Children have a lot of fun Paw Patrol coloring pages. In fact, it is one of their favorite activities and one of the best exercises to stimulate fine motor skills and creativity. In addition, it is a perfect task to enhance emotional expression, while contributing to the maturation of some cognitive functions, such as perception and thought. However, these are not the only benefits of coloring.

How coloring stimulates child development?

1. Strengthens self-esteem

Various studies have found that coloring in a relaxed and relaxed environment helps children feel more satisfied and happy, which has a positive impact on their self-esteem. In fact, most children who color often take pride in their creations, especially when they receive praise from adults. Children’s story: The red shoes.

2. Improve communication

Coloring is a good exercise to stimulate children’s emotional expression and encourage them to represent what they think or feel through colors and strokes. In addition, when colored in a group, it is an ideal activity to stimulate family or peer communication, strengthen interpersonal relationships and enhance the development of social skills.

3. Stimulates emotional intelligence

Coloring has been shown to be a perfect exercise to stimulate the development of visual perception, thinking, creativity, executive ability and emotional intelligence. This explains why children who start coloring at a younger age have more developed thinking and emotional intelligence.

4. Power learning

By coloring the child not only begins to know the world around him but also takes a more active role in his learning, which at the same time promotes his motivation to learn. In fact, drawing or coloring in early childhood is a very important precedent that will later allow the child to develop the visual models through which the child represents the reality of his environment in the academic context.

5. Relax the mind

While most children’s games activate the nervous system, coloring helps children relax. In fact, it is an excellent therapy to calm them down when they are too excited, which is why it is often recommended for children with ADHD . It is also a great way to channel excess energy and vent emotions, especially negative feelings that the little one does not yet know how to deal with.

Coloring pages that your child will not be able to resist

When children have pictures in front of them that they really like, they are more motivated to color. Therefore, if you want to develop in your child a taste for painting and motivate him to color, you should look for drawings that he really likes and with which he can feel identified in some way.

One of the options with which you will surely hit the nail on the head are the drawings of The Paw Patrol, a Canadian animated series of adventures very popular among children that narrates the adventures of a group of puppies under the command of their small owner who have the mission to protect the community of Bahía Aventura.

In the series, each puppy has a unique personality and brings a special skill to the team, so these cartoons are also an excellent opportunity to reinforce the importance of group work, as well as the sense of sacrifice and responsibility.

Here are some nice drawings of Paw Patrol that have these cute puppies and their owner as protagonists.

Paw Patrol coloring pages to print and color