Are you looking for a somewhat different name for your baby? Check the following list that without a doubt you will find one that will catch your attention. These are some NOT common names with meaning for boys and girls.

Each name is a world and there are many that are repeated or are usually very general and current. These names do not usually stand out among the others. If you want originality and great personality in your son or daughter, we show you a list of NOT common names and their meaning so that you have them in mind when making the final decision. Choose the best baby names for girls.

This is a selection of names different from those usually given to a newborn, and for that reason they are equally desirable and valuable. The advantages of these names is that they are so memorable that they are not easily forgotten and they tend to stand out.

NOT common names for girls and their meaning


This name originates from Hindu mythology. It means ” eternal and limitless expansion “.


Name of Mapuche origin that means ” ember that stays alive “, ” imperative ember ” or ” the one that shines “.


Name of Basque origin that means ” the fertile land “.


It is a Russian variant of the name Irene although its origin is really due to the Greek. It means ” the one who brings peace “.


Name of Hindu origin that means ” full of gifts and virtues ” or simply ” art “.


This name comes from the Hindu culture and means ” the ultimate reality “, ” the darkness ” or ” the source of being “.


This name comes from the Greco-Latin culture and means ” pure nobility “.


Name of English origin that has the meaning ” the justice that calls God “.


It has Arabic roots and means ” worthy of nobility ” or ” honorable woman “.


It comes from Chinese and its meaning is ” the purity of snow “.

NOT common names for boys and their meaning


It comes from the Greek, but it also has Egyptian origins. Its meaning is ” good man “.


Its origin is not well known, it is believed that it is Latino. Its meaning is “ hawk eyes ” or simply “hawk”.


Also Bepo . Name of Italian origin that means ” the enthusiast “.


Also Jarred , Yared or Yered . This name is of Hebrew origin and means “ descendant of nobles ”.


This name has roots in the Eskimo peoples of Alaska. It means “great warrior” or ” strong as a bear “.


Also Lyan or Liam. Name of Chinese origin whose meaning is ” the one that comes from the sun “.


Also Nahual. Name of Mapuche origin that means “great jaguar”.


Name of Greek origin that means ” the one who always comes out victorious “.


Of Quechua origin, its meaning is “ fire that remains proud ”.


Also Joel. Name that comes from Latin and its meaning is ” the representative of God “.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Aditi  Perfectionists and creative. Altruistic personality with great potential. They like to feel free and relate well to animals.
Ailen They are protective and brave. They usually stand out for their sweetness, the ability to love and stand firm to their ideals. They usually dazzle with their smile and great personality.
Ainhoa They stand out for the patience and tranquility they transmit. They are usually energetic people, of great ingenuity and like to discover new alternatives. Sweet and very sensitive to nature and music.
irina Serene and bold mentality. They express themselves very well and tend to acquire a taste for languages. They have a very attractive personality and many friends surround them.
Kalla They have great inventiveness and ingenuity, very attentive to small details. They are kind and sincere. They have a great sense of responsibility and are usually generous. His friendships are usually long-lasting.
Kali They are strong and clever. They are opposed to evil and do not support injustice. They are very close to their family and have a great cultural background.
Lois Conciliatory by nature and great dreamers with a cultured personality. They know how to give abundantly and demand to receive in equal proportion, which is why they tend to select their friends very well.
Mikela They have the ability to be leaders. They can’t stand lazy or lazy people. They always have a plan in mind and many capabilities to achieve it. Adversities do not stop before.
Nabila Determinants and great leaders. Open to new possibilities. They do not like to impose their point of view. Sometimes they can become capricious or show indifference.
Xue Proud of their results, since they strive to achieve them by giving their best. They are uncompromising and have a good understanding of the world around them. They care about their image and are very shrewd.
ammon Straight and consistent between their thinking and feeling. They are correct, good acting and cordial with others. They are interested in art. They are educated and have good judgment.
Astor Observant, enthusiastic and know how to listen to others. They can be lonely, but they are understanding and always make pertinent comments.
Bepo They like to work in a team and are very good at coordinating. They are friendly and stand out for being responsible and considerate. They are people you can count on at all times and trust secrets.
Jared They are humble and in a good mood. They know how to please others and usually stand out for their intelligence and ability to adapt. They consider life as a kind of game.
Kenai Brave and always demonstrate their abilities in public. They do not like lies and usually prefer pious acts. They are very insightful and generous.
lian They are enthusiastic and confident. They know how to stand out from the rest and please wherever they go. With a sociable and independent character, although in situations they can seem introverted.
Nahuel Brave and great protectors of his family. Passionate, sensitive and with an energetic personality that leads them to confront the world rudely, although they know how to listen carefully.
Nicanor They are tender and sensitive personality. They are great confidants and often take a different path than usual, which is why they are considered original. They like technology and everything they consider new in their environment.
Tidze They are free of spirit, although very demanding with themselves. They are ambitious and love to take on challenges. They are also of a generous nature, very communicative and know how to show the appreciation they feel for others.
xoel They like to be active and can be stubborn at times. They learn very quickly and like order. They usually have few friends, but they tend to appreciate them quite a bit.