In this article you will be able to choose between 40 different names of children with V. There are some classics, but most of them you probably didn’t know about.

Vicente, Víctor or Valentín are traditional V boy names . We will talk about its origin and meaning in this article, along with many other names. Some more classic, others more original.

Before starting, it must be said that the letter V is one of the least frequent in proper names, but even so, there are plenty of names for boys with V to choose from. Especially among those who come from Latin, Greek, Slavonic, Armenian or German.


1. Vaden . Of Swedish origin. It means “he who stands by the surface of mud”.

2. Wagon . Of Scandinavian origin. It means “vehicle, wagon, carriage, sled”.

3. Vakha . Of Chechen origin, it comes from Nakh Vakha , which means “to live”.

4.Valdemar . Of German origin. It means “the one who commands”.

5. Valdo . Of Latin origin, like many of the boy names with V that you will find in this list. It means “the one who rules”.

6. Valente . Of Latin origin. It means “brave”.

7. Valentine . Of Latin origin. It means “strong, healthy”. Variant: Valentino (Italian).

8. Valerik . Of Russian origin. It means “brave”. Variant: Valerii.

9. Valerius . Of Latin origin. It means “healthy”. Variant: Valerian, Valérien.

10. Valfredo . Of German origin. He means “king of peace”.

11. Varek . Of English origin. It means “of the fortress”.

12. Varus . Spanish name, variant of the surname Baro (place located in Burgos).

13. Basque . Of Portuguese origin. It is a variant of Basco, “gascon”.

14. Vasilys . Of Greek origin. It means “royal”. Variant: Vasilii (Russian).

15. Velasco . Other names of children with V of German origin. It means “raven”.

16. Venantius . Of Latin origin. It means “the hunter”.

17. Wenceslas . Of Slavic origin. It means “crowned with glory”.

18. Venture . Of Latin origin. It means “to be happy”.

19. Vernharður . One of many boy names with V of Icelandic origin. It is the equivalent of the Scandinavian Bernhard, a name that comes from the German Berinhart. It is formed by combining the words “bear” and “strong”. Variants: Bernard, Bernardo, Bernardus, Berner, Bernardino, Bernhard, Bernat, Bernal.

20.Vianney . Of Latin origin.

21. Vibol . Of Cambodian origin. It means “in abundance”.

22. Vincent . Spanish name of Latin origin meaning “the conqueror” or “the victor”. Variants: Vicenç, Vicenzio, Vincenzio, Vicent, Vincent, Visente, Vicenzo, Vincenzo.

23. Victor . Of Latin origin. It means “the victorious one”. Variant: Victorio, Victorino, Victoriano, Vitoriano, Vitorio, Vitor.

24. Vidal . Of Latin origin, it is a variant of Vital. It means “giving life”.

25.Videl . Of Portuguese origin, it means “life”.

26. Vigfus . Of Icelandic origin, it is a variant of the Norwegian name Vigfuss, which in turn comes from German. It comes from the combination of the words wig , which means “war, battle”, and fuss , “enthusiastic, eager”.

27. Vigo . Of Scandinavian origin. It means “battle”.

28. Vilfrid . Of German origin. It means “protected by his will”.

29. Wilhelm . It is the Esperanto form of the German name Guillermo.

30. Vinny . Of American origin, it is the diminutive of Vicente, which means “the winner”. Variant: Vinnie.

31. Vintila . Of Germanic origin, it comes from the German word wini, which means “friend”.

32. Virgil . Of Latin origin. It means “flourishing”. Variants: Virgile, Virxilio, Vergil, Virgili, Vergil, Verge, Virgil, Vergilio.

33. Viriato . Of Portuguese origin. It means “the bearer of bracelets”.

34. Visvalda s. Of Lithuanian origin. It is the variant of Visvaldis, a Latvian name that comes from the combination of the words vis , “all” and vald , “ruler”. It means, therefore, “the rule of all”.

35. Vito . Of Latin origin. It means “alive”.

36. Vivencio . Of Latin origin. It means “vital”. Variant: Vivian.

37. Vladik . Of Russian origin. He means “peaceful” or “he who has glory.”

38.Vladimir . Of Slavic origin. It is made up of the words vladi , “lord” and mir , “world, illustrious or famous”. It means “lord of the world”. Variant: Vladimir (Russian), Vladimirovich.

39. Vulpiano . Of Latin origin. It means “cunning man”.

40. Vyacheslav . Of Russian origin. Meaning “the one who has glory”.

Do you know more boy names with V?