If you thought that the era of the gods and goddesses had ended, then it is not. In all cultures there are mythologies that explain the origin of the universe and a whole worldview about the laws that govern life. In some cultures, most of them come from ancient times, it was believed in polytheism and the divine explanation of a plurality of gods that ruled from a metaphysical sphere and that with their powers could help humans in their passage through the earth.

This is how in various cultures we see that the names of gods allude to divine figures and are based on natural phenomena such as the deity of the sun or light, the deity of tranquility and peace or the deity of the earth. Other divine characters, with human characteristics, helped people in earthly matters such as hunting, motherhood or music and art. Choose the best baby names for girls.

Below we present a selection of names of gods with meaning, whose options have been taken from different mythological explanations around the world. It could be that you are also interested in Egyptian names, biblical names, Hebrew names or original names. Despite its antiquity, the names of gods are still a valid option that many families continue to choose. We’ll see

Names of goddesses for girls and their meaning


Also Athena. From Greek mythology, she was the protector of the Athenians and the name means “wisdom”.


Guanche goddess. Its meaning is ” mother of the sun “.


Roman goddess of the hunt. Its etymology is ” beautiful glow “.


Greek goddess of agriculture whose name means ” fertile woman who brings abundance “.


Nordic goddess of love and beauty. His name means ” the victorious people “.


From Greek mythology, this name is inspired by the goddess of the earth and means ” green and fertile land “.


According to Greek mythology, it is the Amazon queen and its meaning is ” the queen of the horses “.


She is a Greek goddess and the meaning of this name is “ sad maiden ”.


From Egyptian mythology, she is the goddess of motherhood. His name means ” freedom and fertility “.


Also Ischel. Name of Mayan origin that means ” goddess of the moon ” or ” rainbow woman “.

Names of gods for boys and their meaning


Egyptian god of Thebes. The meaning of this name is ” the hidden one “.


Greek god of music and quackery. His name means “ the one who has come to heal ”.


Greek god of war. It means ” the conflictive one “.


Norse god of peace and forgiveness. Its meaning is ” the one who enlightens the lost “.


Of Chinese origin. It is one of the four divine forces and is represented by a white tiger. Its meaning is “ divine light ”.


Greek god of wine. His name means ” the mythomaniac “.


Demi-god of Roman mythology. Its meaning is ” the brave “.


From Inca mythology, he is the “ god of the sun ”.


Chthonic god of Egyptian mythology. Its meaning is ” the chaos of the underworld “.


God of the Olympus. His name means ” he who does justice “.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
athena Independent and do not like to be lectured. They tend to succeed with their decisions that they make with caution and in which their innate wisdom is appreciated.
Chaxiraxi They usually have a haughty, cheerful personality with a vast joy that overflows day by day. Consistent in their actions and do not show fear when they have to defend what is theirs. They are protective, charismatic and good friends.
Diana His personality is menacing with a defiant attitude. They project themselves towards what they want and know how to trace the path very well to achieve their goals. They are interested in cultural and artistic events.
demeter They are a bit pretentious and arrogant. However, they are empathetic women, who know how to listen to other people. They tend to have hypersensitivity and susceptibility to human ailments.
freya With his generosity he usually favors the most unfortunate people. They are brave, daring and defenders of their principles. They feel a constant need to indulge in adventure.
Gaia When they feel nervous they tend to fold those feelings in on themselves. They respond quickly to situations and come out of every obstacle that comes their way.
hippolyta They are hedonistic and like the freedom they get after making their need for autonomy clear. They like to innovate, go down different paths than the established ones and surprise with their successes.
persephone They tend to like changes but these behaviors sometimes prevent them from having the necessary continuity to carry out projects. They can hardly be antagonized as they impose themselves with their attitude.
isis They are not conformist people and are very restless with everything that catches their attention. They maintain a high level of curiosity about the human and social issues of the world.
ixcel They are discreet, a little shy and reserved, but at the same time they are daring, intelligent, determined and have many communication skills that they need to learn to use to their advantage.
ammon Enigmatic, mysterious and in some cases conflictive. They have a tragic mentality and tend to see the negative side of situations, however, they often use this characteristic to their advantage.
Apollo His personality generates a certain stability in other people due to his tendency towards calm and meditation. They are not introverted, but they do not usually enjoy social relationships that can disturb their inner peace.
Ares They have a humor that tends to go to extremes. They can be energetic, charismatic, and feisty, as well as unfocus their emotions into angry and aggressive outbursts. They do not like to be contradicted or made fun of.
Balder They do not like to stay in one place, they are always on the move and looking for activities in which they can stand out. They have an innate sense of generosity and reciprocity.
Byakko They have a unique personality and do not like to follow the usual paths. They have great wisdom and cunning to face adversity and come out triumphant.
Dionisio They are bold and very insightful at all times. Their personality is arrogant and they tend to be somewhat believed. They have great social skills that they often use for their convenience and take advantage of every situation.
Heracles Affable, generous and courageous. They are characterized by having a protective and paternal personality with other people, even if they barely know them. They are also often cocky when praised for their abilities.
Inti Bold, sincere and of great tenacity. They appreciate conciliation and human cooperation. They tend to approach everything that could be an anguish for them head-on, they do not like mystery and doubts. They usually look for the answer immediately.
Seth Sensitive people who do not know how to handle their emotions very well and tend to create conflicts by imposing their point of view. When they learn humility, they are really charming.
Zeus Somewhat impertinent and it is difficult for them to know how to listen and respect those opinions that they do not share. Energetic, foolish and usually want to impose themselves by force. They take time to learn to mature as a person.