It is always surprising when a child with blue eyes is born to a brown-eyed couple. But nature is capricious, and of course it can happen. In the same way that parents with brown eyes, their children can have green eyes. It is possible that this happens and then you will discover why…

genetic inheritance

We have two chromosomes in the body that are the ones that decide the color of the eyes: chromosome 15 and 19. We all carry genes to have green or blue eyes. The brown color is the dominant color and the rest of the colors are only recessive. Dominant means that it wins over the rest of the colors, blue is recessive and green is between dominant and recessive since it is dominated by brown but it dominates blue.

There are many combinations and therefore it is possible that if some parents have brown eyes, their children will be born with brown, green or blue eyes. Because they have all the genes and chromosomes to make it so, only genetics is doing its thing.

For example, if you have brown eyes, but your parents or grandparents had blue eyes, maybe your children have green eyes. There are also color combinations by chromosomes: greenish blue, greenish brown, grayish blue, brownish green, light brown, dark brown, almost black brown, etc.

There are even cases of people who have one eye of each color. Although it occurs less frequently, it is possible.

What color eyes will your baby have?

As we have mentioned above, genetics is very capricious and you cannot know 100% what eyes your baby will have, but you can get an idea with certain approximations. In this way you will be able to know with more or less percentage the eye color that your baby will have taking into account the eyes that both you and your partner have.

Although remember that perhaps the heritage of your ancestors also plays an important role and that is why you cannot know exactly what the color of your eyes will be… but this calculator can help you understand these percentages better.

baby eye color calculator

In the calculator we can see the results of the combination of colors and if you look closely, in the event that both parents have blue eyes, although this color is recessive, there is less chance that the eyes will be brown or green,! but it is not impossible either because there is a low percentage of it being so!

Therefore, by looking at the calculator you will be able to understand and guess what your baby’s eyes will be like depending on the color you and your partner have. Likewise, do not obsess about it either, since what matters above all is that your baby arrives in the world healthy and with good vision, regardless of the color of her eyes.

If from now on you see parents with a child who has blue or green eyes and both parents have brown eyes, don’t be surprised since, as you can see in the calculator, there is a percentage to make it possible.

The baby of parents with brown eyes will have a little over 6% chance of having blue eyes and almost a 19% chance of having green eyes. As you can see, everything is possible!