Mothers who telecommute are 40% more stressed

Being a mother is complicated in itself, but teleworking can be even more complicated for everyone, especially if you are a mother and you have to take care of your children, the house, your responsibilities and also, meet all work demands from home. This can cause you excessive stress, and with good reason!

People who do not work from home may find it difficult to understand exactly what it means and when you tell them that you have telecommuting they think that how lucky you are, that you can do things from the “tranquility” of your home and that in addition to work… you can do everything else calmly!

Teleworking is not easy

The reality is that teleworking is not for everyone world (and less with children at home), you have to have a strong mentality and also have a strict organization to be able to reach everything. Although people think that working from home is to do it without stress, the reality is that it is quite the opposite.

While it is true that working from home is incredible and that surely it is not you would change it for nothing because you can be next to your children and organize yourself better with conciliation and your responsibilities, the stress that you suffer when working from home is much higher than if you did it outside of it. >

A study proves it

A study carried out by researchers from the universities of Manchester and Essex revealed that mothers who work from home have much higher stress than those who go to the office. If you are a woman who used to work outside the home and now, for whatever reason, you work from home and also have children around you all the time…Then you will know what we are talking about. >

It is true that you do not have to take the car every day or put up with the traffic, nor do you have colleagues who distract you or a boss who looks at you incessantly so that you do your job… you know what you have to do in every moment. Why do you stress so much then? It’s easy, the combination of childcare and the work you have to do exceeds 40 hours a week…childcare lasts 24 hours!

stress teleworking moms

You can’t focus on your work all the time. You have to work, take care of your children, your house, go back to work, work hours get longer because you can’t do things often… And you end up more stressed and tired than if you had left home to work.

As if that were not enough, the study indicates that when teleworking with children at home, another cause of stress is that you are always active, as if you were on alert all the time both for what happens at home and for what happens at work.

You feel more stress

If you are a mother who telecommutes, you will feel more pressure because your stress levels are not reduced at any time of the day. day. The study made it clear that mothers who work from home with two children have a 40% higher blood pressure than those who do not have children and who work full time both from home and away from home.

Similarly, it is worth mentioning that mothers who work full time with only one child have 18% higher blood pressure. Those who work fewer hours and who have a flexible schedule have up to 37% lower chronic stress than those who do not have this benefit.

Reduces stress

While it is It is true that working from home will make you more stressed, if you also have your children nearby, it is important that you take care of yourself so that all that tension does not generate short and long-term health problems. One way to reduce stress when you work from home is to have an organization that can make you feel good.

Set priorities each day and take advantage of every moment your children are in school, sleeping or doing activities that allow you to work calmly. While it is true that this can lengthen your working day, you will feel less stress.

On the other hand, it is also very important that you take time to exercise, even if it is only walk 30 minutes daily. Your body needs movement and the sedentary lifestyle of working from home can also take its toll on your health… control your time for all this and you will find success! In any case, organization is the key and thus you will reduce the risk of suffering health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.