Never do these things to a baby

Being a parent is one of the most difficult and delightful jobs in the world. Sometimes new moms make some mistakes when dealing with their babies due to their inexperience in motherhood.

There are some things you should never do to babies, even if others tell you to. Parenting is all about trial and error, and parents need to keep learning the right ways to deal with their little ones…

Don’t do this to her! your baby!

Remember that what really matters is that when you are raising your little one, follow your instinct and never forget that your baby needs you all the time… he needs your protection and your ongoing care.

Adding sugar to your baby’s food

Babies don’t need to add refined sugar to their diet. The baby’s sugar requirements can be met by high-carbohydrate foods and other naturally sweet foods such as fruits. Added sugar to your baby’s diet in their first year can cause serious health problems like obesity, diabetes, lethargy and even cavities.

Ignore your little one

Babies don’t cry to make you angry or to annoy you, if they do it is because it is their way of communicating with you. It tells you through crying what it needs at a certain moment. It may be for you to meet basic needs like eating or sleeping, or just to give him some comfort. Even if he doesn’t stop crying, he can tell you that something is wrong. If you ignore him, your baby will experience a lot of distress. Remember that he is a defenseless being who totally depends on you.

Shaking him

Some parents think it is fun but in reality it is too dangerous to do it . Don’t shake him even for a joke, especially when you’re angry. Your baby’s neck and head are very delicate and if you shake him you could seriously injure him. Your brain could move and you could suffer concussions, bleeding, permanent brain damage, and even death.

Bad things for your baby

Leave him alone

Never leave your baby alone, it’s bad for him. Leaving him alone does not teach him to be independent, only makes you feel abandoned. He will become a baby with serious emotional wounds because of not having felt his parents close to him when he needed him most. Also, believe it or not because he is just a baby, he will end up having insecurities and low self-esteem throughout his life. Is this what you want for your baby?

Hit him

Never you hit your baby Not your children, not anyone. Violence is never a solution, so hitting will never have to be an option for raising your children. Children from the time they are babies need discipline and teaching, of course, but this does not mean that you should use violence with them, even when their behavior is bad.

As parents and adults, our duty is to guide, protect and teach your children through love. Explain things with a firm voice but always with love and from the heart. Violence only gets you to obey through fear and resentment and emotional pain .

Do not carry him in your arms

Just as you do not have to leave your baby alone (nor let him cry), do not stop carrying him in your arms. There are many times that you will hear that you should not hold your baby because that is how you spoil him or because that way he will not become emotionally independent. Do not pay attention to them, your baby needs your arms and it is also what will give him security and confidence from the beginning. Your baby needs affection and contact with you as long as she asks for it, this will establish a good bond between you.