Mythological names for boys | Find The Best Names and Meaning

Choosing a name for the baby on the way can be fun and fascinating. In fact, alternatives can arise from the most unexpected places, such as mythological tales and legends. In this sense, there are beautiful names with a unique meaning, full of strength, struggle and heroism. Immerse yourself with us in a spiral of stories and adventures so that you can find the best boy’s name, since in this article, you will find 160 mythological names for boys . You will have in one place names from Roman, Greek, Norse, Egyptian and even Aztec mythology. They are all lovely and we know that in the end you will choose a really beautiful one.

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Roman mythology names for boys

Do you want a name from Roman mythology for your child? In this section we collect the most beautiful, sonorous and full of mysticism Roman mythological names for men. You will like its meaning a lot, especially since it is about famous and heroic characters.

Next, review the list of names that we propose:

  • Amulio : according to Roman mythology he was the King of Alba Longa.
  • Adventine : Mythology says that he was one of the sons of Jupiter. It is the name of an ancient Roman temple in Longa.
  • Adrastro – One of the Roman mythology names for boys. He was one of the descendants of Hercules.
  • Haruspex : this name was used in Roman mythology to designate some diviners who presaged the future.
  • Ascanio: is the son of Aeneas who was the founder of Alba Longa, an ancient city on Mount Albanos.
  • Augur: this is another of the names of Roman mythology for boys that was used to designate priests and fortune tellers.
  • Aventino: name given to a famous character in Roman mythology, such as the son of Hercules.
  • Bacchus: this is another of the names of Roman mythology and that means “the God of wine”.
  • Bromio: This is an epithet or adaptation of Dionysus, who was the son of Zeus and Semele.
  • Caelus: is the name of a Roman God that symbolizes the heavens.
  • Consus: another of the names of Roman mythology for boys. He is the protective God of crops and cereals.
  • Curcio: means “the mutilated”.
  • Domitius: is the name of a mythological character who watched over women to fulfill their tasks.
  • Aeneas: is a character from Greco-Roman mythology who, according to legend, managed to escape from the fall of the city of Troy.
  • Aesculapius: is a name from Roman mythology that was given to the God of medicine.
  • Epidius: famous Roman mythological name meaning “he who does not lose faith.”
  • Fabulino: he was a character who taught children to speak.
  • Fascino: he was a God who protected witches and sorcerers.
  • Faustulo: According to Roman mythology, he was the shepherd who found and cared for Romulus and Remus.
  • Feretrio : if we talk about names from Roman mythology for boys, this was the nickname given to the God Jupiter.
  • Philemon : this name translates as “he who is hospitable” and represents a character who, according to mythology, let Zeus into his house without knowing who he was, and was very hospitable to him.
  • Fidio – was one of the nicknames given to Hercules.
  • Phlogius : This Roman mythological character appears as a companion to Hercules in one of his adventures.
  • Quirino : with this name Romulus was venerated after his death.
  • Heracles: is a name from Roman mythology that is used as a variant for Hercules.
  • Hercules – In Roman mythology, Hercules is the equivalent of the God Zeus of Greek mythology. He was endowed with great strength and masculinity.
  • Hermo: it was the name given to the God of the river.
  • Megaro: was the son of Jupiter with a beautiful nymph.
  • Nox: is the personification of the night in Roman mythology.
  • Numitor: he was the grandfather of Romulus and Remus.
  • Priapus: was a minor god of fertility and virility.
  • Sumano: This was a Roman divinity who controlled lightning at night.
  • Remo: he founded Rome together with his brother Romulus, and the meaning of this name is “strong”.
  • Romulus: He was one of the founders of Rome, who would later become King.
  • Rumino: This was one of Jupiter’s pseudonyms and means “the one who nurtures”.
  • Tacio: he was the mythological king of the Sabines and means “who is silent”.
  • Ulysses – This is one of the most famous names in Roman mythology for boys and it means “he who has courage”.
  • Virgil: comes from the Latin ovudis and means “sheep”.

Greek mythological names for boys

Greek mythological names for boys are very beautiful and melodic, moreover, they are imbued with deep and historical meaning. If you want your child to stand out with a beautiful Greek mythological name, then check out the list below. Surely you will identify with some of those that we present to you:

  • Adonis: it is a beautiful name from Greek mythology for boys, which symbolizes the beauty of its bearer. Legend has it that Adonis was so charming that many goddesses fell in love with his beauty.
  • Abaris: was one of the priests of Apollo.
  • Acastus: character from Greek legends who was famous for his incredible hunts.
  • Acteo: this name belonged to one of the precursors of the monarchy of Athens.
  • Agamedes: famous architect and builder of many temples of Apollo and Poseidon.
  • Agamemnon: a famous hero of the Trojan War, means “the obstinate one”.
  • Achilles: is the protagonist of the novel the Iliad. He was a Trojan warrior.
  • Alexander: This means the savior or the protector.
  • Alcaeus: one of the Greek mythological names for boys. He was one of the sons of Perseus.
  • Alcides: he was a man full of wisdom and translates as “the strength of the king”.
  • Angus: A famous mythological God who was the son of Zeus.
  • Androgeus: he was a Greek athlete of great agility, which is why the Aegean king was very envious of him.
  • Asclepsius – This was an entity of medicine and healing in ancient Greek mythology.
  • Atlas – this was a Greek titan, who according to mythology was condemned by Zeus.
  • Bastian : means “the revered and respected one”.
  • Colin – This beautiful mythological name means “strong as a bear”.
  • Cosmos – In Greek mythology this referred to order and the antithesis of chaos.
  • Damián: means “the one who tames himself”. It is the variant for the goddess of Cibeles Damia.
  • Dionysus : if we talk about Greek mythological names for boys, this one cannot be missing. It was the name of the son of Zeus and Semele.
  • Aeneas – Aphrodite’s son and hero of the Trojan troops.
  • Hades : He was known as the God of the underworld and who guarded the world of all the dead.
  • Hector – This is a name that appears in the Trojan War and is related to brave, determined and strong men. It means “well educated person”.
  • Hephaestus : means “to shine.” It is a variant for Hephastus who is the God of the forge.
  • Homer: was an epic writer in Greek mythology, author of the Iliad and the Odyssey.
  • Otis: This Greek mythological name is unisex and means “one who endears himself”.
  • Paris: he was a beautiful Trojan prince, son of Priam.
  • Perseus : he was a son of Jupiter and according to Greek mythology he is the one who cuts Medusa’s head.
  • Priam – One of the Greek mythological names for boys. He was the king of Troy during the mythical Trojan War.
  • Soterio : means to be safe.
  • Tafio: mythological name of the son of Poseidon.
  • Talos: another of the Greek mythological names for boys. He was a bronze warrior who protected Crete.
  • Odysseus: he was a hero of Greek mythology, and was king of the island of Ithaca.

Norse mythological names for boys

The Nordic or Scandinavian names are powerful and original, in addition, they have a touch full of mystery. If what you are looking for is an unusual mythological name for your baby, you have reached the ideal section. We have listed several Norse mythological name alternatives for particular boys worthy of great warriors.

  • Adils : was a great Swedish warrior, and is interpreted as “nobleman or arrow shaft”.
  • Aren – This Old Norse name translates to “the eagle that rules.” He closely resembles Aron, so he can be considered a variant of this name.
  • Axe: This is a diminutive Nordic mythological name of Axel and whose meaning is “father of peace”.
  • Agnarr: Legend has it that this character helped Odin escape from being tortured.
  • Algaut: name of a great Viking warrior and was king of the geats.
  • Balder – This is a beautiful name from Norse mythology that was given to the son of Odin. He was known for his beauty and intelligence.
  • Bragi: This was another of Odin’s sons.
  • Bjorn – One of the most popular Norse mythological names for boys and means “The Pronounced Man”.
  • Daven – A lovely Norse mythological name that translates to “the man who is loved.”
  • Dagur: he was the son of twilight and night.
  • Delling : means bright and beautiful like the dawn.
  • Egil – A name that was very popular in the Viking Age, meaning “the awesome one”.
  • Einar: Another of the cute Norse mythological names for boys that means “the leader or brave warrior”.
  • Erik – One of the Norse mythological names for boys. He was a great defender of Norse paganism.
  • Esben – This is one of the variants for Asbjörn. It is a name that unites the old ass that comes from “God” and björn, which comes from “bear”.
  • Gerd – This is a beautiful Norse mythological name for boys that is associated with “strength.”
  • Harald: beautiful Norse mythological name for a male meaning “one who is a generous host.”
  • Heimdall: This is the name of a son of the 9 goddesses and who, in turn, is the guardian of the gods.
  • Helge : it is a name that has the meaning “the saint”, it is the masculine variant for Helga.
  • Höor – He was a blind God who accidentally killed his brother Baldr.
  • Ivar: It is a very emblematic Nordic name whose meaning is “archers” or “warriors with bows”.
  • Jensen: is a name that means “the one who is the son of Johannes”.
  • Jorgen: means “the farmer or the agriculturist”, it is a Scandinavian form for the name Joachim, which also means God will build.
  • Midgard: another of the Norse mythological names for boys. This is what the world of the gods was called according to the God of Odin.
  • Olaf: it is a name with a lot of sonority and that means “inheritance of the ancestors”.
  • Olav: this was the name that comes from Áleifr , which represents the heritage of the Norse past. In addition, he was one of the 5 kings of Norway.
  • Olson – This Norse mythological name for boys was that of Olaf’s son.
  • Surt – This was the leader of the fire giants.

Egyptian god names for boys

Are you looking for a name of an Egyptian God for your child? In the history of Egypt there are many Gods full of mysticism and symbology. Their names are pretty and they are still striking. There are many options available like the well-known Osiris or the God Horus, but all the alternatives are great. This is the list of the names of Egyptian gods for boys:

  • Aker: This is the name of a deity worshiped in Egypt. It is the symbol of the Earth and the guardian of the underworld.
  • Amón: King of the Gods and protector of the men.
  • Anubis: is the God of life and death, he was the son of Ra and Netfis.
  • Astenú: a very exotic Egyptian God name meaning the God of the Moon.
  • Apis: was the solar god of fertility, and later a deity for death.
  • Aten: One of the names of Egyptian gods for boys. It was one of the manifestations of the Egyptian God Ra.
  • Bes: was a God to whom several powers were attributed, one of them was seen as an artificer and as in charge of warding off evil spirits.
  • Cmun: this was the God of the sources of the Nile.
  • Phoenix: is a name given to a bird capable of rising from its ashes.
  • Gex: was the creator God of life and fertility.
  • Geb: This was another of the creators according to Egyptian mythology.
  • Hapi: this is another of the names of Egyptian Gods for boys and which means the father of the Gods.
  • Horus: means “elevated one”. In Egyptian mythology he was considered the God of the skies and the God of War.
  • Khepri: another of the names of Egyptian gods for boys. He was a creator God, who according to mythology, created himself.
  • Jonsu: was considered the God in charge of driving away evil spirits.
  • Montu – This is one of the Egyptian god names for boys. He was a warrior god.
  • Osiris : Without a doubt, this is one of the most well-known names of Egyptian gods. Its meaning is “the most powerful” or also “he who is powerful”. He was the God of resurrection and life. Today there are many temples where he worshiped. In addition, it becomes the equivalent of the God Zeus in Greek mythology.
  • Ra : He was the great God who later merged with Amos, to become Amon-Ra.
  • Seth: this is how the deity of strength and what could not be contained was known. Some associated it with evil, but it was actually worshiped as a symbol of resistance and strength.
  • Sobeth: he was in charge of giving strength to the pharaohs.
  • Thoth: If you want a beautiful and original Egyptian god name for boys, Thoth is a good alternative. This was known in ancient Egypt as the God of writing and wisdom.

Names of mythological gods for boys

What father does not like to choose a pretty boy’s name with a strong meaning, right? For that, the names of mythological gods are the best option. Here you will see the classics like Zeus or Apollo, even the lesser known ones like Ull or Tyr, but they are just as deep and charming. Check the list that we will give you and find the best name of mythological gods for boys:

  • Aesir: According to Norse mythology, this name refers to a series of Gods who take care of the palace where Odin lives.
  • Allah : is the Islamic way of naming God, it is used as a name in the Alan variant.
  • Anshar: a name given in ancient Mesopotamia to designate the “axis of the sky”.
  • Anubis: this God is represented as the great black canine that is in charge of guarding and guarding the tombs in ancient Egypt. He too, according to mythology, was the cleanser of hearts before he entered the afterlife.
  • Apollo: A famous God of Olympus who represents music, poetry, and literature.
  • Ares: If we talk about names of mythological gods for boys, this is the God of war. Without a doubt, a name with a lot of character.
  • Brahma : This is a God in Hindu mythology, who is believed to have participated in the creation of the universe.
  • Cronus – This was the first of the Greek Titans.
  • Denix – This is an ancient Japanese God of War.
  • Demeter: This was one of the gods of Olympus and he was the God of agriculture.
  • Deimos: a beautiful name that was given to the Greek mythological God of terror.
  • Dionysus: this is the name of the Greek god of fertility and wine.
  • Enki: In Sumerian mythology, he is believed to be the God who created humans.
  • Eros: This is a Greek mythological God name that designates the God of sex, love and attraction.
  • Forseti: The Norse God of justice, peace, and truth. This is another beautiful mythological name alternative for your boy.
  • Heimdall – one of the names of mythological gods for boys. This was the guardian god of Norse mythology.
  • Janus: This was the God of the beginning or of the doors in Roman mythology.
  • Hades: This was the Greek God of the dead and the underworld.
  • Hermes – this is the name of the God of messengers and travelers.
  • Hephastus: This was the famous God of the forge and fire in Greek mythology.
  • Loki – This is the Norse God for chaos and disorder. He was unpredictable, cunning and capricious.
  • Pluto: God of wealth and hell in Roman mythology.
  • Saturn: was the God of time in Roman mythology.
  • Silvano: another of the names of mythological gods for children. In Roman mythology it was the spirit or guardian God of the forests.
  • Ull: This is the name of a Norse God. He was the one in charge of hand-to-hand combat.
  • Tyr: Norse god of courage, recognized for the sacrifice he made to help the other gods.
  • Thor: This was the Scandinavian God known as the father of thunder and storms.
  • Váli: was a Norse God who protected archers.
  • Vanir: this is how one of the two groups of Norse gods was designated.
  • Vidar: This is a taciturn Norse God who was a mediator in conflicts between the other gods.
  • Zeus: if we talk about names of mythological gods for boys, this is undoubtedly the best known. The name of the God of lightning and thunder. He was the God of gods.

Aztec god names for boys

Latin American culture is full of fascinating names for boys, such as those of the Aztec Gods. Now, you will be able to see a selection of some of them that may catch your attention. In addition, they are mysterious and unusual.

  • Amímitl – This was the God of fishing.
  • Camaxtli: this was the way to call the God of hope.
  • Cipactli: one of the Aztec god names for boys. He was a deity who was associated with crocodiles.
  • Cuixtli: This is another of the names of Aztec gods for boys and it means “comet”.
  • Edahi: This was the God of the wind.
  • Ehécatl : this was another of the names given to the God of breath and breeze.
  • Huehueteotl: This was the father of the gods and, according to Aztec mythology, he lived in one of the 12 heavens.
  • Milintica – This was one of the names for the God of fire.
  • Mixcóatl: He was a powerful God of the house and its meaning is “snake like the cloud”.
  • Nanahuatzin: this name was that of a God who, according to mythology, sacrificed himself to save the Sun God.
  • Naolin: a name given to the fifth Aztec Sun, which was considered a God.
  • Penates: was a God who represented the family and the hierarchy within it.
  • Quauhtli: another of the names of Aztec gods for boys. An eagle god was thus known.
  • Quetzalcóatl: was one of the most important gods and ruled life and death.
  • Tlaloc: this was the name for the God who made things sprout from the earth, that is, he was also a God associated with agriculture and fertility.
  • Tonatiuh: he was the God of the Sun and of the heavens and means “the one who warms up”.
  • Yacatecuhtli : he was one of the first gods, who protected travelers.
  • Yaotl: means “the enemy”.
  • Yaotzin: was the God of hell.
  • Xel-há: this was the God of the waters.
  • Xipe Tótec: refers to the male God for spring.

If you are here to find baby names for your new born, then you are at the right place, keep check article there are thousand of article regarding name of baby.

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