My son's godmother is a special person for me

When a child’s godmother is chosen, it is not done at random. Not just any person is chosen to have this responsibility… she is not just a figure in a celebration, she is much more than that. A godmother is the person who would take care of that child in the event that something happens to her parents in the future. It is a great responsibility and not everyone is capable of accepting this. Being a godmother is a great honor but you also have to understand the role that comes with being one.

Choosing the godmother

When parents think of choosing a godmother, as we said at the beginning, it should not be done in any way. It is not something that should be done just to look good with another person or to “comply”. The person chosen must be someone who is fully trusted and in the event that something happens to us, we would be calm because we know that they would take great care of our children if needed. That she would treat them as if they were her own children.

When choosing a godmother, it should NOT be done for any of these reasons:

  • For commitment and to look good
  • For having a good relationship with another person
  • For doing someone a favor
  • To pay expenses that we are not able to assume

On the other hand, to choose a godmother, YES you have to do it for these reasons:

  • Because we fully trust that person
  • Because you know they are a person who will not let you down
  • Because he teaches you the importance of life and you know he has good values ​​that he could pass on to your children if necessary
  • Because he is a person who would be able to support your partner in everything in case you were absent

That person can be your best friend, your sister, your cousin, your mother… someone who, due to age, may be in your child’s life for a long time in case you are not by his side for fatalities of life. Therefore, before choosing a person to be the godmother of your child, you should first think about what are the most important qualities that person should have so that you remain calm once you have chosen them.


A very special person

The godmother must be a very special person in your life and she must become someone important in your child’s life. Someone who is capable of being present in the most special moments of your lives and that your son recognizes and says with pride: “She is my godmother”, “She is someone I fully trust”. This trust must exist because your child will know that this person truly loves him and that he will always want the best for him in any circumstance of life.

A godmother never has to be of those kinds of people who disappear or who never have time to see you or to spend time with your child. For this reason it is so important that you think very well and that you take the time to choose the right person. That person should also be by your side in parenting, you should feel the necessary confidence to be able to talk about any topic that comes to mind, whether they are fears, worries or joys.

If you think carefully about who that person could be and you do it following your instinct and your intuition, you will not regret it because you will have made sure before making the decision that this person is the one who really deserves to have that responsibility. And if you choose it from the heart, you will know that you have not made a mistake in making that decision.