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“H” represents Creativity and Power. The H shows Successful, self-Contained, and a natural money maker. It has a strong connection with the earth and is a lover of nature.

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Famous Algerian Baby Boy Names Starting With H

Haad The Leader
Haadee Guide
Haadee The guide
Haadee The guide; Director; Leader
Haadi Director, Leader
Haadin Guide
Haady Guiding to the Right
Haady Guiding to the right
Haady Guiding to the right
Haafidheen Protector; Guardian
Haafidhoon Protector
Haafil TBD
Haafiz Keeper, Guardian, Preserve
Haafiz Protector; One who has memorised the Quran
Haaiz Acquirer; Getter
Haaiz Getter
Haajar He Abandoned
Haajeeth Beautiful
Haajib Eyebrow; Chamberlain; Doorkeeper
Haajid TBD
Haalah Aureole
Haalik Purity
Haalim Grown Up
Haalim Mild; Gentle; Patient; Forbearing; Grown up
Haamed One who Offers Approval
Haami Protector, Patron, Helper
Haamid Loving God
Haamid Praising (God), Grateful
Haamid Praising (God); Loving (God); Friend; Praiser; All-laudable
Haamim Another Name for Prophet Muhammad
Haamiz Intelligent
Haanee Happy; Delighted; Content; Joyful
Haani Happy; Delighted; Content
Haani Happy; Delighted; Content
Haani Happy; Delighted; Content; Pleasant
Haarib TBD
Haarij The horizon; Strong; Secure; Guarded
Haaris Friend
Haaris Vigilant, Watchman, Guardian
Haarisah Protector; Guard
Haarith Plowman; Old Arabic name
Haaroon Lofty or exalted; A prophet’s name (Aaron)
Haarun Name of the Prophet
Haasan Handsome; Laughter
Haashim Generosity; Prophet’s grandfather; Decisive
Haashir Gatherer
Haashir Gatherer; One who assembles
Haasim Decisive; Dwefinite
Haatib A Person who Collects Wood
Haatim Judge
Haatim Judge; Unavoidable
Haatim Judge
Haayi Modest; Bashful
Haazim Precautions, Generosity
Haaziq Intelligent Skillfull
Haaziq Intelligent, Skillfull
Haaziq Skilful; Intelligent
Haaziq Intelligent; Skillful
Habaab Aim; Goal
Habab Fine Dust; Aim; Goal
Habab Aim; Goal; End
Habash Guinea Fowl, Turkey
Habash Guinea hen; Guinea fowl
Habbab Affable, lovable
Habbab Affable; Lovable
Habbab affable; lovable
Habbab Affable; Lovable
Habbah Berry; Grain; Seed
Habban Loving; Affectionate
Habbib Dear; Beloved
Habee bullah Beloved of Allah
Habeeb Friend
Habeeb To be Loved; Friend; Sweet Heart
HabeebAllah TBD
Habeebullah Beloved of Allah
Habeebullah Beloved of Allah; Friend of Allah; Dear to all
Habeel TBD
Habib Beloved One, Darling, Dear
Habib beloved one
Habib beloved
Habib beloved one
Habib Beloved
Habib-Ullah Beloved of Allah
Habiba Beloved One; Form of Habib
Habiballah Friendship
Habibollah Beloved of Allah
Habibulla Beloved of Allah
Habibullah Beloved of Allah; Dear to God
Habibullah Beloved of Allah; Friend of Allah; Dear to all
Habibur-Rahman Beloved Friend of Allah
Habid Habib; Beloved
Habil TBD
Habinullah TBD
Habiri Colourful Clouds
Habis Companion, Narrator of Hadith
Habis A narrator of Hadith
Habis A narrator of Hadith
Habiz Companion
Habr Virtuous, Scholar, Blessings
Habrur Blessed; Living in Luxury
Habushun TBD
Habwat Gift; Present
Hachem Name of Prophet Mohammed
Hachim TBD
Hackim Wise
Hada Myrtle Tree
Hadabbas Tiger
Hadad Joy, Noise, Clamour, Mighty
Hadad god of fertility
Hadad Syrian God of fertility; Joy
Hadaf Respected; Target; Aim
Hadahid Hoopoes
Hadal Peaceful
Hadan Heathen
Hadar Glorious, Splendour, Ornamented
Hadas New; Happening for the First Time
Hadbar Beautiful
Hadbar Beautiful
Haddad Blacksmith
Haddad Smith; Blacksmith
Haddad Blacksmith
Haddad Blacksmith
Haddaq Wise
Haddaq Wise
Haddi Guide; Leader; Calm; Quiet
Haddin Child of the Heather-filled Valley
Hadee Director guide
Hadee Guiding to the Right, Director
Hadee The guide; Director; Leader
Hadeed Iron, Sharp
Hadeem TBD
Hadeer Beautiful
Hadees Speech, Dialogue, New, Modern
Hadhdh Fortune; Luck
Hadhi Present
Hadhil TBD
Hadhir Present; Attending
Hadi Guide, Leader
Hadi guiding to the light
Hadi The guide; Director; Leader
Hadi-Aman Peaceful Leader
Hadib Devoted; Kind; Compassionate
Hadid Strong
Hadid The 57th Surah of the Quran, Iron
Hadid The 57th Surah of holy Quran; Iron; Eloquent
Hadie Quiet; Leader; Calm; Guide
Hadif Target; Respected
Hadin Guide, Leader
Hadir Sound of Thunder; Glorified Man
Hadir Good mannered
Hadis Narration of Prophet Muhammad
Hadis History, Tradition
Hadis The narration of prophet Muhammad
Hadish Heaven
Hadji TBD
Hadon hill of heather
Hadrami There have been notable men
Hadus New; Fresh; Young
Hady Calm; Leader; Quiet; Guide
Hadya Gift
Haedar Lion
Haelah Exceptional
Hafeei Gracious; Gentle
Hafeel TBD
Hafeem TBD
Hafees Guardian; Protector
Hafeey Very Merciful
Hafeez Protector
Hafeez Protector; Guardian
Hafeez Guardian; Protector
Hafez Protector, Preserver
Hafez Guardian; Protector
Haffaz Protector; Protective
Haffizur TBD
Hafi Affectionate, Compassionate
Hafi Generous
Hafi Generous
Hafid Offspring, Descendant, Helpful
Hafid The wise one
Hafid The wise one
Hafidh Preserver
Hafiez A Guardian
Hafij Guardian; Protected
Hafil Diligent; Industrious
Hafis The One who Knows Quran by Heart
Hafiy TBD
Hafiz Protected, Guardian, Keeper
Hafiz Protector guardian
Hafiz Protector; One who has memorised the Quran
Hafizulla Remembrance of Allah
Hafizullah Remembrance of Allah
Hafizullah Remembrance of Allah
Haflat All; Everything
Hafran Forgiver; Virtuous; Forgiveness
Hafs Young Lion; Collecting; Gathering
Hafs Lion, Young of Lion
Hafs Lion; Young of a Lion
Hafza Sound Judgement
Hafzal TBD
Hafzan One who Memorise the Holy Quran
Hafzid TBD
Hahnis Gift of God
Hai Coming from the Sea, River, Two
Haian Very Beautiful; Life
Haib Greatness
Haibaa Gravity
Haibah Majesty
Haidan A Variant of Hayden
Haidar Lion, Derived from Hadara
Haidar Lion; Title of Ali
Haidarali Lion; Strong
Haider Lion
Haider Lion
Haiderali TBD
HaiderBux TBD
Haidin Heathen
Haidor Lion
Haidun Heathen
Haikal Tale
Haikal Tale
Haikal Tale
Haikal Tale
Haim Life
Haima Snow; Frost; Dew; Golden
Haiman Leader / Warrior
Haimi Golden
Hairum Pious
Hairum Pious
Hairun One of Name of Prophet
Haisam Strong Man; Brave
Haisiyat Capacity; Ability
Haitat Caution; Care
Haitham Eagle
Haitham Young hawk
Haiyam Part of Heart
Haiyan TBD
Haiz From the Hedged Enclosure
Haizal Soldier
Haizam Bold; Young Eagle
Haizan TBD
Haizin TBD
Haj River; Pilgrim to Makkah
Haja TBD
Hajar Forsaken
Hajara Equal to One Thousand
Hajaratali Going from One Place to Another
Hajee Born During the Hajj
Hajera TBD
Haji Pilgrim
Haji Pilgrimage to Mecca
Haji Pilgrim
Hajib Doorman, janitor, bailiff, eyebrow, edge, covering
Hajib Doorman, Janitor, Bailiff
Hajib Doorman, janitor, bailiff, eyebrow, edge, covering
Hajib Doorman; Janitor; Bailiff
Hajid One who Sleeps
Hajid One who sleeps
Hajij Pilgrim
Hajim TBD
Hajir Migratory, Emigrant, Noble
Hajir Another name of God; Present; Ready
Hajith TBD
Hajiz Partition; Curtain
Hajj TBD
Hajjaj One who Argues a Lot, Orbit
Hajjaj Orbit, eye socket, Orgument, debate
Hajjaj Orbit eye socket Orgument debate
Hajjaj Orbit; Eye socket; Argument
Hajji Pilgrim
Hajveri Of Hajver; A Saint’s name
Hakam Judge, Commander
Hakam One of the 99 names of God
Hakam Arbitrator; Judge
Hakan Politics; Leader
Hakeeb Will Power, Aspiration, Ambition
Hakeem Wise, All-knowing
Hakeem Judicious
Hakeem Wise; Ruler; Governor; Brother
Hakem Ruler, governor
Hakem Ruler; Governor
Hakem Wise; Ruler; Governor; Brother
Hakib Will Power, Ambition, Aspiration
Hakiem Doctor
Hakim Brother
Hakim Almighty, Judge, Wise
Hakim Judicious
Hakim One of the 99 names of God, wise,Ruler, governor
Hakim wise one
Hakim / Hakeem Wise, one of Gods ninety nine qualities
Hakim Wise; Ruler; Governor; Brother
Hakimi Dominion; Power; Rule
Hakimuddin TBD
Hakkim TBD
Hala Halo Around the Moon, Plough
Halab Fish; Milk
Halah Glory
Halan Hollow, Servant in the Hall
Haleef Ally; Confederate
Haleef Ally, confederate
Haleef Ally, confederate
Haleef Ally; Confederate
Haleel Intimate Friend
Haleem Lord of Sound, Patience
Haleem Patient
Haleem Patient
Haleem Mild; Gentle; Patient; Forbearing; Grown up
Hali Unique, Graceful, Kind, Sweet
Halid Strong
Halidh TBD
Halif Ally, Confederate
Halif Ally; Confederate
Halik TBD
Halil Close / Intimate Friend; Flute
Halil Clear
Halim Mild, gentle, patient
Halim Gentle, Generous, Compassionate
Halim Gentle
Halim Mild; Gentle; Patient; Forbearing; Grown up
Halima Merciful; Patient
Halis Beautiful
Halith Continuous
Hallaj Cotton Refiner
Hallaj Cotton ginner
Hallaj Cotton ginner
Hallam Lives at the Hall’s Slopes
Hallas Seller of Coarse Carpets
Hallim Dweller in the Remote Valley
Halwani Confectioner; Student of Hadith
Halwani Confectioner
Halwani Confectioner
Halyan Adorned; Adorned with Good Manners
Halym Mild; Patient; Gentle
Ham Home, Heads, Chief, Hot or Heat
Hama Verily; Truly; Shower; Rain
Hamaad One who Praises God a Lot; Praised
Hamaas Enthusiasm
Hamad To Praise; All; Whole; Beautiful
Hamada Praising (God)
Hamadan The Praised One
Hamadi One who is Praised
Hamadullah The Thanks of Allah
Hamaid TBD
Hamail Things Suspended
Hamal Lamb
Hamal Lamb
Hamal Lamb
Hamal Lamb
Hamalah Lamb
Hamalah Lamb
Hamalah lamb
Hamam Pigeon; Dove
Haman Abraham’s Brother; Noise; Tumult
Hamaroon TBD
Hamas Enthusiasm
Hamas Enthusiasm
Hamas enthusiasm
Hamasat Enthusiasm; Zeal
Hamayun Fortunate; Blessed; Sacred
Hamazan TBD
Hamazat Strength
Hamd Praise, lauding
Hamd Praise; Commendation; Lauding
Hamd Praise; Lauding
Hamdaan Praises to be Allah
Hamdan The praised one; variation of the name “Muhammad”
Hamdast Friend; One who Remains Close
Hamdast Friend; One who remains close
Hamdat Praise; Form of Word Hamdah
Hamdee Of Praise
Hamdeen Praised
Hamden Praised
Hamdhan Praises to be God
Hamdhy Sympathy, blessing
Hamdhy Sympathy, Blessing
Hamdhy Sympathy; Blessing
Hamdi Of praise
Hamdi Of Praise, Commendable
Hamdi Of praise
Hamdoon One who Praise
Hamdrem Commendable; Praised
Hamdun Praiseworthy; Praised
Hamead Commendable; Praised
Hamed One who Praises, Thankful
Hamed Praising (God); Loving (God); Friend; Praiser; All-laudable
Hameed Praiseworthy, Friend
Hameed Praising (God); Loving (God); Friend; Praiser; All-laudable
Hameedh Praiseworthy, Commendable
Hameedullah Servant of the All-laudable
Hameedullah Servant of the all-laudable
Hameef Virtuous
Hameem Friend
Hameem Allah’s Friend; Friend
Hameem Friend; Close friend
Hameer Very Rich King
Hameesh TBD
Hameesi Patron, Supporter, Protector
Hameez Intelligent; Strong; Brave
Hamet Brave
Hami Protector, Patron, Supporter, defender
Hami Protector, Patron, Supporter, defender
Hami Protector, Defender, Patron
Hami Protector; Patron; Supporter; Defender
Hamid The praised one; variation of the name “Muhammad”
Hamid Praising Allah commendable
Hamid Praised
Hamid the thankful one
Hamid Praising (God); Loving (God); Friend; Praiser; All-laudable
Hamida Praiseworthy
Hamidat Form of Hamidah
Hamidi To be Commended; Praise
Hamidul Fast
Hamidullah The Appreciation of Allah (SWT)
Hamidur TBD
Hamied Commendable, Praised
Hamil Carrier, Bearer
Hamill TBD
Hamim Intimate, close friend
Hamim Another name for Prophet Muhammad
Hamim TBD
Hamim Friend; Close friend
Hamin A Great Leader
Hamir Good; Vest; A Raga
Hamirudeen TBD
Hamisa Joyful; Happy
Hamish Edge, Corner, Supplanter
Hamisi Born on Thursday
Hamit Praised; Commendable
Hamiz Brave strong
Hamiz Firm; Vigorous; Summer
Hamiz Intelligent; Brilliant
Hamlin Little Home-lover
Hammaad A Person who Praises
Hammad Praising (Allah)
Hammad Praising Allah
Hammad Praised
Hammad Praised
Hammad One who praises God
Hammadah One who Praises Often
Hammadi Pertaining to Hammad
Hammam A great man, a chief, a hero
Hammam A great man, a chief, a hero
Hammam Chief; Hero; Great Man
Hammar Hammer
Hammed One who Praises
Hammood Thankful; Grateful
Hammou TBD
Hammsa Swan
Hammud Thankful; Grateful; Praiseworthy
Hammza Lion; Steadfast; Strong
Hamood One who praises Allah
Hamood One who praises Allah
Hamood One who Praises Allah
Hamood One who praises Allah
Hamool Patient; Enduring
Hamraaz One who has the Secret
Hamraaz Who has the secret; Confidant
Hamran One who is Remembered by God
Hamraz Confidant
Hamraz Who has the secret; Confidant
Hamsa Swan
Hamshad Always Victorious
Hamshad Always victorious
Hamshid TBD
Hamu Alert
Hamud Praiseworthy
Hamuda TBD
Hamyd Commendable; Praised
Hamza tenacious; Muhammad’s uncle
Hamza strong,steadfast
Hamza Lion, Strong, Sour Leaves, Smart
Hamza Lion
Hamzaa Strong; Lion; Steadfast
Hamzad Comrade; Companion
Hamzad Comrade; Companion
Hamzah Lion; name of the Prophets uncle
Hamzah Lion
Hamzah Lion, Good Man, Strong, Steadfast
Hamzah Lion; Name of the uncle of the prophet
Hamzan TBD
Hamze Strong; Steadfast; Lion
Hamzeh Steadfast; Brave
Hana Arabic form of “John”
Hana Brahma, Happiness, Form of John
Hanaaf TBD
Hanaan Affection; Love
Hanad With Radiant Face
Hanafi True Believer, Monotheist
Hanafi True believer
Hanah Happiness
Hanai Of happiness
Hanai Of Happiness
Hanai Of happiness
Hanan Mercy, Grace, Compassionate
Hananan Another Name for God, Generous
Hananan Another name for God; generous
Hanani One who is Merciful
Hanash A hadith was narrated by a man with the same name
Hanash A hadith was narrated by a man with the same name
Hanash TBD
Hanash A Man with the same name narrated a Hadith
Hanbal Purity
Hanbal Pristine, Purity
Hanbal purity
Hanbal Purity
Hanbel Pure
Hanee Happy; Delighted; Joyful
Haneef Upright, true
Haneef Upright, true
Haneef One who Believes in One God
Haneef An upright; True; True believer
Haneefa True Believer
Haneek TBD
Haneen Yearning; Desire
Hanees God of Weather
Haneez The Lord is Gracious; Merciful
Hanes God is Gracious
Haney Happy
Hanfi School Follower
Hanfi School follower
Hani Happy, delighted, joyful
Hani Happy; Content; Delighted
Hani Delighted, content
Haniah A Spirit Warrior
Hanie Happy
Hanief Pious; Follower of Prophet Abraham
Hanif True believer
Hanif True believer
Hanif Orthodox, Pious
Hanif An upright; True; True believer
Hanifa True; Upright; A Believer of Islam
Hanifah Upright
Hanifah Upright
Hanifah Upright
Hanife True Believer
Haniff Upright; True; A Believer of Islam
Hanifud Din True of religion (Islam)
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Hanifud-Din True of Religion (Islam)
HanifudDin True of Religion Islam
Hanik Graceful like a Swan
Hanim TBD
Hanin Yearning, Desire, Affectionate
Hanis God is Gracious; Lord Shiva
Hanish Ambition, God, God of Weather
Haniya A Spirit Warrior
Haniyah A Spirit Warrior
Hanlala TBD
Hanna Name of Mother of Maryam (Mary)
Hanna Gift of God
Hannaan Beautiful; Compassionate
Hannad TBD
Hannad Old Arabic name
Hannad Old Arabic name
Hannah Grace; Wife; Favour
Hannan Merciful, Compassionate
Hannen Having Warm Feelings
Hannin Having Warm Feelings
Hannon Having Warm Feelings
Hansal Smiling
Hanuj TBD
Hanun Merciful; Gracious
Hany Rules an Estate
Hanz Gift from God; God is Gracious
Hanzal Pond
Hanzal Gift from God
Hanzala Water, Adjust Everywhere, Pond
Hanzalah Pond; Water Ditch
Hanzalah Name of Ibn Abu
Hanzar TBD
Hanzhalah Name of a Tree
Haq Right; Justice; Truth
Haq Power
Haq True; Truth; Real; Right
Haqaiq Truths; Facts
Haqam Quranic Name
Haqeeq Befitting; Suitable; Obligated
Haqiq Worthy, Deserving, Befitting
Haqiqat Reality; Sincerity
Haqq Just, Right, True
Haqq One of the 99 names of God
Haqqani Correct; Right; Proper
Haqqani Correct; Right; Proper
Haqqi A Person who Upholds the Truth
Haqqi A person who upholds the Truth, Just
Haqqullah Right of God, Prayer
Haque Truth
Haraam Sacred
Haraan TBD
Harabat Friday
Haran Terah’s Son; Brother of Abraham; …
Harar Free; Of Noble Birth
Haraz Make Fun; Comedy
Haraz Make fun; Comedy
Harb War; Warrior
Harb war
Harb War
Harbi Son of Owen
Hareeb TBD
Hareef Pungent; Hot
Hareef Pungent; Acrid
Hareem Respectable
Harees Eager; Keen; Desirous
Hareez Almighty; Desirous
Hares Lord Shiva / Krishna; Almighty
Hareth Good Provider
Hari Almighty
Harib Highly Alienated, Name of Allah
Harif Pungent; Hot
Harim Companion, Friend, Destroyed
Harin Success; Deer
Hariqat Burning; Glowing
Harir Silk
Haris Vigilant guardian
Haris Protector, Farmer, Watchman
Haris Guardian, protector
Haris Ploughman; Cultivator; Friend
Harisah Guardian protector
Harisah Guardian; Protector
Harishah Guard; Protector
Harit Green; Lion
Harith Lion; Green Colour; Surya’s Horse; …
Harith Ploughman, cultivator
Harith Ploughman, cultivator
Haritha Green, Cultivator, Farmer
Harithah Good Provider
Harithe Good Provider
Hariz strong, secure, guarded
Hariz Strong; Secure; Guarded
Hariz The horizon; Strong; Secure; Guarded
Harizz TBD
Harmalah A Plant
Harmalah A plant african rue
Harman Variant of Herman, Soldier
Harmayn TBD
Harmen High Ranking Soldier
Haroof TBD
Haroon Hope, Achievement, Heroic Warrior
Haroon A Prophet name
Haroon Lofty or exalted; A prophet’s name (Aaron) (Celebrity Name: Ranvir Shorey and Konkona Sen Sharma)
Haroun Superior, Exalted, On High
Haroun Superior
Haroun / Harun Lofty or exalted; A Prophets name (Aaron)
Haroun al Rachid Aaron the upright
Haroun-Al-Rachid Aaron the Upright
Harrar Very Noisy
Harron Powerful
Harsallah Happiness of Lord
Harsam Lion
Harshad Happiness, One who Gives Pleasure
Harshat Happiness
Harshin One who Delights
Harshit Beautiful; Friend; Colleague
Harul God’s Mountain
Harun form of AARON – enlightened
Harun Mountain of Strength, Messenger
Harun Superior
Harun Lofty or exalted; A prophet’s name (Aaron)
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Harun al Rachid Aaron the upright
Harun Al Rashid Celebrated Abbasid caliph
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Harun-Al-Rachid Aaron the Upright
Harun-al-Rashid TBD
Haruna Springtime Vegetables
HarunAlRachid Aaron the Upright
HarunAlRashid Celebrated Abbasid Caliph
Harundas Servant of God
Harut One of the two angels sent to babel
Harzin Protector
Hasaan Form of Hassan, Handsome
Hasab Good Deed, Generosity, Pedigree
Hasad Harvest
Hasain Handsome
Hasam Sword
Hasan Handsome, good
Hasan Handsome, good
Hasan Laughter, Good, Beautiful
Hasan, Hassan good
Hasanain Two Hasans (Hasan and Husain)
Hasanali TBD
Hasanat Good Deeds; Kind Acts; Favours
Hasanat Good deeds; Kind acts
Hasani Handsome; Excellence
Hasanul TBD
Hasanur TBD
Hasanuz TBD
Hasbi Gift of God
Haseeb Accounter, Omnipotent
Haseeb Respected, esteemed
Haseeb Reckoned; Another name of prophet Muhammad
Haseebulla TBD
Haseef Judicious; Wise; Prudent
Haseem Diligent; Assiduous; Persevering
Haseen Beautiful, Smart
Haseen Beautiful; Smart; Good-looking
Haseer TBD
Hasees Sensitive; Perceptive
Haseim Decisive One
Hasem Decisive
Hasen Good-looking; Laughing
Hashaam Form of Hashim
Hashaan Love
Hasham Form of Hashim
Hasham Servant
Hasham Servant
Hashami An Ancestor of Prophet Muhammad
Hashan Love
Hashash Mirthful; Happy; Tidy; Pleased
Hashash Mirthful; Happy; Tidy
Hashbin Romantic
Hasheem Crusher of Evil
Hasheer TBD
Hashem TBD
Hasher Collector
Hashi Companion (Avestan)
Hashib The Rain
Hashib TBD
Hashid One who rallies people, crowded, gathered
Hashid One who Rallies People, Crowded
Hashid One who rallies people, crowded, gathered
Hashid One who rallies people
Hashif TBD
Hashil Joyful
Hashim Broker, destroyer of evil; name of the Prophets great grandfather
Hashim Magnificent, Destroys Evil
Hashim Generous (Great grandfather of the Prophet)
Hashim To crush
Hashim Generosity; Prophet’s grandfather; Decisive
Hashimel TBD
Hashimi An Ancestor of Prophet Muhammad
Hashimi Hashemite; A nisba
Hashiq TBD
Hashique TBD
Hashir Collector
Hashir One who assembles
Hashir Gatherer; One who assembles
Hashmat Dignity, Glory
Hashmat Glory, Joyful, Decency, Dignity
Hashmat Dignity, Glory
Hashmat Glory; Joyful
Hashmi Generous
Hashmil TBD
Hashmir TBD
Hashmullah TBD
Hashr Raising; Collecting
Hasib The reckoner
Hasib Another name for Prophet Muhammad
Hasib Respected, Accountant, Avenger
Hasib Reckoned; Another name of prophet Muhammad
Hasibul TBD
Hasibur TBD
Hasid TBD
Hasif Firm; Judicious; Steady; Joyful
Hasif Judicious; Wise; Prudent
Hasik Skillful
Hasil Producer
Hasil Acquirer, Producer, Farmer
Hasim the decisive one
Hasim Decisive
Hasim Definite; Decisive
Hasim Generosity; Prophet’s grandfather; Decisive
Hasin Beautiful; Strong
Hasin Beautiful; Handsome
Hask Acme of Mountain
Hask Acme of mountain
Hasmat TBD
Hasmi TBD
Hasmuddin TBD
Hasnain Smart; Handsome
Hasnain Combination of Hassan and Hussain
Hasnain The two hasans
Hasni Happy
Hasni Happy
Hason Strong
Hasoun Virtuous
Hasoun Virtuous; Chaste
Hasrah Wanting
Hasrat Wish; Desire; Grief; Distress
Hassaan Beautiful
Hassain Brave; Protector of People
Hassam Sword
Hassam Sword
Hassan Handsome
Hassan handsome and good
Hassan Beautiful, handsome
Hassan Good, Handsome, Beautiful
Hassan handsome
Hassan Laughter; Chandra (Moon); Beautiful; Handsome; Grandson of prophet Mohammed
Hassanain Beauty, Handsome
HassanAskaree Early Imam (Leader) of Islam
HassanAskari Early Imam (Leader) of Islam
Hasshid TBD
Hasshir An Assembler
Hasshir An assembler
Hassian TBD
Hassib The Reckoner a Name for Allah
Hassib The Reckoner A Name for Allah
Hassiba TBD
Hassin Strong; Beautiful
Hassnain Handsome; Beauty
Hasson TBD
Hassoun TBD
Hassun Stone, Handsome, Good-looking
Hasu Smile
Hasun Brave; Strong
Haswar Lion
Haswin Horse Rider; Strong Men
Hataf Mars
Hataf Mars
Hatam Generous; Helper
Hateem King; Steadfast; Ruler; Judge
Hatem Judge; Decider; Justice
Hatem Judge; Justice; Decider
Hatham Young Eagle
Hatheem Ruler; Steadfast; King
Hathim TBD
Hathir TBD
Hathirullah TBD
Hatib A wood collector
Hatib A wood collector
Hatib A Wood Collector; Judge
Hatib A wood collector
Hatibah TBD
Hatif One who Summons
Hatif Praiser; A voice from heaven
Hatim Judge, Inevitable, Ruler, King
Hatim judge
Hatim Judge
Hatim Judge
Hattan A Sophisticated; From Manhattan
Hattem TBD
Haumat Great Battle; Battlefield
Haushab Name of Son of Imam Muslim (RA)
Haussam The Sward
Hautat Prudence; Caution
Havin Sanctuary; Safe Harbour
Hawa Loving; Desiring
Hawari Apostle; Supporter; Follower
Hawazzudin TBD
Hawis Thought; Idea; Concept
Hawit Clever; Smart
Hawiz Able; Active
Hawshab A son of Iama Muslim had this name
Hawshab A Son of Imam
Hawshab A son of Lama Muslim had this name (A son of iama Muslim had this Name)
Hawwa Life; Life-giving
Hayaan Life; Happy
Hayaat Life
Hayaat Life
Hayan Lord Shiva; Alive; Life; Shine
Hayana TBD
Hayat Life; Existence
Hayath Soft; Skill
Haybek TBD
Haybin TBD
Haydan Independent
Haydar lion
Haydar Lion
Haydar Peaceful, Lion
Haydar Lion; Title of Ali
Hayden From the Hedged in Valley
Hayder Means “lion” in Arabic This was another name of Ali, the husband of Fatima – daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Hayder Lion, Another Name of Ali
Hayder Lion
Haydin Strong; Independent; Loving
Hayee Ever Alive
Hayl Heaped sand
Haysam Lion
Haysam Lion
Haytham young hawk
Haytham Young hawk
Haytham Young Hawk, Eagle, Lion, Strong
Haytham Young hawk
Haythem Young Eagle
Hayub To be Feared; Venerable
Hayy Alive; Having Life; Living
Hayy Alive; Living
Hayyaan Alive
Hayyam Loving
Hayyan old Arabic name
Hayyan Old Arabic name
Hayyan Lively; Energetic
Hayyan Lively; Energetic
Hayyee Modest; Bashful
Hayyi Good-looking; Handsome
Hayyin Easy, Facilitated
Hayzam TBD
Haz Fortune; Luck
Hazaan TBD
Hazah Gift of God
Hazam Companien of Prophet Muhammad
Hazan Clever
Hazaq Learning the Quran by Heart
Hazar Ready, Attention, Vigilant
Hazarat Dignity; Power; Prophet
Hazeeb TBD
Hazeel TBD
Hazeem Thunder, The Sound of Hooves
Hazeen TBD
Hazem Strict; Resolute
Hazera Clean; Wise
Hazib On a Masculine People
Hazibaba TBD
Hazif Joyful
Hazik Intelligent; Skillful
Hazim resolute
Hazim Resolute
Hazim Firm; Resolute; Energetic
Hazin Treasure
Hazin Treasurer
Haziq Skilful; Intelligent
Haziq Intelligent; Skillful
Hazir Another Name for God, Present
Hazir Another name of God; Present; Ready
Haziran TBD
Hazlan Lion
Hazlaqat Skilfulness; Dexterity
Hazm Digestion
Hazra Ultimate
Hazrah Presence
Hazrat Prophet, Jesus, Presence, Dignity
Hazrat Prophet; Jesus
Hazrath Dignity; Prophet; Power; Presence
Hazrik Creativity; Wisdom; Generosity
Hazur Eloquent
Hazza Delight; Pleasure
Hazzar One who laughs often
Heam Loveable
Hedayat Guidance
Hedayat Guide
Hedi Director, Leader
Heer Powerful; Power; Diamond; Darkness
Heerad Appearing Fresh and Healthy
Heerad Appearing fresh and healthy
Hefaizt TBD
Heitham Lion
Heizan TBD
Heizen Heat
Hekmat Intuition
Helal New Moon
Hemeda TBD
Hemesh Clever; Cute
Hemil Smart, Handsome, Cute, Loving Kid
Hemraz TBD
Hena Flower; Rose
Hend Group of camels that number from 100 to 200
Henna Blessed
Herat Soul
Heru Sun God
Hesam A Sharp Sword
Hesam A sharp sword
Hesam Sharp sword
Hesamuddin TBD
Hessa Destiny
Hewad Homeland
Hewad Homeland
Heyan Heart; Light of God
Heydar Lion
Hiam Life
Hiba Gift of God
Hibah Gift; Grant; Donation
Hibah A gift from God
Hibathulla Gift of Allah
Hibatullah Gift of Allah
Hibb Darling; Dear
Hibbaan Fleshy
Hibbaan Fleshy
Hibbaan Fleshy; Angry
Hibban Fleshy; Angry
Hibr Ink; Virtuous Man; Scholar
Hidaayat Guidance; Instruction
Hidayat Instruction
Hidayat Guidance; Instruction
Hidayat Instruction
Hidayat-ul-Haq Guidance of the Truth (Allah)
Hidayath Guidance
Hidayathulla Instruction; Guidance of Allah
Hidayatul TBD
HidayatUlHaq Guidance of the Truth (Allah)
Hidayatullah Guidance of Allah
Hidayatullah Guidance of Allah
Hidda TBD
Hidir Expressive
Hifaz TBD
Hifazat Security; Safety
Hifjaan TBD
Hifz One who is Memorable
Hifzaan Praise
Hifzur Rahman Remembrance of the beneficent
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Hifzur-Rahman Remembrance of the Beneficent
HifzurRahman Remembrance of the Beneficent
Hijas Believer of God
Hikmati Clever; Wise
Hilal Moon; Crescent; Happiness
Hilal Crescent
Hilal / Hilel The new Moon
Hilal / Hilel the new moon
Hilal / Hilel The new moon
Hilal The new Moon
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Hilali Crescent-like
Hilar Cheerful
Hilf Treaty; Alliance; Confederacy
Hillah Shower of rain
Hilli TBD
Hilm Calmness, Patience, Intelligence
Hilmi gentle; calm
Hilmi Gentle; Calm
Hilmi Gentle, calm
Hilmi Gentle; Calm
Hilmiyat Gentleness; Mildness
Himaayat Help; Support; Protection
Himam Destiny
Himan TBD
Himar Ice
Himayat Protection, Support
Himayat Help, Protection, Guardianship
Himayat Protection; Safeguarding
Himayun Sacred; Fortunate; Blessed
Himaz TBD
Himel Cold
Hims Whisper
Hind India; Hundred Camels
Hirad Appearing Fresh and Healthy
Hirad Appearing fresh and healthy
Hiras Beautiful; Talented
Hiras Scratching; Scraping
Hirun One of Name of Prophet
Hirz Another Name for God
Hirz Another name of God; Place of refuge
Hisabuddin TBD
Hisad Lions
Hisam Sword
Hisamuddin TBD
Hisan Good-looking Beautiful, Handsome
Hishaam Generous; Name of a Companion
Hisham generosity
Hisham Generosity
Hisham Companion of prophet Muhammad; Generous
Hishmat State; Dignity
Hissan Generous
Hiyam Love
Hizam Bold; Sword; Strong Man
Hizan Warrior
Hizaq Sharpness, Quickness
Hizaqat Intelligence, Wisdom
Hizbullah Army of Allah
Hizrat Freshness
Hobb Love; Affection
Hobibur TBD
Homayoon Royal; Fortunate
Homayoun Royal; Fortunate
Homayun Royal; Fortunate
Hood TBD
Hood Name of a prophet of Almighty; A prophet title of the 11th
Hooman Good soul good natured
Hooman Good soul, good natured
Hooman A good soul; Good natured
Hooshmand Wise
Hooshyar Wise
Hoque Real
Hormazd Divinity of Wisdom
Hormizd Divinity of Wisdom
Hormuzd Divinity of Wisdom
Hosaam Sword
Hosaam Sword
Hosaam Sword
Hosam Sword of Justice
Hosen TBD
Hoshedar Pure Love
Hosn Beauty; Goodness
Hosni beauty,excellence
Hosni Goodness, Excellence, Handsome
Hosni Beauty; Excellence
Hossain Good or Handsome
Hossein Handsome; Beautiful; Good
Hotha TBD
Houd A Prophet’s Name; The Biblical Hud …
Houd A prophets name
Houda Guided
Houssam Sword Edge; Variant of Husam
Houssein Handsome One
Hozai Prophet
Hozaifa A Companion of the Prophet
Hozaifah A Companion of the Prophet
Hozaifah A companion of the prophet
Hrehaan God’s Chosen
Hrehaan God have chosen one (Celebrity Name: Hritik Roshan)
Hu Tiger; Vigorous; A Nature God
Hub Love
Hub Love
Hubaab Bubble of Water
Hubaab Bubble of Water
Hubaab A bubble of water; Name of a Sahabi
Hubab Aim; Friendship; Friendly
Hubaibi Loving; Beloved
Hubaish Well Known Bird; Name of a Tabi
Hubaish A well known bird
Hubb Love; Wish; Desire
Hubed TBD
Hubnuqat Flute
Hubur Happiness; Joy
Hud Hooded, Those who Ask Forgiveness
Hud A Prophet name
Hud / Houd A Prophets name
Hud Name of a prophet of Almighty; A prophet title of the 11th
Huda Right Guidance
Hudaa Guide
Hudad Name of a Pre-islamic Arabic King
Hudad Name of a pre Islamic Arabic king
Hudad Name of a pre islamic Arabic king
Hudayfa Boss Man
Hudhafah Old Arabic name
Hudhafah Old Arabic name
Hudhafah TBD
Hudhafah Old Arabic name
Hudhaifa Companion of Prophet
Hudhaifah Companion of Prophet Muhammad
Hudhaifah, Old Arabic name
Hudhayfa Boss
Hudhayfah Old Arabic name
Hudhayfah Short-statured; Name of Companion
Hudhayfah Old Arabic name
Hudhayfah Hujayyah The father of Ajlah bin Abdullah was so called
Hudn Peace; Calm; Quiet
Huful Plenty; Abundance
Hugheen Heart
Hujaf TBD
Hujaifa Gift of God
Hujayyah The father of Ajlah bin Abdullah was so called
Hujayyah Father of Ajlah Bin Abdullah
Hujayyah The father of Ajlah bin Abdullah was so called (Father of Ajlah bin Abdullah)
Hujjat Argument, reasoning, proof.
Hujjat Argument, reasoning, proof
Hujjat The argument; Reasoning; Proof
Hujjatullah Proof of God
Hukam Wise
Hukm Order; Command; Lord of Hearts
Hukmee Commander; The one with authority (God)
Hukmi Commander; The one with authority (God)
Hulayl Old Arabic name
Hulm Forbearance; Patient; Leniency
Hulum Dream; Vision
Humaayoon Blessed; Auspicious
Humaid Praised
Humaid Diminutive of Ahmad; Praised
Humaidaan TBD
Humaidan Praiseworthy
Humair Red
Humair Red
Humair Reddish
Humam Courageous, generous
Humam Generous, Courageous, Honoured
Humam Brave, noble, courageous, generous
Humam Courageous and generous
Humamuddin TBD
Humamuddin Brave person of the religion
Human A Character in Shahnameh
Humat Protector; Good Thought
Humayan TBD
Humayd Praised
Humayd Diminutive of Ahmad; Praised
Humayl A companion of the Prophet (S.A.W)
Humayl A companion of the Prophet (S.A.W)
Humayl A companion of the prophet
Humayon Fortunate
Humayoon Fortunate
Humayun Blessed, sacred, royal, imperial
Humayun Fortunate
Humayun Blessed, sacred, royal, imperial
Humayun Blessed
Humd Praise of Allah
Humd Praise of Allah
Humd Praise of Allah
Humerya TBD
Humraan Happiness
Humraz One who Knows the Secret
Humur Red
Humza The name Humza is one of the arabic alphabets
Humza Precious, Brave
Humza The name Humza is one of the Arabic alphabets
Huna Listening
Hunafaa One who are Devoted to God
Hunaid happiness
Hunaid Happiness
Hunain Islamic place
Hunayn Islamic place
Huraira TBD
Hurairah Narrator of Hadith
Hurairah Narrator of Hadith, a close companion to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)
Hurairah Narrator of Hadith, a close companion to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)
Hurairah The narrator of Hadith; A close companion to prophet Mohammed (Pbuh)
Hurasim Lion
Hurayra Kitten; Little Cat
Hurays A small cultivator
Hurayth A small cultivator
Hurayth Small Cultivator
Hurayth A small cultivator
Hurayth Small cultivator
Hurmat Chastity, sacred
Hurmat Chastity, sacred
Hurr Independent; Liberal; Noble
Hurraah Free
Hurrah Liberal free
Hurrah Liberal; Free
Hurrein TBD
Hurriyat Freedom; Liberty; Independence
Husaam Sword
Husaam Sword
Husaam-Al-Din Sword of the Faith
HusaamUdeen TBD
Husaamudin The Sword of the Faith
Husain Small beauty
Husain Little beauty; Hussein was a descendent of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
Husain / Husayn / Hussein Beautiful, doer of good deads; a descendent of the Prophet
Husain In protection; Security
Husam Sword
Husam Sword Edge
Husam Sword
Husam Sword
Husam al Din Sword of faith
Husam al Din Sword of the faith
Husam al Din Sword of the faith
Husam Al Din Sword of the faith
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Husam-al-Din Sword of the Faith
HusamAlDin Sword of the Faith
Husamuddaulah Sword of the Kingdom
Husamuddawlah Sword of the State
Husamuddawlah Sword of the state
Husamuddin Sword of Religion Islam
Husamuddin Sword of religion (Islam)
Husarat Lion
Husayn Good
Husayn Beautiful, doer of good deads; a descendent of the Prophet
Husayn In protection; Security
Husayni Of Husayn
Husayni Of Husain; Nisba relation
Husbaan Computation; Calculation
Husen Saint
Husnain Pure in the Eyes
Husni beauty
Husni Good, handsome, Name of saint
Husni Goodness, Handsome, Excellence
Huss Saffron
Hussa TBD
Hussain Good
Hussain Handsome, beautiful
Hussain Handsome, beautiful
Hussain Saint, Good
Hussain Islamic thinker; Saint; Beautiful
Hussayn Good
Hussayn, Hussein good
Hussein Good
Hussein Handsome, Beautiful
Hussein Beautiful, Handsome One, Good
Hussein handsome one
Hussein Islamic thinker; Saint; Beautiful
Hussien Grandson of Beloved Prophet
Husul Happening; Event
Huthama TBD
Huthayfa Old Arabic name
Huthayfa Old Arabic name
Huthayfa Old Arabic Name
Huthayfa Old Arabic name
Hutud Remain; Stay
Huuwaija Want; Desire
Huwa Another Name for God
Huwairis TBD
Huyai Alive; Vibrant
Huzabir Lion
Huzaien TBD
Huzaifa Name of Sahabi, An Old Name
Huzaifa An old Arabic name
Huzaifah Curtailed, shortened
Huzaifah Curtailed, shortened
Huzaifah Companion of Prophet Muhammad
Huzaifah Curtailing; Shortening; Curtailed
Huzaiffa Name of a Sahaaba
Huzair Laughter
Huzayfa Companion of Prophet Muhammad
Huzayfah Curtailing shortening curtailed short
Huzayfah Curtailing, shortening, curtailed, short
Huzayfah Curtailed, Short
Huzayfah Curtailing; Shortening; Curtailed
Huzayl Bin Shurah bil had this name
Huzayl Bin Shurah bil had this name
Huzayl Bin shurah bil had this name
Huzer Successful
Huziafa TBD
Huzur Title of Respect; Presence
Huzya Gift; Present
Hwas Having Narrow or Contracted Eye
Hyat Long Life
Hydan Independent
Hydar Lion; Kind Heart
Hyden TBD
Hyder lion
Hyder Lion, Derived from Hadara
Hyder Name of the Hadrath Ali the lion; The brave
Hyderali Kind Heart
Hydin Independent; Strong
Hymad Whole; To Praise
Hynes Ivy; Descendant of Eidhin
Hyrin Horse / Lion
Hyuheen Heart
Hyzam Bold
Hyzan Beneficence
Hyzen Beneficence