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“I” represents Law. The I shows Genteel, impulsive, Elegant, and has the warmth of Heart. It is an inspirational letter. I show interest in the arts, science, and drama.

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Famous Algerian Baby Boy Names Starting With I

Iaon Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Iayan Prince
Ibaad A worshipper
Ibaad Prayer; Servants of God
Ibaad A worshipper
Ibaadah Worship
Ibad Servants, Slaves
Ibada Adoration; Adored
Ibadah Worship; Obedience of God
Ibadat Prayer; Worship; Devotion
Ibadullah Worshippers of God
Iban God is Gracious
Ibdar Light of the Full Moon
Ibhraim Prophet’s Name
Ibkar Early Morning
Iblit TBD
Ibn Son of
Ibn Son
Ibn Sina Ibn Sina means Sina was the father of Abu Ali Ib-e-Sina
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IbnAbbas Son of Abbas
Ibr Ibrahim; Prophet Abraham
Ibraaheem TBD
Ibraan TBD
Ibraham Father of a Multitude
Ibraheem A Prophet’s Name; The Biblical …
Ibraheem Abraham; Earth; A prophet name
Ibrahim father of a multitude
Ibrahim form of ABRAHAM – father of a multitude
Ibrahim My father is exalted
Ibrahim My Father is Exalted
Ibrahim Abraham; Earth; A prophet name
Ibrahima Form of Ibrahim
Ibran Variant of Ibrahim
Ibrar Peaceful; Helpful
Ibrees A Titan; Pure Gold
Ibreez Pure Gold
Ibsan Beauty; Beautiful
Ibtesam Smile
Ibthisham TBD
Ibtihal Supplication; Humble Prayer
Ibtikar Innovation
Ibtisam Smiling
Ibu One who is Creative
Ibzan Father of a Target
Id feast season
Id Feast, festival
Id Feast season
Idaan King
Idalat Victory
Idam TBD
Idan A Historic Period / Age
Idara Joy
Idd Power; Victory
Iddi Moonlighting
Ideeq TBD
Iden Wealthy; Prosperous
Idhan King; A Historic Period / Age
Idin Unity
Idir Noble
Idms TBD
Idraak Intellect; Perception; Achievement
Idrak Accomplishment; Achievement
Idrees A Prophet’s Name; Lord of Fiery
Idrees A prophet’s name; Fiery Lord
Idress Fiery Leader
Idris a good man
Idris A Prophets name
Idris Studious Person, One who Instruct
Idris A prophet’s name; Fiery Lord
Idrish Not Visible; Invisible
Idriz TBD
Idul TBD
Ieethaar Sacrifice; Selflessness
Iefan Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Iesa A Prophet’s Name
Iesa A prophets name
Ifaan Knowledge
Ifad To be High and Above Something
Ifan Season, Time
Ifatul TBD
Ifaz Helper
Iffan Time; Season
Iffat Virtue; Chastity
Iffath Virtue
Ifham Favourable Speech
Ifiyan Forgiven
Ifni TBD
Ifraan Identity
Ifraaz Altitude
Ifran Identity
Ifran Identity
Ifran Identity
Ifran-rahaman TBD
Ifraq Love
Ifraz Height; Altitude; Elevation
Ifraz Height; Altitude; Elevation
Ifrith TBD
Ifroz TBD
Ifser Useful
Iftajul TBD
Iftar TBD
Iftekar Gift of Allah
Iftekhar Honour; Glory
Iftekharalamkhan Proud
Iften Light
Ifteqar TBD
Iftequar Royal Parson
Ifthekar TBD
Iftikar Self Respect
Iftikhaar Honour; Glory
Iftikhar Honour, Glory,proud
Iftikhar Glory; Honour
Iftikhar-ud-Din Pride of the Religion (Islam)
Iftikhar-Ud-Din Pride of the religion (Islam)
Iftikharllah Glory / Pride of Allah
IftikharUdDin Pride of the Religion Islam
Ifty TBD
Ifzal Eminence; Superiority
Ifzan Gift of God
Igal Redeemed; Defiled
Ighlaf TBD
Igider TBD
Igmi Joyful
Ihaab Gift; Leather
Ihaan Leader; Pioneer; Morning; Dawn; One who Kills Enemies; Winner
Ihaan Leader, Pioneer, Morning, Dawn
Ihab gift,leather
Ihab Gift; Leather
Iham Expected
Iham Expected; Thin; Desire
Ihan Full Moon
Ihana Delight
Iher TBD
Ihram White Cloth; Special
Ihsaan Beneficence
Ihsaan Kindness; Beneficence; Highest level of Iman
Ihsan kind; benevelent
Ihsan Perfection, excellence, Beneficence, charity
Ihsan Beneficence, Charity, Compassion
Ihsanul Haq The kindness of the truth (Allah)
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Ihsanul-Haq Kindness of the Truth (Allah)
IhsanulHaq Kindness of the Truth (Allah)
Ihsen Charity
Ihtesham Magnificiant
Ihtesham Magnificent
Ihtesham Magnificent
Ihtiraam Honour; Hold in Honour
Ihtiraam Honor; Hold in honor
Ihtiram Honour, hold in honour.
Ihtiram Honour, Respect, Consideration
Ihtiram Honor; Hold in honor
Ihtishaam Pomp, Magnificence, Chastity
Ihtishaam Having many followers; Modesty; Decency
Ihtisham modest one
Ihtisham Pomp, Magnificence, Chastity
Ihtsham Strength
Ihtsham Strength
Ihtsham Strength
Ihzaan Kindness; Beneficence
Iihan Considered
Iim Science
Iizhar Submission; Clearness; Expression
Ijaaz Miracle
Ijaj Kind-hearted; Soft
Ijajul TBD
Ijan Soul of the Moon; Fire
Ijar TBD
Ijas Knowledge; Glow; Shine
Ijaz Miracle, astonishment
Ijaz Miracle; Astonishment
Ijazul Haq Inimitability of the truth
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Ijazul-Haq Inimitability of the Truth
IjazulHaq Inevitability of the Truth (Allah)
Ijlal Glorification, Exaltation
Ijli This was the name of the makes of astrolabes
Ijli TBD
Ijli This was the name of the makes of astrolabes
Ijtiba Chosen
Ijtiba Chosen
Ikan Fish; Star
Ikbal Glory; Destiny; Desire
Ikbal Glory; Destiny
Iken Well-ordered
Ikhlaaq Morals; Virtues
Ikhlaas Frankness; Sincerity; Purity
Ikhlaq Morals; Virtues
Ikhlas Frankness, Sincerity, Purity
Ikhlas Sincerity, purity
Ikhtiyar Choice; Preference; Selection
Ikhtiyar Choice; Preference; Selection
Ikhwaan Brother
Ikhwan Brothers
Ikleel Chief of Prophets; Crown; Garland
Iklil Crown; Garland
Ikraam Tribute, To Honour Someone
Ikram Esteem, veneration, respect
Ikram Honour Respect; Esteem; Veneration
Ikram-ul-Haq Glory of the Truth (Allah)
Ikramah Female Pigeon
Ikramuddin Honour Respect
Ikramul TBD
IkramUlHaq Glory of the Truth (Allah)
Ikramullah Glory of Allah
Ikramullah Glory of Allah
Ikran Honoured
Ikrash Attractive
Ikremah Female Pigeon; A Sahabi
Ikrima A Female Pigeon
Ikrima A female pigeon name
Ikrimah old Arabic name
Ikrimah Old Arabic name
Ikrimah Female Version of a Pigeon
Iksaar TBD
Ikseer Elixir
Iksir Elixir
Iksir Elixir
Iktiyar Preference; Choice; Selection
Ilaaha TBD
Ilaahi Term used for era instituted by Akbar
Ilaahi TBD
Ilaan God Gift; Intelligent
Ilahi My Lord (for Allah); Divine
Ilahi My Lord for (Allah), Divine
Ilahi Bakhsh Gift of Allah
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Ilahi-Bakhsh Gift of Allah
IlahiBakhsh Gift of Allah
Ilam My Enemies are Many
Ilan Good person.
Ilan Tree; Good Person
Ilan Good person
Ilann Intelligent
Ilash Another Name for God
Ilash Another name of God
IlderimKhan TBD
Ilfan Unique; The Art; Attraction
Ilhaam Lord of the Earth; Inspiration
Ilhaan Precious; Respectfull
Ilham Revelation; Inspiration
Ilhan Ruler; Emperor; Prince
Ilhem Inspiration
Ilias the Lord is my God
Ilias The Lord is My God
Ilias A Prophets name (Elijah)
Ilias A prophets name
Ilifat Kindness; Obligation; Friendship
Ilifat Friendship kindness obligation
Ilifat Friendship; Kindness; Obligation
Iliyaas TBD
Iliyas Singer of Natures
Iliyash Name of Prophet
Illan Youth
Illias Jehovah is God; Lord is My God
Illiyas God is God
Illiyas Name of one prophet; God is God
Illyas God is God
Ilm Knowledge; Science
Ilman Knowledgeable Person
Iltaf Poetry
Iltifaat Regard; Attention
Iltifat Friendship; Kindness; Obligation
Iltifat Friendship; Kindness
Iltimas Request; Entreaty; Appeal
Ilya The Lord is My God
Ilyaas TBD
IlYaasin Name of a Prophet
Ilyas Name of a Prophet
Ilyas A prophets name
IlYasin Name of Prophet
Ilyaz TBD
Imaad Proud; Support; Pillar; Confidence
Imaad Support; Pillar
Imaad Pillar; Post; Support
Imaad Udeen The pillar of the Faith
Imaad Udeen The pillar of the faith
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Imaad-Al-Din Pillar of the Faith
Imaad-Udeen Pillar of the Faith
ImaadUdeen Pillar of the Faith / Deen
Imaadudin The Pillar of the Faith
Imaam Leader; Chief
Imaan Faith
Imaan Faith, Belief, Faithful
Imaaz Kind; Pleasing; Affectionate
Imad pillar of the faith
Imad pillar, post, support
Imad Support, Pillar, Confidence
Imad Pillar; Post; Support
Imad al Din pillar of the faith
Imad al Din Pillar of the faith
Imad Al Din Pillar of the faith
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Imad-ad-Din Pillars of the Religion
Imad-al-Din Pillar of the Faith
ImadAlDin Pillar of the Faith
Imadallah TBD
Imaduddin Pillar of the Faith
Imaduddin Pillar of the faith (Islam)
Imadudeen The Pillar of the Faith
Imadudin The Pillar of the Faith
Imadullah Supporter of Allah
Imam prayer leader
Imam Leader
Imam Leader, Chief
Imam Leader
Imamu Leader, Minister, Preacher
Imamuddin Leader of the Faith
Imamul Spiritual Leader
Iman Name of a Raga, Faithful, Respect
Iman Faith; Belief; Faith in Allah
Imana Supreme God
Imar Bow Warrior; Archer
Imara Powerful, Strength, Persistent
Imaran Strong
Imaran Strong; Prosperity population; A prophet’s name
Imaz Kind; Pleasing; Affectionate
Imdaad Help; Support
Imdad Charity; Help; Support; Assistance
Imdad Charity
Imed Column; Pillar
Imen Faith; Belief; Variant of Iman
Imhal Forbearance, To be Patient
Imian TBD
Immad Helper
Immeghar TBD
Immel Flowers
Immu God with us
Imon Truthful; Starred
Imraan A Prophet’s Name; Prosperity; …
Imraj TBD
Imram Form of Amram
Imran Prosperity, Powerful, Prosperous
Imran Powerful ,Long lived
Imran Strong; Prosperity population; A prophet’s name
Imran Ali Strong; Prosperity population; A prophet’s name
Imrana Prosperous; Socialism
Imrankhan Powerful; Prosperity; Prosperous
Imranul Prosperity
Imranullah Prosperous; Powerful
Imrat TBD
Imraz Prosperity
Imrin TBD
Imrose Today
Imrose First rose
Imroz Today
Imrul Strong Willed; Self-sufficient
Imshaz Loving
Imtaiz TBD
Imtaz The Chosen One
Imteyaj Antique; Great King; Privilege
Imteyaz Distinction; Mark of Honour
Imthias The Chosen One
Imthiaz The Chosen One
Imthiyas The Chosen One; Gift of God
Imthiyaz Innocent; Decent
Imtiaaz Privilege, Distinction
Imtiaj Honest; Great
Imtias Distinction; Privilege
Imtiaz Intelligent
Imtiaz Different, antique.
Imtiaz Power of discrimination
Imtiazuddin TBD
Imtisal TBD
Imtiyaaz TBD
Imtiyaj Great king
Imtiyaj TBD
Imtiyas The Chosen One; Unique
Imtiyaz Distinct
Imtiyaz Antique, Distinct, Great King
Imtiyaz Mark of distinction or excellence
Imtiyaz Great king
Imtyaj Privilege; Antique; Great King
Imtyaz The Chosen One
In’am Act of benefaction
Inaad TBD
Inaam Reward, favour, Prize
Inaam King of the Earth, Reward, Favour
Inaam Reward, favour, Prize.
Inaamulhaq TBD
Inaayat Gift; Favour; Kindness
Inab Grape
Inab Grape
Inabah Vine
Inam Act of Benefaction
Inam Act of benefaction, bestowal
Inam Act of benefaction, bestowal
Inam-ul-Haq Gift / Blessing from God
Inamul Prosperity
Inamul Haq Gift of truth (Allah)
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Inamul-Haq Gift of Truth (Allah)
Inamul-Hasan Beautiful Gift of Allah
InamulHaq Gift of Truth Allah
Inamullah God’s Gift
Inamurrahman Gift from Al-rahman
Inan Sun; Lord; Master; King
Inas Capable, Sociability, Able
Inas Capable; Sociability
Inayat Concern Attention, Kindness
Inayat Bounty Kindness favour
Inayath Kindness, Favour
Inayatuddin Care of Religion Islam
Inayatuddin Care of religion (Islam)
Inayatullah Care of Allah
Inayatullah Care of Allah
Inayatur Rahman Care of the most gracious (Allah)
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Inayatur-Rahman Care of the Most Gracious (Allah)
In’am act of benefaction
Inbihaj Cheerfulness, Delight, Joy, Mirth
Inbihaj Delight
Inbisat Cheerfulness, Joyfulness, Comfort
Inbisat Comfort
Indadullah Helpful; Support
Inesa A Strong King; Lord Vishnu
Infari Sweet
Infisal Divergence, Separation, Distance
Inhaan TBD
Inhal To pour
Inham Shining; Favour; Reward
Iniat Blessing
Iniat Blessing
Injah Success
Injah Success
Injamam TBD
Injamamul TBD
Injeel TBD
Insaaf Justice; Impartiality
Insaf Justice, Impartiality, Fairness
Insaf To Judge with Justice
Insar Helper; Supporter
Insar Helper; Supporter
Insha Sentence, Writing, Essay
Inshaf Equity; Justice
Inshaf To judge with justice; Equity
Inshal Hight; Greatest
Insham TBD
Inshan God’s Grace / Gift
Inshiraah Delight; Happiness
Inshiraf Honor
Inshirah TBD
Inshirah The 94th Surah of the Quran advancing
Insijam Harmony
Insimamm To Get Together; To Unite
Insith A Leader’s Heart
Intaj King; Magnificent
Intaj King; Magnificent
Intakhab Election; Last Dream
Intakhab Election
Intekhab Chosen
Intekhab Chosen
Intesar Waiting
Intezar To Wait
Intezar To wait
Inthiyaz TBD
Intiha Completion; Conclusion; Finish
Intiha Conclusion
Intikhab Selection; Choice
Intikhab Selection choice
Intikhab Selection; Choice
Intisaar Triumph; Victory
Intisam TBD
Intisam Be Perfumed
Intisar Victory; Triumph
Intiyas TBD
Intizar Wait
Intizar Wait
Inzamam To Unite; To Get Together
Inzamam To unite; To get together
Inzamamul TBD
Inzemam TBD
Inzimam TBD
Inzmam To Get Together; To Unite
Ipthi TBD
Iqbaal Prosperity, Wealth, Advance
Iqbal prosperity
Iqbal Prosperity, Wealth, Glory Destiny
Iqbal Advance, advent, richness
Iqbal Glory; Destiny; Desire
Iqdam Boldness; Courageousness
Iqlas Well Mannered
Iqleem Land, Zone, Continent, Region
Iqmal White Soul
Iqmal It means White Soul
Iqra Garden in Heaven
Iqraam To be of Assistance; Respect
Iqraam To be of assistance respect
Iqraam Honor; Hospitality; Generosity
Iqraan Honoured
Iqramuddin TBD
Iqramullah TBD
Iqran Honoured
Iqrash Attractive
Iqrit Amusing; Man of Early Islam
Iqrit A man of early Islam about whom amusing tales are told
Iqrit A Man of early Islam
Iqtidaar Capability; Power
Iqtidar Capability, Power, Office
Iqtidar Power Office Authority
Iqtidar Power; Office; Authority
Iqubal Wealth; Prosperity
Iquebal TBD
Iqyan Gold
Ira Watchful, Wind, Descendants
Iraaz Arsh Se Farsh Tak Line
Irad Heap of Empire; Dragon
Iraf Name of the Father of Arda
Iraj Lord Hanuman; Flower; Born of the primal waters; Another name for the Love God Kaama
Iraj Lord Hanuman
Iram The Effusion of them; A High Heap
Iran The Land of Aryans; Lord of Braves
Iraq River bank
Iraq Shore / River Bank
Iraten TBD
Iravat Rain Clouds, Ocean, Son of Arjuna
Irene Peace
Irfaan Thankfulness; Knowledge; Wisdom
Irfaan Thankfulness
Irfaan Knowledgeable; Thankfulness
Irfad Helpful
Irfadh TBD
Irfan thankfulness
Irfan Gratefulness.
Irfan Knowledgeable; Thankfulness
Irfan, Irfan Thankfulness
Irfanullah Word of Wisdom, Brilliant
Irfhan Knowledgeable, Wisdom
Irhaan Ruler; Winner
Irham Loveable; Merciful
Irhan Ruler; Winner
Irhsad Command; Mandate
Irim Bright
Irin King of warriors
Irman Wish
Irmas Strong
Irmas Strong / Tough
Irphan Knowledgeable, Wisdom
Irrfan Wisdom, Knowledgeable
Irsad Honest; Pious
Irsan King
Irshaad Signal; Guidance; Direction
Irshaan Righteous
Irshad Sweet Wards, Guidance, Direction
Irshad Order
Irshad Signal; Guidance; Guiding hand
Irshan Righteous; Lion
Irshat Guidance
Irshath Direction; Guidance
Irshefan TBD
Irshith Guidance
Irtaza TBD
Irteza TBD
Irtiqa Ascended / Evolved, Going Higher
Irtiza Contentment; Approval
Irtiza Husain Approval of Husain
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Irtiza-Husain Approval of Husayn
IrtizaHusain Approval of Husayn
Irufan Gratefulness, Wisdom, Iron Heart
Irum Bright
Irvaan Prophets Name
Irzam TBD
Irzan Prosperous; Worth Live
Is-Haaq A Prophet’s Name
Isa Prophet, Love, Jesus
Isaac One who Brings Laughter
Isaad Making Happy
Isaam Safeguard; Guard
Isaam Selfmade success, pledge
Isaam Protector; Safeguard
Isaamm Safeguard
Isaan Bestower of Riches; Supreme Ruler
Isaaq Honest; Trustworthy
Isaar Selflessness
Isaar Selflessness; Eminent; Fascinating
Isabhani TBD
Isad Making Happy or Prosperous
Isahaq Laughs
Isaiah The Lord Helps Me; God’s Helper; …
Isak Laughter; He will Laugh
Isam Self-made, Security, Pledge
Isam Safeguard
Isam Protector; Safeguard
Isamail God will Hear
Isamm Safeguard
Isan Bestower of Riches, Supreme Ruler
Isaq Trustworthy; Honest
Isar Eminent; Lord Shiva
Isar Selflessness; Eminent; Fascinating
Isbaah Daybreak
Isbah Daybreak
Isbahani From Isbahan
Isbahani From isbahan
Isfaar Intelligent
Isfahan Town in Iran
Isfand Yar  
??????? ???  
Isfand-Yar TBD
Isfandiyar TBD
Isfaque Compassion; Favours; Kind Hearten
Isha Supreme Ruler, One who Protects
Ishaal TBD
Ishaam TBD
Ishaan The Sun, One who Bestows Wealth
Ishaaq Isaac; A Prophet’s Name
Ishac Laughter; Love
Ishack Laughter; One who Laughs
Ishak Never Ends
Ishakh Isaac
Ishal Flower; Prosperity
Isham From the Iron One’s Estate
Ishan Sun, Supreme Ruler
Ishan-Ansari Responsible
Ishandiyar TBD
Ishaq He will laugh
Ishaq Laughs; A Prophet’s Name
Ishaq Prophet name
Ishaque Powerful
Ishar God; Godly
Isharullah TBD
Ishat Superior; Eminence
Ishayu Full of Strength; Sun
Ishfaaq Compassion; Kindness; Sympathy
Ishfak Kindness; Compassion; Sympathy
Ishfaq Compassion; Kindness; Sympathy
Ishfar TBD
Ishir Another name of Agni; Inspirational; Strong; Refreshing; Powerful; Fast; Agile
Ishir Another Name for Agni
Ishma Superior
Ishmael Son of Abraham, God Hears
Ishmail God will Hear
Ishmam A Star seen by Everyone
Ishmel God will Hear; Love
Ishq Love
Ishraaq To Radiate / Shine
Ishraq To Radiate / Shine, Sunrise
Ishraque TBD
Ishrat Affection, Society
Ishrat Society, Familiar and pleasant talk, happiness.
Ishtaq TBD
Ishtayaq Desire; Eagerness; Wish
Ishteiq TBD
Ishteyaq TBD
Ishtiak TBD
Ishtiaq Longing; Craving
Ishtiyak Peace
Ishtiyak Longing; Craving
Ishtiyaq Wish, Desire, Yearning, Eagerness
Ishtiyaq Longing craving
Ishtiyaq Longing; Craving
Ishtiyaque Desire; Wish
Ishtyak TBD
Ishtyaq TBD
Iskafi Iskaf is a Shoe-maker
Iskafi Iskaf is a shoe-maker
Iskandar Defender of Mankind; Alexander
Iskandar Defender of humanity
Islaam Peaceful, Very Safe
Islah Reform; Improvement; Betterment
Islam From Kikuyu, Peaceful, Very Safe
Islam Submission to Allah
Islamuddin TBD
Isli TBD
Ism God’s Favourite
Isma TBD
Isma’il God will hear
Ismaaeel TBD
Ismaael A Prophet’s Name
Ismaael A prophets name
Isma’il God will hear
Ismad Bodyguard
Ismaeel Name of a Prophet
Ismael A Prophet’s Name; Prophet; He …
Ismah Preservation; Infallibility
Ismah Preservation, infallibility
Ismah Preservation; Infallibility
Ismail Farsi for Ishmael
Ismail A prophets name
Ismail A prophet; The biblical Ishm
Ismaila Lord; Prophet
Ismaile God will Listen; Lord; He Hears
Ismailkhan Prophet
Ismal God will Hear
Ismat Chastity; Purity; Safeguarding
Ismath TBD
Ismathullah TBD
Ismaw Protection
Ismayil Prophet’s Name
Ismayl God will Hear
Ismeal God will Hear
Ismeil God will Hear
Ismial A Prophet’s Name
Ismit Honour
Isra Night Travel; Free
Israah TBD
Israail The chosen one
Israail Chosen one; Another name of prophet Yaqub
Israar Secrecy; Privacy; Mystery
Israel Contender with God
Israeli One who Struggles with God
Israfeel Gods Dearest Angel
Israfil Angel who will Blow the Trumpet
Israfil Angel who will blow the trum
Israh One who is Free
Israil Wrestled with God
Israil Chosen one; Another name of prophet Yaqub
Israq TBD
Israr Secrecy; Privacy; Mystery
Israr Insist never gives up
Israr Insist; Never gives up
Israt Affection; Happy
Issa The Messiah, From Kikuyu
Issak Joyful; Laughter
Issam safeguard
Issam Safeguard; Self-made
Issam Safeguard
Issaq Joyful; Laughter; Love
Issar Sacrifice
Issar Sacrifice.
Issar Sacrifice
Istack TBD
Istakhri Shafaee Jurist
Istakhri A shafaee jurist.
Istakhri A shafaee jurist, Abu Saeed
Isteyak Hope; Sturdy
Isthiyaq Hope; Sturdy
Istiaq TBD
Istibshar To become Happy, To have Hope
Istifa To Choose, To Prefer
Istifa To choose; To prefer
Istighfaar Ask for Forgiveness from God
Istighfar To Ask for Forgiveness from God
Istiqlal Independence; Sovereignty
Istiyak Hope
Istiyaq Sturdy
Istkar TBD
Isuf Brilliant
Itakh The Name of Abu Mansur; The Turk
Itakh The name of Abu Mansur, The Turk
Itban Censured; Blamed
Itban Censured; Blamed
Itbir TBD
Ithaar Selflessness
Ithaar Selflessness
Ithaar Selflessness; Preference
Ithan Proud; Strong
Ithris TBD
Itidal Moderateness; Clemency
Itimaad Reliance; Dependence
Itimad Trust faith
Itimad Dependence, Confidence, Reliance
Itsaf The One who Praise
Itsaf The one who praises
Ittifaq Unity; Friendship; Harmony
Ivaan God is Gracious; Undefeatable
Ivan God is Merciful, Gift of God
Iwad TBD
Iwan Welsh Form of John, Gift of God
Iwazullah God’s Restitution
Iwin Invisible Masquerade; Silent
Ixzi TBD
Iyaad Generous.
Iyaad Generous
Iyaad Generous
Iyaad Generous; A big mountain
Iyaan Lord Shiva; Gift of God
Iyaas Compensation
Iyaas Compensation
Iyaas Compensation
Iyaas Compensation; Consoling
Iyaaz Generous
Iyaaz Generous
Iyad pigeon
Iyad Pigeon
Iyad Pigeon
Iyad A Big Mountain
Iyad Generous; A big mountain
Iyadi TBD
Iyali Name of Abu Jafar
Iyali Name of Abu Jafar; A jurist
Iyan Gift from God, Time, Era, Epoch
Iyas Consoling
Iyas Consoling
Iyas Consoling
Iyas Compensation; Consoling
Iyaz Refuge, Shelter, Generous
Iyazuddin TBD
Iydin TBD
Iyyad TBD
Iyyas TBD
Izaam TBD
Izaan Respect; Obedience
Izaan Obedience.
Izaan Obedience
Izaan Obedience
Izaaz TBD
Izad God; Angel; Yazata
Izaf Leaf
Izah God is My Oath
Izaiah God is Salvation
Izain TBD
Izaj TBD
Izam The Powerful One
Izan Obedience
Izaq TBD
Izar Star
Izas TBD
Izat Respect
Izat Respect
Izaz Honour, Esteem, Regard, Affection
Izazuddawlah Honour of the State
Izazuddawlah Honor of the state
Izen TBD
Izfaar Help Someone Attain Victory
Izhaan One who Follows God’s Rules; God …
Izhaar Express; Declaration
Izhan Beautiful, Precious
Izhar Submission, Clearness, Expression
Izhar Expression
Izhar Submission
Izhin TBD
Izik Laughter
Izin Gift of God; Permission
Izmaa Higher Place
Izmam TBD
Izraf TBD
Izran Star; Knowledge
Izrin Beautiful
Izum Obedient; Sincere
Izwan TBD
Izyaan Intelligent
Izyan TBD
Izyan Intelligent wise
Izyan Intelligent
Izz Glory, honour, Prestige, High Standing
Izz Glory, honour, Prestige, High Standing
Izz Fire, Power, Might, Honour, Glory
Izz al Din might of the faith
Izz al Din Might of the faith
Izz al Din Might of the faith
Izz Al Din Might of the faith
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Izz Udeen Might of the Faith
Izz Udeen Might of the faith
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Izz-al-Din Mighty of the Faith
Izz-Udeen Might of the Faith
Izzaan Acceptance; Submission; Obedience
Izzaddin Honour of the Faith
Izzan Intelligent
Izzat Power, Honour, Fame, High Rank
Izzat High rank honour
Izzat High rank, honour
Izzatuddeen Honour of the Religion (Islam)
Izzatudden Honour of the Religion (Islam)
Izzatulislam Honour of the Religion (Islam)
Izzuddin Honour of the Religion
Izzuddin Honor of the religion (Islam)
IzzUdeen Might of the Faith
Izzudin Might of the Faith
Izzul-Arab The Honour of Arabs