Never forbid these 5 things to your children

When educating their children, all parents want their little ones to learn to understand rules and limits, because that way they will learn to behave correctly. In this way, parents will feel more secure in their upbringing and children will know what is expected of them at any given time.

Children’s behavior can improve if with these rules and limits there are also direct consequences of the acts, in this way they will be guiding them to be able to behave correctly in society and understand how the social and coexistence system works.

With limits but without prohibiting everything

It is normal for adults to prohibit certain behaviors to children, especially when there may be real danger. But children should not be prohibited too much because then they will not be able to evolve correctly or learn from the consequences of their own actions. This means that there are behaviors that adults prohibit only because of their internal fears.

When adults prohibit their own internal fears, they will be inhibiting their children’s learning and children will grow up thinking that there are too many dangerous things that they always have to avoid. This will generate unnecessary fears and insecurities, and they could even develop a dependent personality. In this sense, whenever adults prohibit behaviors in their children, it is necessary to do so in moderation and allow some behaviors (not dangerous) to be learned through positive consequences.

Never prohibit this your children

Remember that prohibiting many behaviors to children is only overprotecting them and this is not correct under any circumstances. There are some things that should never be forbidden to children because they are necessary for their learning and for their lives. As a parent, you will have to guide your children and be aware that it is important to put aside your own insecurities and fears in order to raise your children correctly.

prohibit child behaviors

This requires more patience and consistency with the upbringing you provide to your children. Be aware that there are some things you should never forbid your children to do. These behaviors are:

  1. Playing with noise. Children to to play and have fun they need to run, jump, climb, shout… not stop moving! If your children usually do this, then you should know that you are in luck, they are happy! Children need to move and play in this way to learn to express their emotions and to relax. It is necessary to educate but not to prohibit… patience and rules are necessary, as long as the child is allowed to move and express himself freely.
  2. Speak. Parents patiently wait for their little ones to talk, but when they already know how to talk and do not stop doing it, they may ask their children to be quiet. Perhaps as a result of parental stress or simply because they do not want to have a conversation, they are wrong if they prohibit talking. Children will think that they are doing something wrong or that what they are saying is not interesting. They will lose trust in the ones they love most: their parents. They will feel that they are not enough for them. If your child wants to tell you something, listen to him and give him your full attention!
  3. Draw. With the excuse that parents don’t want their children to make a mess, they are not allowed to the children who paint and draw. This limits their expressiveness and creativity. Therefore, give your child an adequate space so that your child can develop their imagination and capture their emotions in the best possible way.
  4. Eating without help. Adults do not like that children get dirty so they prevent them from eating alone, thus limiting their independence. They prefer to feed them so they don’t dirty or stain anything. Children really need the opportunity to learn to eat and gain confidence in their own abilities. And for this, they need to eat alone, without help and also in the first few times… they will also need to stain.
  5. Give their opinion. Just as a child needs and should talking to their parents to learn to communicate and improve their social skills, it is also necessary that they are always allowed to give their opinion. Children have their own thoughts and wishes and need to be able to express them freely. In this sense, they should never be repressed from being able to do so.