In Spain there are not many girls’ names with Q. Only one in 100 girls around the world has a given name that begins with that letter.

We have reached the letter Q and, the truth is that in Spain there are not many girls’ names with Q. Not in other countries. Only one in 100 girls around the world has a given name that begins with that letter.

Even so, if we search in other languages, we do find some. Especially if we travel to Mesoamerica (the names we find are mainly of Quechua and Nahuatl origin), the Arab countries, Ireland or China.


1. Qollque . Of Quechua origin, like many of the girl names with Q that you will see in this list. It means “silver”, “silver”. Graphic variants: Qullqi and Qollqi.
2. Qori . Of Quechua origin. It means “gold”, “golden”. Graphic variants: Quri and Kori.
3. Qubilah . Name of a woman of Arabic origin that means “the one who achieves agreements and harmony”.
4. Quela . It is the diminutive of Miquela, a woman’s name of Hebrew origin. It means “no one like God”.
5.Queen . Of English origin. It means “queen”. Variants: Queena and Queenie.
6. Chelidonia. Of Greek origin. It means “like a swallow”. Variants: Celedonia and Queledonia.
7. Queral t. Catalan girl name. It is the Marian dedication of “Santa María de Queralt”. The sanctuary is located in the town of Berga (Barcelona). It means, therefore, “high rock”.
8. Darling . Of Latin origin. It means, as its name indicates, “the desired one”.
9. Querima . Of Arab origin. It means “the generous one”. Variant: Querina.
10. Cherub . Girl’s name with Q that comes from Hebrew. It means “heavenly being”.
11. Queta . Of German origin. I came from Heimerich, which means “the one who rules her home”. It is short for Enriqueta.
12. Quetzalcoatl . Of Aztec origin. It means “feathered serpent”.
13. Quetzali . It means “beautiful woman”. It comes from Nahuatl, where quetzal means “beauty” and tzaly , “woman”. Variants: Quetzally, Quetzali or Quetzalli.
14. Quetzalzin . Girl’s name that begins with the letter Q of Aztec or Nahuatl origin. It means “little beauty”.
15.Qi. _ _ It is a girl’s name of Chinese origin. It means “distinguished”, but it also refers to jade.
17. Quiahuitzin . Of Nahuatl origin. It means “little rain”.
18.Qiao . Of Chinese origin. It is a unisex name that means “pretty” or “handsome”.
19. Quibilah . Of Egyptian origin. It means “peaceful”.
20. Quilaztli . It is the name of the mother goddess of Nahuatl mythology, protector of edible plants.
21.Qing . Of Chinese origin, it is a name that works for both boys and girls. It means “blue-green color”.
22. Chelidonia . Greek girl name. It means “swallow”.
23. Quillen . Of Araucanian origin. It means “the tear”.
24. Quince. Of Latin origin. It is the feminine form of Quincio, a variant of the proper name Quinto.
25. Quintilian . Of Latin origin, it is the feminine form of Quintiliano. This name comes from the Latin Quintilianus/Quintiliana , derived in turn from Quintillius (Quintilio). Variant: Quintilia. It means “born in the fifth month”.
26. Quintine . Of Latin origin. It comes from quintus , which means “fifth.”
27. Chionia . Of Greek origin. It means “the one who is fruitful”.
28. Quiriaca . Of Greek origin. It is the feminine form of Quiriaco, a variant of the Greek name Cyriacus .(Cyriacus). Variant: Quirica.
29. Quirine . Of Latin origin. It means “she who carries the spear”. It is the feminine form of Quirino.
30. Quiteria . Of Greek origin. It comes from Cytherea (epithet of Venus). It was the sacred abode of the goddess Venus. One of its possible meanings is “the one born in the city of Citheres” (Crete).
31. Qura . Of Quechua origin, like many of the names of girls with Q that exist. It means “little like grass”. Graphic variants: Qora and Qhora.
32. Quriquyllur . Of Quechua origin. It means “golden star” or “gold star”. Graphic variant: Qoriqoyllur.
33. Quriuqllu. Of Quechua origin. It means “golden lady” or “lady of gold”. Graphic variant: Qorioqllo.