When you become a father your whole life changes completely, it takes a 180º turn, and it is not for less! Now in your life you have the most wonderful being that when he looks at you and smiles at you, it melts your heart. It is a unique experience that cannot be compared to anything in the world.

Your life improves in all aspects and also, you will have an internal transformation that you never imagined you would have. It will be the most wonderful transformation, because your life will stop revolving around you and start revolving around your baby… Your priorities will have completely changed.

The moment you find out you’re going to be a father

When you find out that you are going to be a father your whole world is paralyzed for a few seconds, it really has happened! Your wife is pregnant and inside her womb a wonderful being is growing. Your thoughts only revolve around that the pregnancy goes well, that your wife is fine and that the baby reaches the world healthy.

The moment you already have him in your arms, you feel a wonderful energy that surrounds you and a love that you did not know you could feel on such a deep level for anyone. Now, from the birth of your little one is when the path of parenthood begins and you are afraid of making a mistake that could harm him in some way.

This is normal, those fears are normal and you should not fear them. You must understand them so that your ability to be a parent improves with your experience and your little one grows up having the best parent he could have had.

You’ll do fine

Everyone is afraid of the unknown, it is a normal human reaction. But that fear you have is what will help you do things better than you think. You will act with caution and always thinking about the benefit of your little one and your family.

It is normal that you want to focus only on doing things well all the time, but there is an important part that you must also keep in mind: you must take care of yourself and enjoy your fatherhood in all its senses. In order to achieve this, follow these tips and you will feel fabulous.

spend time with your baby

Everyone knows that a baby takes a lot of time, but attending to their basic needs is not the same as spending time with your baby while you enjoy it. The mother will enjoy her little one, but you should too because he is your son too.

You can spend time with your baby even before it is born. Get involved in the pregnancy, talk to your baby always both in the mother’s womb, and when she is born. Your baby needs to hear your voice to establish that much-needed emotional bond between the two of you.

That you do not lack love in the couple

There are parents who forget about being a couple when they have a baby and focus solely on being parents. It is necessary to be clear that when you become a father you do not have to change your role as a couple. In this sense, you should not neglect the relationship you have with the mother of your child. Show your love for her and appreciate the effort she has made to bring your son into the world and what she does every day to take care of him.

Distribute tasks equitably

That your wife is the mother of your children does not mean that she has to take care of everything. If she is breastfeeding your baby, you can do other things at home, you can take care of her so that she does not lack anything while she breastfeeds, for example.

There is nothing more wonderful in parenthood than being present all the time in the life and care of children and in the upbringing of your baby. You can bathe your baby, give him a bottle of breast milk or formula, play with your little one while the mother must rest to replenish her energy. Your role in the family is also a priority!

talk to your baby

It is true that your baby does not understand you but it does not have to be a reason for you not to talk to him. In fact, you have to talk to him every day, explain what you do and do it with all the love you have for him. In this way, your little one, in addition to enjoying your voice, will begin to internalize well the language in which he will develop in a few months.

Give her all your love

As a parent, you should give your children love and hugs all the time, because they need it, no matter how old they are. But your baby needs it too, and a lot! Hug your baby, give him kisses, caress him and tell him every day of your life that you love him with all your heart. Believe it or not, that will remain marked forever in the heart of your child. He may not remember the words, nor the moment… But the deep and pure love you feel for him will remain engraved forever, and it is essential for his development!