Nice and melodious red birds

The cardinal is an attractive songbird that is common in North America, Central America, and parts of South America. It is medium in size, reaching between 21 to 23 cm. It is distinguished by the plume on its head and a kind of mask on its face, which is black in males and gray in females.

They are also known as red cardinals, because the males are provided with a beautiful and bright red plumage. Females are mostly brown, with reddish feathers on the crest, bill, wings, and tail.

Fun facts

  • It is a songbird that makes a variety of trills to the delight of human ears.
  • Its natural environment are swamps, forests and gardens.
  • It is not migratory, one of those that fly from one place on the planet to another. However, you can move to other locations to avoid extreme weather or food shortages.
  • The color of the plumage is important because the brighter it is, the more likely it is that they will find a mate.
  • They are birds that like to interact with others, so they usually walk in flocks among themselves and with birds of other species.
  • They also stand out for having only one partner. When the female warms the eggs, the male is responsible for bringing her food.
  • Males are aggressive when it comes to defending territory. They attack other males they consider to be intruders. Sometimes they confuse their own reflection and collide with the crystals trying to attack themselves.
  • The color of the feathers in the male is a product of what they eat. Its diet usually contains reddish and yellow pigments that are metabolized in the bird’s body to create the color of its plumage.