Christian history has joyfully celebrated the sanctification of several people who, due to their courage, fervent devotion and compelling morality, have been canonized and are currently part of an important religious institution. These sanctified characters, in addition to asking for miracles with candles or making offers of all kinds, can also be honored, if a saint’s name is chosen that has been of inspiration. 212 Baby Girl Names Starting with She With Meaning.

Onomastics, as a study of proper names, is interested in taking a journey through the history and origin of each of the names of people, families or places. Likewise, onomastics indicates the saint’s day of a person. According to the calendar of saints, a traditional Christian method of organizing the liturgical year, each day of the year can be associated with a specific saint or saint. That day is known as the saint’s day. Below we present a list of names inspired by names of saints and names of saints with their respective saints so that you can take them into account. Choose the best baby names for girls.

Santa names for girls


Name Santa Ana in inspiration. She was the mother of Mary, and consequently, the grandmother of Jesus of Nazareth. She is considered in many countries around the world as the patron saint of families and the patron saint of miners. His saint calendar is celebrated on July 26 .


Saint Catherine Laburé was a daughter of charity and was the one who made the Miraculous Medal of the Virgin Mary popular. He dedicated himself to writing and preaching the Holy Word. She is also known for being the patron saint of those who dedicate themselves to study. His saint calendar is on April 29 .


Saint Philomena was a Catholic virgin and martyr. Her name means “the one who loves to sing”. She was beheaded by the emperor of Rome, Lucius Septemius. She remained firm and constant to the thoughts of Jesus until the last day. His saint calendar is celebrated on August 11 .


Saint Genevieve of Paris was a French virgin. At 15, she joined a religious order and when her family died, she donated her fortune to charity. She is noted for being pious and forgiving the enemy army. Its name means “white foam of the sea” and the saint’s day is January 3 .


Saint Elizabeth of Hungary was the daughter of a kingdom that with her family wealth built a hospital and personally cared for people in need. She led a life of prayer and service until the age of 24 when she died, becoming the patron saint of the Order of Knights. Her saint’s day is November 17 .

Margaret Mary

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque was a French nun of the Visitation of Saint Mary who witnessed several apparitions of the Sacred Heart of Jesus where the basilica that bears her name is currently located. It means “here I am my God”. Her saint’s day is October 16 .

Maria Magdalena

Saint Mary Magdalene was a disciple of Jesus. Her name means “the one preferred by God” or “the apostle of the apostles”. She was a woman who changed her life habits to follow Jesus until the end of her days. His saint calendar is celebrated on July 22 .


Saint Rita of Cassia was an Italian religious woman. Her name means “patron saint of the impossible”. Although she wanted to be a nun, she ended up marrying, by order of her family, a violent man who ended up converting to Catholicism. His saint calendar is celebrated on May 22 .


Santa Rosa de Lima was a Peruvian nun of the Dominican order and is known as the first to receive the title of sainthood in America. From an early age he stood out for his virtues and his Catholic gifts. Her name means “the pious” and her saint’s day is August 23 .


Saint Teresa of Jesus or Saint Teresa of Ávila, was a Spanish nun who founded the Order of Discalced Carmelites. His name means “God accompanies me”. He devoted himself to writing and preaching until his death, caused by tuberculosis. His calendar is October 15 .

Names of saints for boys


Saint Anselm of Canterbury or Saint Anselm of Aosta, was a Benedictine monk from Italy who was also abbot of the Bec monastery and Archbishop of Canterbury. He was also a theologian and philosopher whose interest was to mediate between faith and reason. His saint’s day is April 21 .


Saint Anthony of Padua was a Portuguese priest of the Franciscan Order. The meaning of his name is “Ark of the Testament”. He is known as the patron of those who seek a miracle in their lives and those who want to find lost objects. His saint’s day is celebrated on June 13 .


Saint Francis of Assisi was a creator deacon of the Franciscan Order. The meaning of his name is “the simple one”. He is known as the patron saint of animals and environmentalists. He abandoned all his possessions to give himself to service. His calendar is October 4 .


San Felipe Neri was the founder of the Congregation of the Oratory. From a very young age he had inclinations for the religious vocation that distinguished him when he was older. Christian music lover. The meaning of his name is “the Apostle of Rome” and his calendar is May 26 .


Saint Jerome was the one who translated the Bible from Hebrew and Greek into Latin by order of King Damascus I. He is known as the patron saint of those who translate. The meaning of his name is “the sacred name”. His saint’s day is celebrated in some countries on September 30 and in others on June 15 .


San Martín de Porres Velázquez was a Peruvian friar of the Dominican Order. His name means “lay brother”. Patron saint of the sick, he used to profess under the wise thought of “I heal you and God heals you”. His saint’s day is celebrated on November 3 .


Saint Pancratius of Rome was a young man who converted to Catholicism and died at the age of 15. He was one of the first martyrs since the beginning of the Christian era. The meaning of his name, which comes from the Greek, is “the one who supports everything”. His saint calendar is May 12 .


Saint Patrick of Ireland was a Catholic missionary who sought to spread his knowledge of faith and beliefs throughout Europe, especially in Ireland. There, he created a famous metaphor to explain the Holy Trinity among other feats. His saint calendar is celebrated on March 17 .


Saint Peter the Apostle, also known as Simon Peter, is one of the first saints in history and was also one of the twelve disciples of Jesus of Nazareth. Initially he was a simple fisherman until his heart was called by divine grace. His saint calendar is June 29 .


San Vicente de Ferrer was a Valencian Dominican of the Order of Preachers. His name means “the patron saint of Valencia”. He was a very influential theologian and philosopher of the time who contributed his thoughts to the Catholic Church. His saint’s day is April 5.