It is essential that parents are the best team in raising children, because otherwise it would seriously affect the development of their little ones. Being the best team in the upbringing and education of children is the best way for them to grow up feeling safe, loved and above all, happy and confident in their family nucleus.

You are a role model for your child and therefore you must strive to be a good example from birth and throughout your life. If you cannot be a good team with the other parent, it will negatively affect them since both the father and the mother are their emotional referents. It does not matter if you live with the other parent or if you are separated or divorced, teamwork by and for the children must be above all else.

Think that depending on how your relationship with the other parent is, your children will learn to communicate, listen, understand emotions, understand oneself and others, etc. That is why they so badly need you to be a team when it comes to their education. Otherwise, emotional damage will be present in your lives.

How it affects the children that their parents are not a good team

Children, from birth, absorb all the information they see around them, even if you don’t notice it or think they are too young to remember later. Actually, from zero to four years old, within infantile amnesia , children learn a lot and keep it in their subconscious. But it is from there, from that unconscious memory where they form their personality.

If you are a father, mother or caregiver who behaves incoherently, argues, yells, does not have a defined educational style… it will affect your children. They will not have a secure model by which to define themselves and this will make them insecure and even anxious in the future.

Children who see their parents always arguing or disagreeing because they do not follow the same path, in reality the parents are not attending to the needs of their child, but of their own ego. That is why he will not feel safe by your side, because it is not your priority. You only seek to be right instead of reaching a coherent agreement so that your children are raised in the best possible way.

When this happens constantly, children feel alone, emotionally abandoned, frustrated, confused, have low self-esteem, little or no self-confidence, etc.

Follow the same path in parenting

Parents must be the best team for their children and always walk in the same direction in terms of education. To err is human and helps us learn and be better people, the same thing happens in motherhood or fatherhood. We don’t have the absolute truth , but the secret lies in always doing what you think is best for your children.

If you do not know how to walk in the same direction with the other parent of your children, we are going to pave the way for you with these points:

  • Find family moments to have fun together
  • When you have to talk about parenting issues, always do so in private, without the children present.
  • Talk to the other parent about how to solve problems before they arise
  • Not correcting the other parent in front of the children
  • There is no perfect way to educate or raise, we must regularly check if we have made a mistake in something and how to do it better in the future
  • Establish limits and rules in parenting, children must be informed so that they know what is expected of them at all times
  • At home, there are no good or bad… you are a team and not individual parts


If you are not a team in the education of children, we have already been telling you along these lines the consequences that it would have on the development of the little ones. For this reason, we must put ourselves in the children’s shoes to realize everything they need from us every day. We are their role models and although we are not perfect beings, they will learn tools from their parents that will help them acquire good skills for their future. And always, from respect and unconditional love.