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“K” represents Aspiration. The K shows Sensitive, Vigorous, and Creative. K sees itself as an authority figure.

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Famous Algerian Baby Boy Names Starting With K

Kaab Fame
Kaaf Sufficient; Enough
Kaami Perfect
Kaami Perfect
Kaamil Perfect, accomplished
Kaamraan Lucky; Happy
Kaamran Fortunate, Successful
Kaarin Purity; To achieve; Celebrating; Happy
Kaashif Revealing; Discoverer
Kaashif Uncoverer, pioneer, discoverer
Kaashif Uncovered; Pioneer; Discoverer
Kaashiful-Kurab He who Solves Difficulties
Kaazhim Well-tempered; Cool; Patient
Kab Fame; Honor; High rank
Kaba Coffee
Kabaark Noble; Dignitaries
Kabaark Noble; Dignitaries
Kabar Tomb
Kabar Tomb
Kabeer Indian saint in 1440; A great, famous Sufi saint; Noble
Kabir The Great, Powerful, Leader
Kabir Indian saint in 1440; A great, famous Sufi saint; Noble
Kabr Name from Kabir
Kadan Friend
Kadar Powerful; Don; Value; Strong
Kadar Powerful
Kadar Divine destiny; Powerful
Kadar, Kedar Powerful
Kadeem Slave to God
Kadeen friend; companion
Kadeen Little battle; Companion
Kadeen, Kadin Friend, companion, confidant
Kadeer green crop
Kadeer Green or green crop connoting freshness and innocence; Powerful
Kadeer, Kadir Green or green crop (connoting freshness and innocence)
Kaden Fighter, Companion
Kaden Companion
Kader Skilful, Capable, Brave
Kader Green or green crop connoting freshness and innocence; Powerful
Kadim Ancient; Old; Eminent Person
Kadin Little battle; Companion
Kadin friend; companion
Kadin Companion; Friend; Confidant
Kadin Companion
Kadir Green or green crop connoting freshness and innocence; Powerful
Kadir powerful
Kadir Ray of Light, Shoot of Grass
Kadir Spring green
Kadon Successful
Kador Powerful
Kadun Real
Kadyn Fighter
Kadyr Mountain Lord; Servant
Kafalat To Help
Kafalat To help
Kafeel Responsible, Surety, Sponsor
Kafeel Responsible; Surety; Sponsor; Guarantor
Kafi Another Name for God, Talented
Kafil Responsible; Surety; Sponsor; Guarantor
Kafir Name of Closer
Kafirul TBD
Kafiyah Sufficient
Kahal One who has dark eyelids
Kahil friend; lover
Kahil Friend; Lover
Kahil Friend, lover
Kahil Friend; Lover
Kahill Best friend
Kahir Dark; Brave; Alert
Kahleil Friend
Kahlelle TBD
Kahlill TBD
Kahul One who has beautiful black eyes
Kahul One who has Beautiful Black Eyes
Kaid Round
Kaif Pleasure, High Spirits, Sea, King
Kaifi Jolly; Tipsy; Intoxicated; Lusty
Kaifiyah Sufficient
Kaifreen Proud; Loveable
Kaihaan World
Kail Mighty One
Kaim Turtle
Kaiqad Dapple
Kairo Victorious One
Kais Firm
Kaisan Wise; A companion of the prophet
Kaiser EmperorKing
Kaiser Emperor, King
Kaiser Caesar; Emperor; King
Kaium Sweet
Kaiz Pure; Chaste
Kaizaad Unbeatable
Kaja Domestic Bird; Chicken
Kajahussain TBD
Kajimuddin Patient; Well-tempered
Kajji An authority of hadith at Baghdad
Kajji TBD
Kajji An authority of hadith at Baghdad
Kajji An authority of Hadith at baghdad
Kala The Fine Arts, Talent, The Sun
Kalaiah Lord Shiva
Kalam Another name for the Quran; speech
Kalam Another Name for the Quran
Kalam Speech; Conversation; Philosophy; Discussion; Compliment
Kalamuddin Speech of the Faith
Kalan Warrior; Sky; Chief
Kalan Greater; Bigger; Senior
Kalandar TBD
Kalander TBD
Kalb dog
Kalb Brave; Heart; Faithful; Bold
Kalb Dog
Kalb dog
Kalbi An authority on genealogy and the Quran
Kalbi TBD
Kalbi An authority on genealogy and the Quran
Kale Affectionate, Calm, Fair, Ocean
Kaled Immortal
Kalee Bud of a Flower
Kaleem Speaker, talker
Kaleem Speaker, talker
Kaleem Speaker; Talker; Prophet Muhammad
Kaleema Public speaker singer
Kaleema Blackish
Kaleemullah One who Converses with Allah
Kalel Son
Kalen Mighty Warrior, Friend
Kalesha Strong Willed
Kalia Blackish; Beauty; Lord Krishna
Kalid Eternal
Kalif TBD
Kalifah Lover
Kalik Creative
Kalil good/best friend
Kalil best friend
Kalim Another name for Prophet Muhammad
Kalim A Person who Lectures, Speaker
Kalim Speaker; Talker; Prophet Muhammad
Kalim-ud-Din Spokesman of Religion
Kalim-Ud-Din Spokesman of religion
KalimUdDin Spokesman of Religion
Kalimullah One who Conversed with Allah
Kalimullah One who conversed with Allah
Kalin Flourishing; Form of Caleb; Friend
Kaliq Creative, refers to a quality of God
Kaliq creative quality of God
Kaliq Creative
Kaliq Creative, refers to a quality of God
Kaliq Creative
Kaliq Creative; Refers to the quality of God
Kalique Creative
Kaliram TBD
Kalluri College; Place of Education
Kalsoom TBD
Kalsumah One who has full healthy cheeks
Kalu Young Ruler; Black Complexion
Kalyk Creative
Kamaaluddeen Excellence, Completion
Kamal Perfection, completeness
Kamal perfection
Kamal Lotus Flower, Perfection
Kamal Perfection
Kamal Beauty, perfection
Kamaldeen Completion of Deen
Kamaleddin TBD
Kamaluddeen TBD
Kamaluddin Perfection of Religion
Kamaluddin The perfection of religion (Islam)
Kamardeen Moon of the Faith
Kamaruddin TBD
Kamayel Kamayil Whole, Without Flaws
Kambadur TBD
Kambiz Fortunate
Kambujiya Handsome King
Kameel Perfect; one of the ninetynine qualities of God
Kameel perfection
Kameel Beautiful; Perfect; One of the ninety nine qualities of God
Kamel Complete; Perfect
Kamil perfection
Kamil Perfect, Another Name for God
Kamil Perfect, complete
Kamil Perfection
Kamil Beautiful; Perfect; One of the ninety nine qualities of God
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Kamil, Kameel Perfect; one of the ninety nine qualities of God
Kamilan Without flaws
Kamilan Whole; Complete; Without Flaws
Kamilat Complete
Kamirul TBD
Kamish skillfull
Kamluddin TBD
Kamorudeen TBD
Kamraan Victorious
Kamran Safety and helpful
Kamran Safety and helpful
Kamran Successful; Prosperous; Lucky
Kamruddin Moon of the Faith / Religion
Kamrul Alone
Kamshad Desire; Happy Wish
Kamshad Happy; Wish; Desire
Kamyar Successful
Kanaz Bright
Kaniel spear-like
Kaniel Spear-like
Kanoom Trusted
Kanwal Flower; Lotus
Kanz Treasure
Kanza Treasure
Kanzuddin Treasure of the Faith
Karaamat Miracle; Nobility
Karam Generosity
Karam generosity
Karam The Cause of, Noble Nature
Karamah Nobility, miracle
Karamah Miracle; Nobility
Karamat Miracle; Nobility
Karamath TBD
Karamullah Bounty of Allah; God’s Generosity; …
Karamullah Bounty of Allah
Kardal mustard seed
Kardal mustard seed
Kardal Mustard seed
Kardal Mustard seed
Kardar Prime minister
Kardell Mustard Seed
Kareef Born in Autumn
Kareef Born during autumn
Kareef Born in autumn
Kareem Noble generous
Kareem Generous
Kareem Generous; Noble; Friendly; Precious and distinguished; Kind
Kareem, Karim noble, generous
Karem Noble; Generous
Karemulla TBD
Karidena TBD
Karif Born in Autumn
Karif born in autumn
Karif Born in autumn
Karif Arrived / Born in Autumn
Karif Born during autumn
Karif, Kareef Born in Autumn
Karim Kind hearted,generous
Karim generous; distinguished
Karim Generous, A Title of God
Karim Generous
Karim Generous; Noble; Friendly; Precious and distinguished; Kind
Karim, Kareem Generous, noble, friendly, precious and distinguished
Karimul TBD
Karimulla TBD
Karimullah TBD
Karin Purity; To achieve; Celebrating; Happy
Karma Deed; Action; Destiny; Code; Duty
Karmani Benefactor
Karmani Benefactor
Karoobi Angel
Karoobi Angel
Karraar Impetuous; Attacking Violently
Karrar Repeated assault
Karriem Brave Warrior
Karubiyin Angel with Four Wings
Karukar Another Name for God; Workers
Kasab TBD
Kasam The king.
Kasam The King
Kasam The king
Kasam Oath
Kasar Lion
Kasceem TBD
Kaseeb Winner, provider
Kaseeb Fertile
Kaseem Divided
Kaseem Divided
Kaseem divided
Kaseem Divided
Kaseem Divided; Lovely
?????? ?????  
Kaseem, Kasim Divided
Kaseer Plenty
Kasem Happiness
Kaseym TBD
Kashaaf Discoverer; Finder
Kashab TBD
Kashaf Opener; Untier; One who Opens
Kashaf The opener; Untie; One who opens
Kasham Promise
Kashama Promise
Kashan Place of rulers
Kashan A Famous City
Kashan A famous city
Kashef Uncoverer
Kashef Uncoverer
Kashem TBD
Kashfi To Reveal
Kashfi To reveal
Kashief Uncoverer
Kashif Uncoverer
Kashif A Connoisseur, Revealing
Kashif Uncoverer
Kashif Uncovered; Pioneer; Discoverer
Kashifa Revealing, A Connoisseur
Kashiff Discover
Kashifullah TBD
Kashim Lovely; Just
Kashin TBD
Kashir Intelligent
Kasib Winner, provider
Kasib fertile
Kasib Fertile; Winner; Provider
Kasib Fertile
Kasib Fertile; Winner; Provider
Kasid Messenger; Courier
Kasif Discoverer
Kasim Lovely.
Kasim Divided; Just; Lovely
Kasim Divided
Kasim Lovely
Kasim Divided; Lovely
Kasimir Fights for Peace
Kasir Another name for God; One who breaks
Kasir Another Name for God
Kasir Another name of God; One who breaks
Kasoor Plenty; Abounding; Much
Kasra Lion; A Character in Shahnameh
Kasra A character in shahnameh
Kasran Plenty; Abounding; Much
Kassab Earner; Winner
Kassab Winner
Kassem Controller of Anger
Kassim Divided
Kassym Divided
Kasyaf Sword
Kasym Divided
Kateb writer
Kateb writer; scribe
Kateb Writer; Author; Clerk
Kateb Writer
Kateb Writer
Kateb, Katib Writer, scribe
Kateebh Battalion
Katheer Abundant; Copious
KatheKhan TBD
Kathir Ray, Abundant, Copious
Katib Writer, Scribe, Scholar
Katibah Writer
Katira TBD
Kaukab Star
Kaunain Universe
Kausar 108th Surah of the Quran
Kausar 108th surah of the holy Quran; Reservoir in paradise
Kaushar Lake in Paradise, Abundance
Kausir A River in Paradise
Kauthar Ample, Abundant
Kautsar TBD
Kaveh Of Royal Origin, Ancient Hero
Kawkab Star
Kawkab Star
Kawnain The Two Beings / Existences
Kawsar TBD
Kawser A River in Heaven
Kawthar Much, Abundant, Copious
Kawthar Much Abundant Copious. (Name of a river in paradise)
Kayad Cunning
Kayam Immortal; Always; Soft
Kayamuddin Support of the Religion
Kayan A Star; King; Ancient King
Kayani Of Good Nature; Royal; Kingly
Kayani Of good nature
Kaycie Alert, Vigorous
Kayden Round, Gentle, Cask, Companion
Kayen Entity, Strong Existence
Kayes Firm; Hard
Kayid Cunning
Kayim Love
Kaykaus Just; Noble; King of Iran
Kaykaus Just; Noble king of Iran
Kaylen Great; Mighty Warrior
Kayros TBD
Kaysan Wise
Kaysan Wise
Kaysan Wise; A companion of the prophet
Kayum Love; Sweet
Kayvan The Universe; World; Handsome
Kayvan World; Universe
Kayven Handsome
Kazan A Creative Man
Kazeem One who Restrains his Anger
Kazeen TBD
Kazem Well-tempered
Kazi Good; Judge; Work
Kazi Judge
Kazi Judge; Justice
Kazim Well tempered, cool, patient
Kazim Controlling his Anger
Kazim Restrainer of anger
Kazimah One who controls her anger
Kazin A Creative Man
Kazym One Who Controls Anger
Keaf Descendant; Descendant of Caomh
Kebriya TBD
Kedar powerful
Kedar Powerful
Kedar A Raga, Powerful
Kedir Mountain Lord
Keem Established, Wise
Kefaitul TBD
Keid TBD
Kemal Perfect; Highest Honour
Kenan Ancient One, Buyer, Owner
Kenaz Bright
Kendahl TBD
Kenza Treasure
Keonn Wealthy; God is Gracious
Keraja TBD
Kerim King
Kerrim Wonderful
Kesh Hair
Kesiraju Poeter
Kewan Handsome
Keyaan Crown; King
Keyaan Crown, King
Keyaan Crown; King; A form of Keon
Keyan Crown; King; A form of Keon
Keyan Heart, God is Gracious, Being
Keyath From the Battlefield
Keyath From the battlefield
Kezin Merciful
Khaadim Servant; Attendant
Khaalid Immortal, Deathless, Eternal
Khaalid Eternal
Khaalideen Immortal One
Khaalidoon Immortal One
Khaaliq Creator
Khaalis Pure; True; Clear
Khaalud Immortal, Variant of Khalud
Khaan Leader
Khaarijah Outstanding
Khaashi Pious; Devout
Khaashieen One who Fear God
Khaateer Abundant; Copius
Khaatim King
Khaatir Idea; Heart
Khaawar East; West; Vacant
Khaazin Treasurer; Cashier
Khabbaab A Person who Runs, Walks Fast
Khabbab One who paces; Trots; Walk
Khabeer Knowledgeable; Learned; Expert
Khabeer Knowledgeable
Khabib TBD
Khabir TBD
Khabir One of 99 names of God; wisdom;
Khabur Name of a River in Syria
Khadamullah Servant of God
Khadar Powerful; Value
Khadari Powerful
Khadeem TBD
Khadeer Green, Green Crop, Freshness
Khader King
Khadim Servant of God; Attendant
Khadim Servant, attendant.
Khadim Servant of God
Khadin Best Friend
Khadin Best friend
Khadir Sun’s Ray
Khafid Easy; Comfortable; Smooth
Khafid Easy, comfortable, smooth
Khafid Easy; Comfortable; Smooth
Khafidh One who Diminishes or Decreases
Khafif Nimble; Lively; Agile; Clever
Khafiz Easy, Comfortable, Smooth
Khafiz Easy; Comfortable; Smooth
Khailad Immortal; Eternal
Khair Excellent; Benevolent
Khair al Din Goodness of the faith
Khair Al Din The goodness of the faith
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Khair Udeen The good of the Faith
Khair Udeen The good of the faith
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Khair-al-Din Goodness of the Faith
Khair-Udeen Good of the Faith
Khairaat Benevolence; Charity
KhairAlDin Goodness of the Faith
Khairat Benevolence; Charity
Khairi Beneficent, Charitable, Good
Khairi Charitable; Beneficent
????? ????  
Khairuddin Boon of Religion (Islam)
Khairuddin Boon of religion (Islam)
KhairUdeen The Good of the Faith
Khairudin The Good of the Faith
Khairul Best of Mankind
Khairul Best of Mankind; An Epithet of the Prophet Muhammad
Khairul Bashar Best of humanity; An epithet
????? ???  
Khairul-Bashar Best of Mankind
KhairulBashar Best of Mankind
Khairullah God’s Blessings
Khairy Charitable; Beneficent
Khairy Charitable; Beneficent
Khairy Charitable; Beneficent
Khaista Beautiful
Khaista Beautiful
Khaiz TBD
Khaja Intelligence
Khajahusen TBD
Khajamohinuddin Khaja
Khajapeer TBD
Khak Sand, Used to Denote Humbleness
Khak Sand; Dirt; Used to denote
Khalaaif Successors, Deputies, Agent
Khalaf Successor; Heir; Descendants
Khalaf Successor, Descendants
Khalaf Descendent; Successor
Khalaf Hasan Successor of Hasan
???? ???  
Khalaf-Hasan Successor of Hasan
KhalafHasan Successor of Hasan
Khalaif Successor, Deputie, Agent
Khalam Servant to Allah
Khalam Servent to Allah.
Khalam Servant to Allah
Khalan A Strong Warrior
Khaldan Immortal; Eternal
Khaldon Eternal
Khaldoon Old Arabic Name
Khaldoon Old Arabic name
Khaldoun Eternal
Khaldun Eternal, Implies Eternity
Khaldun Eternal
Khaldun Implies eternity
Khaldun Implies eternity; Old Arabic name
Khalead Immortal; Eternal
Khaled Immortal; Eternal; Everlasting
Khaled Eternal
Khalee Empty
Khaleed Abiding; Immortal; Eternal
Khaleed Abiding
Khaleed Abiding; Immortal; Eternal
Khaleef A Road Goes Between Two Mountains
Khaleefa Caliph; Successor
Khaleefa Successor Caliph
Khaleefah Caliph; Heir; Successor
Khaleel Friend; Inner Self; Heart
Khaleel Goo Friend
Khaleel A beautiful and Good friend
????? ????  
Khaleem TBD
Khaleeq Competent, Suitable (for)
Khaleeq Suitable, Polite
Khaleeq Suitable; Polite; Creator
Khalees Pure; Finished
Khaleid Immortal; Eternal
Khaleil Bosom Friend
Khalek Polite; Worth Deserving; Competent
Khalel Heart; Inner Self
Khaleq Creator
Khales Pure; Finished
Khalfan Successor
Khalfun Virtuous Son; Successor
Khali Friend of God, Solitary
Khalial Friend
Khalid Immortal, Everlasting, Eternal
Khalid Eternal
Khalid immortal
Khalid Abiding; Immortal; Eternal
Khalidi TBD
Khalidin A Plural of Khalid
Khalidun Immortal One; A Plural of Khalid
Khalied Immortal; Eternal
Khalif Successor
Khalifa Successor; Viceroy; Caliph
Khalifa The successor; Viceroy; Caliph
Khalifah Successor; Caliph
Khalifah Successor Caliph
Khalifah Successor; Caliph
Khalifat Successor; Variant of Khalifah
Khalifullah TBD
Khalig Great
Khalil a friend
Khalil Charming, Sincere Friend
Khalil Friend
Khalil Best friend
Khalil Good friend
Khalil A beautiful and Good friend
Khalil al Allah Friend of God; title given to Prophet Ibrahim
Khalil Al Allah A friend of God, Title was given to prophet Ibrahim
???? ?? ????  
Khalil-al-Allah Friend of God
KhalilAlAllah Friend of God
Khalilullah Friend of Allah
Khalilullah A friend of Allah; An epithet
Khalilur Desire
Khaliq Competent, Well Disposed
Khaliq creator
Khaliq Suitable; Polite; Creator
Khalique Creator
Khaliqus Subhan Worthy of the glory (Allah)
??????? ??????  
Khaliqus-Subhan Worthy of the Glory
KhaliqusSubhan Worthy of the Glory (Allah)
Khaliquz Zaman The qualified person
?????? ????  
Khaliquz-Zaman The Qualified Person of the Era
KhaliquzZaman The Qualified (Person) of the Era
Khalis Pure; Clear
Khalis Pure, clear
Khalis Pure; Clear
Khalith TBD
Khallaad Aged; Elder
Khallad Old, Aged
Khallad Old, Aged. (also name of Prophets (S.A.W) companion.
Khallad Old; Aged
Khallaq Another Name for God
Khallaq Another name for God
Khalud Immortal; Eternal
Khaluq Good-mannered
Khan With Raising Tone; Audience
Khan Leader; Ruler; Ameer
Khandawar Laughing
Khandawar Laughing
Khanh Prince
Khanh Prince
Khannas Being
Khannas Being
Khaqan Great King
Khaqan Great king
Kharijah Outside, external.
Kharim Generous, A Friend
Kharim Generous
Kharouf Lamb
Khaseeb Fruitful; Prolific
Khashayar Name of a Persian King
Khashi Pious, Devout, Strong / Powerful
Khashi Pious; Devout
Khashif Desire
Khashir TBD
Khashiyin One who Fear God
Khasib Fertile, Productive, Profuse
Khasib Fertile, Productive, Profuse.
Khasib Fruitful; Prolific
Khasif TBD
Khasim Divided; Lovely
Khatamul-Anbiya Seal of the Prophets
Khatamur-Rusul Seal of Messengers
Khateeb Orator, Preacher, Speaker
Khateeb Orator; Preacher; Religious minister
Khateebul-Umam Sermonizer for the People
Khatib Orator, Religious Minister
Khatib Religious Minister
Khatib Orator; Preacher; Religious minister
Khatim The Finaliser
Khatir Idea; Heart; Abundant; Copius
Khatir Heart; Idea
Khattaab Orator; Speaker
Khattab Orator; Speaker
Khattar Heart
Khawaja Mister; A Spiritual Title
Khawaneej TBD
Khawar East; West
Khawar From east to west
Khawar From east to west
Khawli Deer
Khawli Deer; Name Of A Sahabi
Khawwas To be Filled with Food
Khawwat Name of a Companion
Khawwat Name of a companion
Khayaam Iranian Poet; Tent
Khayaam Iranian Poet, Tent
Khayaam Iranian poet; Tent
Khayal Imagination, Concentration
Khayal Imagination; Concentration
Khayam TBD
Khayat A Tailor
Khayr Goodness, health, Safe
Khayr Good Deeds; Goodness; Health; Safe
Khayrat Good Deed
Khayrat gooddeed
Khayree One who does Good
Khayri Generous; Priceless; Charitable
Khayri Generous
Khayri charitable
Khayri Charitable; Beneficent
Khayru Generous, Pious, Peace
Khayrul-Islam TBD
Khayrullah The Prosperity of Allah
Khayum Always
Khayum Always
Khayyaam Tent Maker
Khayyam Tent Maker
Khayyam tentmaker
Khayyam Tent maker
Khayyar Good, Virtuous
Khayyat Tailor
Khayyat Tailor
Khayyat Tailor.
Khayyat Tailor
Khayyir Generous, Good, Virtuous, Noble
Khayyir Generous
Khayyum Tent Maker
Khaza Gift from God
Khazeer The Sea; Green-coloured; Greenery
Khazin Treasurer; Cashier
Khazin Treasurer
Kheer Virtue; Honour; Generosity
Kheir TBD
Khemi One Born
Khettry TBD
Kheturus TBD
Khidash A Companion of the Prophet
Khidash Companion of prophet Muhammad
Khidhr Guide; Leader
Khidr Green
Khidr Green, Guide, Leader
Khidr Green
Khilaal Companionship; Friendship
Khilal Friendship
Khinzeer Harmless Creature of God
Khinzeer Harmless creature of god
Khirash Scratching, Scraping
Khirash Scratching, Scraping
Khirash Scratching; Scraping
Khiri TBD
Khitab Speech; Letter; Dispatch
Khitam Seal; Ending; Final; Finale
Khiyar Virtuous; One does Much Good
Khizar Name of a Prophet
Khizar Name of a prophet
Khizer TBD
Khizr Guide; Leader
Khoda Daad God given God gifted
???? ???  
Khoda-Daad God Gifted
Khodadad God Given
Khog Sweet; Cute
Khog Sweet; Cute
Khokon Younger
Kholm TBD
Khori Priest
Khorshed Sun; Shining Sun; Cheerful
Khorshed MuslimVariant of KHURSHID
Khorshid TBD
Khorvash Like the Sun
Khoshdel Happy Heart
Khoulad Immortal, Eternal
Khouri Priest
Khoury Priest
Khoury Priest
Khoury priest
Khoury Priest
Khrish Attraction; Lord Krishna
Khshayarsha Ruler over Heroes
Khubaib A Person who Runs Fast
Khubaib Shinning
Khubaib Fast walker
Khubayb Fast Walker; Name of Companion
Khubayb A fast walker, name of companion
Khubayb Fast walker
Khuda God / Lord
Khuda Bakhsh Gift of khuda (Allah)
???? ???  
Khuda-Bakhsh Gift of Allah
KhudaBakhsh Gift of Khuda Allah
Khudsi TBD
Khufaf Clever; Intelligent
Khulafa Deputies; Successor; Agent
Khulafaa Agent; Successor; Deputies
Khulaid Immortal, Eternal
Khulaidah A Form of Khalidah, Permanent
Khulaif Successor
Khulaifah A Form of Khalifah, Successor
Khulaifah A form of Khalifah
Khulayd Abiding, (name of companion)
Khulayd Abiding; Name of Companion
Khulayd Abiding (name of companion)
Khulayd Abiding; A companion of the prophet
Khulood Immortality; Eternity
Khulud Immortality; Eternity
Khulus Purity; Freshness; Clearness
Khulus Clearness, purity
Khulus Clearness, purity
Khulus Clearness; Purity
Khunais Hidden; Secret
Khunays Hidden (name of companion)
Khunays Hidden; Name of Companion
Khunays Hidden (name of companion).
Khunays Hidden
Khundmir TBD
Khuraam Delightful; Fresh; Cheerful
Khuram Fresh; Delightful; Cheerful
Khuram Tiger
Khuram Tiger
Khurami Delight; Pleasure; Cheerful
Khuraym Ibn Fatik had this Name
Khuraym Name of a companion
Khuraymah (name of companion)
Khuraymah Name of Ibn Jazi RA
Khurdadhbih TBD
Khurram Cheerful, Happy
Khurram Beautiful; Delightful; Happy
Khurram Cheerful, Happy.
Khurram Cheerful; Happy
Khurrum TBD
Khurshed TBD
Khursheed The sun
Khursheed Sunshine; The Sun
Khursheed The sun
Khursheed Shining Sun or cheerful; The Sun
Khurshid The Sun; Shining Sun; Cheerful
Khurshid sun
Khusaif Dust Coloured
Khush Bakht Fortunate, of good fortune
Khush Bakht Fortunate, of good fortune.
Khush Bakht Fortunate; Of good fortune
??? ???  
Khush-Bakht Of Good Fortune; Fortunate
Khushal Happy; Prosperous
Khushal Happy, Prosperity
KhushBakht Fortunate; Of Good Fortune
Khushbakht Fortunate; Of good fortune
Khushdil Happy Heart
Khushdil Happy heart
Khushhal Happy; Prosperous
Khushnood Happy; Pleased
Khushnud Happy; Pleased
Khushtar Sarrounded by happiness
Khushtar Surrounded by Happiness
Khushtar Sarrounded by happiness.
Khushtar Surrounded by happiness
Khusro Pretty
Khusru Of Good Fame; King; Husrava
Khuwailid Immortal, Eternal
Khuzaimah Gabal Elba Dragon Tree
Khuzaimah Old Arabic name
Khuzaimah, Khuzaymah Old Arabic name
Khuzayma Old Arabic Name
Khuzayma Old Arabic name
Khuzaymah Old Arabic name
Khuzaymah Old Arabic Name
Khuzaymah Old Arabic name
Khwaja master,owner
Khwaja Master; Owner
Khwazun Movement
Khwazun Movement; Moving
Khyber Famous
Khyber Famous pass
Khyder King
Kia King; Protector; Defender
Kian Kings, Royal, Ancient, Distant
Kianoush Royal; King
Kiarash Kingly
Kibaar Great Ones, Leaders
Kibaar Great ones
Kibria Divine Majesty; Divine Grandeur
Kibria Divine majesty
Kibriya Grandeur; Glory
Kibriyaa Grandeur; Glory
Kibriyyah Grandeur; Glory
Kifaayat Sufficiency; Competence
Kifah Struggle; Fight
Kifat Lion; Cheetah; Tiger
Kifat Lion; Cheetah; Tiger
Kifayat Enough, sufficient
Kifayat Enough, sufficient
Kifayat Sufficiency; Competence; Enough
Kifayat Enough; Sufficient
Kifayath Sufficiency
Kifl Fortune; Luck; Example
Kihan World / Universe
Kiko Tree Child
Kilab Devotion to God
Kinan Covering; Wrap; Veil
Kindi One who Comes from a Mountain
King Leader; Ruler; Monarch
Kini Born to Nobility; Abundance
Kinza Hidden Treasure
Kinza Hidden Treasure
Kinza Hidden Treasure
Kinza Hidden treasure
Kiraam Respected – Generous One
Kiram Respected and Generous Ones
Kiram Generous
Kiry Lovely
Kishwa A Country; Region
Kishwar A country, region
Kishwar A country, region
Kishwar A Country; Region
Kismat Destiny
Kismath Destiny
Kismatul Lucky
Kiswa Garment, Clothing
Kiyam To Stand in Salah
Kiyan Terror; Kings; Royal
Kiyan Kings; Royal
Kofi Male Child Born on Friday
Kohinoor A Famous Diamond
Kohinur Precious Diamond
Kohl Kohl
Kokab Star
Konain Ruler of Two World
Konan Wise and Intelligent
Konchady TBD
Koohyar TBD
Koosha Diligent
Korah Ice; Frost; Baldness
Koray Moon of Ember
Koroush Like the Sun
Kosal Good Karma
Kosar The Great
Kosu Steadfast
Kounain Two World
Kouros First King of Iran
Kourosh First King of Iran
Kousan Singer
Koyan Wise
Krish Short Form of God Krishna
Krishna Lord Krishna, Intelligent, Strong
Kuddus Holly
Kulayb TBD
Kulsoom TBD
Kulthum Name of companion
Kulthum Name of Companion
Kumail Whole; Complete; Mature; Perfect
Kumar Youth; Prince; Son
Kunar Graceful; Enjoyable
Kuraim TBD
Kuraiman Generous, Selfless
Kuram Bright Light, Generous, Selfless
Kuram Selfless
Kuran One who Gives Thanks
Kurayb Ibn Abi Muslim al-Hashami had this name.
Kurayb TBD
Kurayb Ibn Abi Muslim al-Hashami had this name
Kurayb Ibn abi Muslim al-hashami had this name
Kurban Sacrificed
Kurian Gift from God
Kurshid Shining Sun; Cheerful
Kurush Like the Sun, Far-sighted
Kushad Talented
Kutaiba Lord of Flowers
Kutubuddin TBD
Kuukburi TBD
Kyamuddin TBD
Kyan Little King; Ancient
Kyder Capable; Skilful; Courageous
Kyeseam TBD
Kymani Leader, Strength, Power
Kyran Dusky; Dark-haired; Dark
Kyree Benevolent
Kysuan Heavenly