There is a wide variety of workouts to burn fat or lose weight, in this case we are going to talk about metabolic training.

Metabolic training  is one that includes exercises that significantly increase the body’s calorie consumption by increasing muscle activation and metabolic rate.

The metabolic rate is the amount of calories that each person needs to carry out day-to-day activities and to maintain the basic functions of the body.

This type of training seeks to temporarily raise the metabolic rate, and thus, also increase the consumption of calories.


Metabolic training includes various exercises with little rest, in order to maximize caloric expenditure and increase metabolic rate (during and after training). In this way, certain well -planned strength exercises can help increase calorie expenditure even hours after leaving the gym.

The main characteristics of this type of training are:

  • Exercises that use the maximum possible number of muscles and joints are carried out, since more energy will be consumed. Thus, the more muscles involved in a movement, the greater the oxygen consumption, and in turn, the greater the number of calories that are burned.
  • The series of exercises are carried out at a high intensity, mixing this type of strength exercises, which can be with weights in the form of series, with cardio exercises.
  • Little recovery time is left between one exercise and the next, so we can say that the recovery is incomplete. This is so to maintain a high oxygen consumption. The intensity is so high that it will be rare that you don’t end the session sweating and breathing hard.
  • Different chained exercises are carried out, with or without recovery.
  • Because you must maintain a high intensity to burn as many calories as possible, metabolic training sessions are short, lasting approximately 25 minutes. The goal is to shake up your metabolism so that it stays high for several hours after your session!


This type of training offers a number of advantages:

  • Time saving . In sessions that last no more than half an hour, the whole body is worked on, combining cardio, abdominals, weight…
  • muscle . There are people who focus on bodybuilding training only, because they are afraid of losing muscle volume when performing some aerobic exercise . This type of training ensures that this does not happen, because you exercise with your own body weight, gaining quality muscle and increasing strength and endurance.
  • Dynamism . Being varied and short sessions, it is difficult to fall into boredom and monotony.
  • Strength but not volume . If you like to mark muscles in a natural way, without them being bulky, this is a good workout. In addition, being able to work with your own weight improves both static and dynamic strength.
  • Core muscles ( abdominals, hips and lower back) . The balance exercises that are carried out in metabolic training directly involve these muscles, positively affecting their development.
  • Performance . It helps to improve physically, in flexibility, in coordination, agility, calorie consumption… And also, you will feel an adrenaline rush at the end!
  • Improves  cardiovascular capacity .
  • Helps burn calories . Not only during the session, but also a few hours later.

If you are thinking of carrying out metabolic training, do not hesitate to contact a professional who is in charge of designing your routine. Thus, you will ensure that you are going to do it correctly and you will obtain the maximum benefit.