When children begin to read and write their first words, they are ready to understand the hours and minutes shown by the hands of a clock. That usually happens around 6 years of age. Once the child understands that time is made up of hours and minutes, she will be able to wear her first watch, usually at the age of 7 or 8.

With smart watches or ‘smartwatches’ children will not only be able to practice the time and learn to organize their time, but they will also be able to be connected with their parents and call them immediately in case of emergency. We reveal some of the best options.

10 smart watches ideal for the little ones at home

1. Space 4G smart watch, by SoyMomo

SoyMomo’s Space 4G is a very complete and versatile smartphone. It has an integrated front camera that allows you to take high-resolution photos and video calls, as well as a side flashlight so that children can find their way around in dimly lit spaces. In addition, it includes a settings option that allows you to regulate the volume or adjust the brightness of the screen, while it has a step counter to motivate the little ones to practice physical activity and stay active. And so that children do not run out of their watch when they need it most, it has an extra battery life and a magnetic charging port.

However, its biggest claim is the integrated application for parents, the best value in the market. The application allows you to define up to 10 contacts with whom children can communicate at any time, either through calls or voice messages. It also allows you to know and accurately record the location of the little ones and even offers the possibility of reviewing the location history on the map, highlighting the time and the exact place where they have been. In addition, it includes a reward system that allows parents to send stars to their children to recognize their achievements and reinforce good behavior.

2. Igreeman VGg15 Smart Watch

It is a smart watch designed for children between 4 and 12 years old that allows you to make and receive phone calls. All you need to do is insert a SIM card so kids can stay in touch with their friends and family throughout the day, but it can also be used without a card. In fact, it has other functions to keep them entertained: it has 14 very entertaining games and it has a music player.
In addition, it has very practical functions such as an alarm clock, a stopwatch, a calculator and a flashlight that allows good visibility even in dark places or at night. And, to keep the little ones always safe, it includes an SOS function and allows you to configure call blocking, except for emergency calls. Another point in your favor? It has a rotating front camera that allows you to take photos and selfies with high resolution, while offering the option to customize the wallpapers.

3. Smart watch with phone by TORRYZA

With this Torryza smart watch, the little ones at home can talk to their parents, play games, listen to music or take a photo at any time. Without a doubt, one of its greatest attractions is its various functions and tools that it includes, from calculator, alarm and flashlight to pedometer to quantify daily steps or recording mode to take notes. In addition, it has 10 fun games so they can entertain themselves, as well as a music player so they can listen to their favorite songs.

Of course, it also includes a camera that allows you to take photos and videos, while it has a call function that is activated with a SIM card. Obviously, it also has various functions to ensure the safety of the little ones at all times: it has an SOS button, as well as a lesson mode that allows you to block all functions, except emergency calls, while the children are in class.

4. Generies 2-Camera Kids Smartwatch

This watch has a 1.54-inch HD LCD touch screen and has 2 cameras capable of taking HD-quality photos. It also has an MP3 player, calculator, alarm clock and 6 integrated intelligence games with the possibility for parents to control their children’s game time.

It allows two-way conversations, saves call history and allows you to configure 10 contacts. Parents can also set a white list to prevent calls to unknown numbers and it has SOS call in case of emergency. It also has a silent mode and has 3 wallpapers for children to choose the one they prefer.

5. Save Family Kids GPS Smartwatch

This smart watch not only allows you to make calls but also send messages. It acts like a phone and has a private chat. It also has an Antispam Agenda so that the child can only call and receive calls from the numbers that the parents define in the application.

It has a GPS geolocation system that is based on 3 positioning systems (GPS, WiFi, GSM) to locate the child more precisely, both inside and outside buildings. Parents can also set safe zones and will receive a warning notification if the watch leaves the area. It saves a route history of the last 90 days so that parents know where their child has been and it has an SOS button connected to 3 phone numbers and a do not disturb mode during school hours.

6. H2O smartwatch by SoyMomo

This SoyMomo smart watch is very practical and has GSM, Wifi and GPS technologies so that little ones can connect and be located wherever they are. The watch works through a parental application designed by SoyMomo that allows you to manage the services from the parent’s device. Through the application you can configure the contacts that children can call or send audio messages, check the location in real time and set alarms.

The application also allows you to define safe zones, such as home or school, so that every time children enter or leave them, parents will receive a notification on their phone. And for emergencies, H2O features an SOS button that sends a notification and makes an automated call to a parent’s phone if the kids are in a bind. Another advantage? SoyMomo’s H2O watch has the IP67 certification that guarantees its resistance to any type of splash and immersion of up to 50 centimeters for 30 minutes.

7. Yenisey Game Watch Kids Smartwatch

This watch is available in three different colors so that children can choose the one they prefer. It has an HD touch screen and includes an MP3 player, 7 games, 3 alarm clocks and a calculator. It also has a 1GB micro SD card to save music or photos that children take with their camera.

It allows ultra-clear voice calls and stores 10 phone numbers. It also has an SOS function so that children can quickly notify parents in an emergency. It also has a voice recorder and a silent mode so that children can concentrate while they are at school.

8. VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX2

Available in a wide range of colours, this watch has a modern and compact design that any child will love. It has a touch screen and double camera to take selfies, front and side. And for the little ones to have fun, they can retouch the photos with frames and filters.

It also has built-in games, calculator, alarm, calendar and includes a personal trainer activity with a pedometer and the possibility of saving the score history, for older children who already practice sports. In addition, the content can be expanded by connecting to Explor@ Park to add more hours of fun. And there is no parental control.

9. Agptek 8GB Smartwatch

This smart watch has 8 GB of capacity, so that children can take many photos and videos, as well as save their favorite songs or audiobooks. It has 5 types of games and allows parents to monitor the time that children spend on this activity.

In addition to the SOS mode for emergencies, it allows you to configure up to 10 contacts and allows you to make and receive calls. It has an interface with many customization options, so that children can change 6 dials and 3 background images choosing between different styles.

10. Smart watch with 14 games, from Bauisan

This watch is one of the cheapest, but it has all the features that children need. It allows two-way phone calls and has an SOS system that notifies the first two contacts in case of an emergency. The child only has to press the emergency button twice to activate the service.

It also has 14 puzzle games for little ones to train their mental agility and plays music. It also has a camera, so you can take photos and videos at any time. It also includes calculator, stopwatch, calendar, alarm clock, flashlight and recorder applications.