Are you expecting a baby and want to give him an impressive and striking name? If so, Mexican names represent a good choice, since they are full of charm and a lot of history. In addition, they are characterized by being easy to combine and pronounce.

If you are preparing to receive the baby, in this paraBaby article we want to make your choice easier with this list of 120 names of Mexican boys . Likewise, we have given ourselves the task of classifying them by the most beautiful, the shortest, the oldest and the most unusual. You will see options for all tastes and we know that when you finish reading the article you will make a good decision.

pretty mexican boy names

Without a doubt, one of the first requirements when choosing a suitable name is that it be beautiful and that it combines well with the surname. For this reason, in this first section you will find the beautiful Mexican boy names that will be perfect for your baby to stand out . In addition, they are the most popular names in Mexico and in several countries around the world:

  1. Adalbert – This handsome Teutonic name means “the man of great nobility.”
  2. Adolfo: Germanic name that means “fierce as the wolf” and is used by many boys in Mexico.
  3. Alberto: This pretty Mexican boy’s name is of Germanic origin and means “the one who protects.”
  4. Agustín: this is a name of Latin origin that derives from Augustus, in addition, it is widely used in Mexico and means “honorable man”.
  5. Alfonso: beautiful Mexican name that means “the one who is prepared for combat”.
  6. Alonso: one of the Mexican boy’s names is very pretty and means “ready for war”.
  7. Antonio : This name is well known in Mexico and Latin America. It means “the bravest”.
  8. Bautista: This Greek name is widely used in Mexico and means “he who is baptized.”
  9. Benjamin : This name is popular in Mexico and in several countries, and means “the one on the right”.
  10. Carlos : is a name of German origin and translates as “the man with freedom”.
  11. César : one of the beautiful Mexican boy names, which has a Latin root and was given to the Roman emperors.
  12. Daniel : It is a beautiful name of Hebrew origin that means “God does justice”.
  13. David : is an Israelite name that translates as “the one chosen by Jehovah”.
  14. Diego – This beautiful boy’s name means “held on the heel.”
  15. Felipe: This name of Greek origin means “the one who takes care of the horses”, and is popular in children from all over Mexico.
  16. Fernando: is a Germanic name that means “person of great adventures”.
  17. Fidel: This name is carried by many children in Mexico and means “devoted man”.
  18. Gabriel: is a Hebrew name that means “the one who gives strength” is widely used in Mexico.
  19. William: Germanic name meaning “he who defends his people.”
  20. Emiliano : This name is used throughout the Mexican territory and means “working man”.
  21. Enrique : is a Germanic name that means “the leader of his country”.
  22. Ernesto : This name comes from Germanic lands and is used in Mexico and other American countries. It means “person of great seriousness”.
  23. Jesus : this is a name of faith, which is very loved and used in Mexican lands, it means “The Lord of salvation”.
  24. Jorge : is a name used by great Mexican singers like Jorge Negrete and means “farmer man”.
  25. Juan : it is a very frequent name in Mexico, whose popularity was given by the heroes of history, it means “God helps me”.
  26. Julián : another of the beautiful Mexican boy names is Latin and derives from Julio, meaning “man of solid principles”.
  27. Justo – This Latin name translates to “man who does what is just.”
  28. Fernando : This name is common in Mexico, it means “the cunning man”.
  29. Francisco : common name that during the Mexican revolution was widely used by soldiers, it means “the one who comes from the Frankish lands”.
  30. Lucas : name that comes from Hebrew and has the meaning “the enlightened one”.
  31. Manuel : a name that has been borne by Mexican presidents, such as Manuel López Obrador, which means “God is with me”.
  32. Martin : This pretty name comes from the Latin form Martis , which translates “he who is consecrated to the god Mars.”
  33. Mateo : Name of Hebrew origin used in Mexico, and which means “God has given me”.
  34. Mario – Latin name that translates to “he who comes from the sea.”
  35. Miguel : is a name borne by the father of the Mexican country, Don Miguel Hidalgo, means “God gives justice”.
  36. Nestor : Greek name meaning “one who reaches the goal.”
  37. Nicholas : is a Greek name that means “the victory of the people”.
  38. Raúl – This Germanic name translates to “wise counselor.”
  39. Roberto : it is a name with great preference in Mexico and means “man who illuminates”.
  40. Rodrigo : This name comes from Germanic lands and means “glorious person”.
  41. Santiago : Another of the pretty Mexican boy names, it means “God will relieve me”.
  42. Santino: Italian name that is popular in Mexico, means “glorified God.”
  43. Sergio : is a Latin name that translates as “the one who protects others”.
  44. Tomás: is a name translates “twin brother”. It is very common throughout Mexico.
  45. Óscar : pretty Mexican boy’s name, which is of Germanic origin and means the “spearhead of God” and is worn by many boys in Mexico.

short mexican boy names

Currently, the trend in naming children is to use short and imposing names. Therefore, short names for boys are easy to pronounce and have a good sound. Next, let’s see the list with 26 short and ideal Mexican boy names for your baby:

  1. Adán: is a biblical name, which is one of the favorites in Mexico and means “made of earth”.
  2. Adrián : is an old Latin boy’s name that means “the one who comes from the sea”.
  3. Abdón: short Mexican boy’s name that is used in Mexico, means “the servant of God”.
  4. Alán: one of the short Mexican boy names that has a Latin origin and means “with joy”.
  5. Ángel : is a Latin name that is widely used in Mexico and that means “the messenger”.
  6. Biel: is a short Mexican boy’s name that derives from Gabriel and means “the servant of God”.
  7. Boris: is a Slavic name that is used in Mexico and that means “great fighter”.
  8. Cyrus: is a Persian name that translates as “the young man on the throne”.
  9. Cruz: is a Latin name that refers to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
  10. Elijah : Hebrew name meaning “God saves me.”
  11. Erick: It is a Saxon name that translates as “the immortal king”.
  12. Ian – This short Mexican boys name derives from Juan and means “to whom God gives.”
  13. Iker – This Basque name means “the bearer of good tidings.”
  14. Isu : is a Mexican aboriginal name that translates “quick as the deer”.
  15. Ivan – This Slavic name derives from John and means “God will reward.”
  16. Izán : is a Hebrew name that translates as “the eternal man”.
  17. Jan : is a Hebrew name that means “God is merciful”.
  18. Nil : one of the short Mexican boy’s names meaning “the one who comes from the Nile River”.
  19. Tachi : Native Mexican boy’s name meaning “light as the breeze.”
  20. Teo : is a Greek name that derives from Theodore and means “believer in God”.
  21. Rufus : it is an ancestral name that has the meaning “the one with red hair”.
  22. Unai : is a Basque name that means “the one who herds the cows”.
  23. Uxio : Ancient Greek name used in Mexico and meaning “of great nobility.”
  24. Xoel : is an old Hebrew name that means “Jehovah is my God”.
  25. Yuuban : This indigenous name means “the lands come to life”.
  26. Yetzel : Aztec name meaning “the wise man of the people.”

Ancient Mexican boy names

Do you want a traditional and ancient name for your child? Then you have come to the right section. We take care of classifying 16 beautiful old Mexican boy names, but that retain their beauty and deep meaning . Let’s see the selection:

  1. Acacio: This name of Greek origin is widely used by Mexican boys and means “pure man.”
  2. Asier: This ancestral name means “as in the beginning”.
  3. Baltasar: One of the old Mexican boy’s names that translates as “may the god Baal take care of the king.”
  4. Bonifacio: Latin Mexican boys’ name meaning “prosperous man.”
  5. Gael : is a name of Celtic origin and means “person with great generosity”. It is very popular in Mexico and other Latin American countries.
  6. Hector – This legendary Greek name means “the one who owns everything.”
  7. Hippolytus: This Greek name means “the warrior on horseback.”
  8. Hugo: is an old name of Germanic origin, which means “man of great intelligence”.
  9. Odón – One of the old Mexican boy’s names that translates “man with wealth.”
  10. Omar : is an Arabic name that means “long life man”.
  11. Pelayo: This Greek name means “the man of the sea”.
  12. Simón: Hebrew name that means “God hears me,” and is used in all children of Mexico.
  13. Tláloc : a name of the Aztec ancestors in Mexico that translates “the god who controls the storms”.
  14. Tonatiúh : Mexican aboriginal name meaning “the sun god.”
  15. Zeno: is a Hellenic name that translates as “the one consecrated to the god Zeus”.
  16. Zoilo: This name from ancient Greece is used today in Mexico and means “the one who has life”.

Uncommon Mexican Boy Names

We agree that the name is something that will mark your child for life. For this reason, it is not bad that you give it an unusual name, since that way it will stand out from the rest . In addition, unconventional names are also trending and are currently in fashion. Now we will show you the uncommon Mexican boy names:

  1. Aitor: is a Basque name used occasionally in Mexico and belongs to a Basque patriarch.
  2. Abundio: Latin name meaning “man with abundance.”
  3. Aphrodisio: is an uncommon Mexican boy’s name that translates to “the lover.”
  4. Agapito: This Greek name is rare and means “beloved man.”
  5. Amadeo: Latin name used in Mexico and which means “he who loves God.”
  6. Aniceto: is a Greek name used in Mexico and means “he who is invincible”.
  7. Apolinario: This uncommon Mexican boy’s name means “he who consecrates himself to the god Apollo.”
  8. Caciano: is a Latin name linked to religious faith and means “the one protected by God”.
  9. Casimiro: This name means “the one who preaches peace” and is carried by some children in Mexico.
  10. Cuahtli : indigenous name of the Mexican lands that means “the eagle dominates all immensity”.
  11. Cuauhtémoc : It is a name for Mexican boys, it originates from the Aztecs and means “the eagle flies in the clouds”.
  12. Dionysus – This Greek name meaning “he who praises his God.”
  13. Eliodoro : is an unusual name that means “the one consecrated to the Sun”.
  14. Emeterio: name originating from the Greek language and means “he who is like a beast”.
  15. Stalinaus: This ancient Greek name translates to “the glorious man.”
  16. Eutimio: This uncommon Mexican boy’s name is used in Mexico and means “good-hearted man.”
  17. Hilario: is a Latin name that means “the cheerful man”.
  18. Jovito: is a Roman name that means “those who consecrate themselves to the god Jupiter”.
  19. Imran: Arabic name used in Mexico that translates as “prosperous man.”
  20. Irenaeus: This name comes from Greece and means “he who is peaceful”.
  21. Kepa: One of the rare Mexican boy’s names of Basque origin, meaning “hard as stone.”
  22. Leocadio: it is a name that comes from the island Leucada and that means “brilliant man”.
  23. Liborio: This Latin name used in Mexico and means “given to the gods”.
  24. Macabeo: is a Hellenic name that means “the man with the hammer”.
  25. Noah – This Hebrew name translates to “he who comforts.”
  26. Noel: is a Latin name that means “the one who is born”.
  27. Oriol: is a rare Mexican boy’s name of Latin origin meaning “golden man.”
  28. Quirze: one of the uncommon names for boys widely used in Mexico and that means “Lord”.
  29. Remigio: This Latin name translates to “he who bears the oars.”
  30. Tenoch – Aztec Mexican boy’s name and meaning “hard as a stone.”
  31. Ulric : name of Germanic origin that translates as “strong as a wolf”.
  32. Xenxo : another of the uncommon Mexican boy names, which is of Greek origin and has the meaning “the one who protects his family”.
  33. Zach – This Hebrew name derives from Zacharias and means “God does not forget you.”