point, you may be wondering what exactly Meraki means. It is a word that comes from ancient Greek and does not have a specific meaning or exact translation, it is simply a word that represents an idea about passionate emotions and the commitment that is felt for something. For you to understand better; can mean something like:

Put all your soul and all your love in everything you do. Do not let fear paralyze you and always put all of yourself into what you want to improve in your life.

So, how can you incorporate that philosophy of life in you so that everything goes better and you feel complete with whatever you do? First, you will have to get out of the mental monotony and the “automatic” state of your life. Giving your best in whatever you do.

Every morning you will wake up wanting to live the best experiences and when you don’t have them, resilience will be your ally. Enjoy every moment, no matter how small… Because it is a gift that life gives you.