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“S” represents Beginnings. The S shows strong feelings, is Attractive, and with an easy attraction toward money and finances. It has a great influence on love. S may be a little sensitive and calm. S brings new beginnings.

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79 Unique Afghan Boy Names Starting With S

Saadaat The descendants of the Prophet.
Saber Patient, Tolerant.
Sabet Fixed, firm, immovable, steady, constant, proved, invariable.
Saboor / Sabur Patient, Tolerant, Forbearing.
Sadeq True, Truthful, Honest, Sincere.
Sadi Good influence of the stars, lucky. Sadi was a great persian poet.
SadUdin Star of religion.
SadUllah Joy of God.
Saeid / Said / Saeed Venerable, dignified, happy, lucky.
Safdar Valiant.
Safi Pure, Choice.
SafiUllah The pure of God.
Sahel Shore, bank.
Saif Sword.
SaifUallah Sword of God.
SaifUdin Sword of the religion.
Sajad Worshiper of God.
Sajed kneeling, prostrate, bowing.
Sakhaa Generosity, liberality.
Sakhi Generous.Arabic.
SalaahUdin Interest of the religion.
Salam Peace, Safety, Security.
Salar Leader.
Saleh Pious, Righteous, Upright.
Salem Healthy, safe, intact.
Salim Sound, Affable, Healthy, Guarded, Perfect.
Salman Safety.
Samim Genuine, pure, true, essence.
Samir / Sameer Wind.
Samsor Flourishing
Sangar Rifle-pit
Sarban Camel-driver
Sardar Chief, Noble man, Officer of rank.
SarFeraz Honoured.
Sarwar / Sarvar Leader, Chief, Master.
Satar Screen, Cover, Curtain wall, Pretex.
Sayed Lord, Master, Chief.
Sebghat Dye, color.
SebghatUallah Color of God.
Sediq Righteous, Very truthful, Hones, Sincere.
Sekandar The great Alexandar, defender of mankind, Victorious
Sepehr World, Sky
Shabab Youth.
Shaban Eighth lunar month.
Shabir Son of prophet Haroon.
ShadGul Happy Flower.
Shafi Intercessor, Mediator.
Shafiq Affectionate, Compassionate.
Shahab shooting-star, meteor.
Shahabudin Meteor of the religion.
Shahbaz Royal falcon.
Shahin / Shaheen Falcon.
ShahJahan King of the world.
ShahNawaz King’s friend.
Shahrukh Face of the king.
ShahZad Prince. Son of king.
ShahZadah Prince.
Shaian / Shayan Worthy,deserving.
Shakoor / Shakur Very grateful.
Shamim / Shameem Fragrant, scent.
Shams Sun.
ShamShad Box-tree
ShamsUdin Sun of the religion.
ShamsUlhaq Sun of the truth.
Shapoor / Shapour A character in Shahnamah.
Sharaf Honour, dignity, moral distinction, superiority.
SharafUdin Honour of the religion.
Sharif / Shareef Noble, honourable.
Shayeq Hopeful, Wisher, Lover, Needy.
Shekib Patient.
Sher Lion.
ShoAib Jetro: the father-in-law of Moses.
Siamak Black haired man.
Sina Explorer of knowledge.
Siyar Clever, wise
Sohail Canopus, TKing, Emperor, Ruler, Authority, Power. he second brightest star in the sky.
Sohrab Rustam son, A character in Shahnamah.
Sulaiman A Prophet, the biblical Solomon, Son of Prophet Dawood.
Sultan King, Emperor, Ruler, Authority, Power.