We all know that sport is an excellent opportunity for children to exercise but also for them to learn great values ​​such as camaraderie, healthy competition, respect for others and above all, for them to learn that in sport the important thing is to participate . But it seems that in a children’s game in Mallorca, the parents forgot all this and the example they gave their children was nothing less than undesirable.

A Dantesque show

The word ‘dantesque’ can be quite short in relation to what could be seen in the children’s game, where some parents did not know how to do anything but set a bad example for their children. Parents are the best example that children should follow, but what is expected in a society where parents do not know how to be examples and what is worse, the only thing they show and teach their children is that aggressiveness is what fix everything? Do we want to live in a world where aggressiveness is the protagonist of everything? It seems that these parents did not care. Children’s story: The Tin Soldier.

Some will say that it is the heat of the moment, impulsiveness or that in football it is something normal. No, it is not. It is not justifiable to have this behavior in front of children, but it would not be appropriate if the children were not in front of it! Aggressiveness only breeds more aggressiveness. But of course, the worst of all is that in this case there were the children, children who cried after seeing the show that their parents were giving.

what exactly happened

It was a Sunday, but not like any other because on top of that it was Father’s Day. A Sunday where two children’s teams must compete in a soccer game. The children’s category is for children between 12 and 13 years old and all this happened in a Majorcan town of Alaró. Everything seemed normal until the altercation started. It all happened when one of the players in the match fouled another player from the opposing team. At that moment, instead of respecting the referee’s decision or waiting for the match to end so that together with the coaches they could talk about what had happened, the parents decided to do things on their own.

When the children started arguing on the pitch about the foul committed, the parents couldn’t think of anything else but to jump onto the pitch and start the Dantesque show. It seems that when two people incite aggressiveness, the others also get excited, and worst of all, instead of the rest of the spectators stopping the Dantesque show, a group of people also got involved in the fight! The children, it is clear, were scared and as can be seen in the video recorded by one of those present and circulating on the Internet, the children were very scared by what happened.

How do parents come up with this pitiful show on something that only had to do with children? In addition, the little ones must learn conflict resolution in order to grow internally, and with this show that they will soon forget, they will do nothing but learn things that are not acceptable and even lose respect for others. How can you trust adults who employ such aggressiveness?

After what happened, the FFIB Competition will decide if there will be any type of disciplinary measure, which obviously… Parents should comply with this embarrassing day on Sunday. Some parents reported what happened and alleged minor injuries.

Then we leave you the video so that you can evaluate for yourselves what the following images transmit to you. Thanks to the person who recorded the video and who has spread it, because it should make people think that in football or in any other sport, one does not know how to behave.