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“N” represents imagination. The N shows imagination and loves pleasure, writer, and spokesman.

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45 Unique Afghan Boy Names Starting With N

Nabi Prophet sent by God for the guidance of mankind.
Nabil / Nabeel Noble, Honourable, Intelligent, Dexterous.
NabiUllah Prophet of God.
Nader Extraordinary, Rare, Exceptional.
Nadim Intimate friend, boon, companion, Courtier.
Nafis / Nafees Refined, Pure, Exquisite, Precious, Invaluable.
Naieb Depudy.
Naim / Naeem Luxury, Pleasure, Blessing.
Naji Saved, Liberated, Safe.
Najib Excellent, Noble, Distinguished, Praiseworthy, Denerous, Aristocratic.
Najibullah Distinguished, servant of God.
Najm Star.
NajmUdin Star of religion.
Namavar / Namawar Famous.
Namdar Famous.
Naqi / Naqee Pure, clean.
Naqib / Naqeeb President, Head, Chief.
Naser Assister, Friend, Defender.
NaserUdin Protector of religion.
Nasher One who publishes.
Nasim / Naseem Gentle wind, Fresh air, zephyr, A cool breeze.
Nasir / Naseer Helper, Aid, Defender.
Nasrat / Nusrat Help, Aid, Assistance, Support.
NasrUdin Victory of religion.
NasrUllah Help of God.
Nateq Speaker, orator.
Nawab Depudy, secretary.
Nawid / Navid Happy tidings, Good news.
Nawin / Navin New, Modern.
Nazem Superintendent, Regulator.
Nazer Spectator, observer, controller, overseer.
Neamat Affluence, riches, easy life, blessing, gift.
NeamatUllah Blessing of God.
Nesar To strew, To sacrifice.
Nezam Order, Arrangement, Discipline, Ruler, System.
NezamUdin Discipline of religion.
Niamat / Nemat Blessing, Boon, Favour, Grace, Comforts of life.
Niaz Need, necessity.
Nik / Nek Good, Well.
Noor Muhammad Light of Muhammad.
NoorAhmad Light of Praised.
NoorUdin Light of religion.
NoorUlhaq Light of the truth.
Noorzad Light-born.
Nouman Flower Beds.