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“A” represents the Head. If your name starts with “A,” then it is considered that you show a strong interest in life in general and possess an independent nature. It shows Determination, Enterprise, and Courage. Three or more A’s appear in the name and can tip the scales toward selfishness.

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Famous American Baby Boy Names Start With A

Aaden Warmth of the Home, Fire, Flame
Aarav Peaceful, Good Personality
Aaref Knowledgeable
Aaric Rule with Mercy
Aaries TBD
Aarion TBD
Aaron Mountain of Strength, Exalted One
Aaryan Respectable, Of Utmost Strength
Abbot Father, Priest
Abbott The Father of the Abbey
Abdiel Servant of God, Angel of Faith
Abdul Knowledge, Servant of the Lord
Abelardo Breathing, Noble, Resolute
Abilene Father of Mourning
Abner Father of Light / Luminous
Abraham Faultless
Abram Exalted Father
Achak Spirit (Algonquin), Earth, Dust
Achilleas TBD
Ackerley Dweller at the Acre Meadow
Adalberto Bright Nobility, Aristocratic
Adalson Son of All
Adamo Son of the Red Earth, Mankind
Adams Son of the Red Earth
Adamson Son of Adam
Addis Son of Adam, Son of the Red Earth
Addison Son of the Red Earth
Addney Lives on the Noble’s Island
Adelbert High-born, Brilliant, Intelligent
Adewale One who Arrive Home
Adian A Large Bat
Aditya The Sun, As Bright as Sun
Adken Oaken
Adkins Son of Aiken
Adkyn Oaken
Adney Lives on the Noble’s Island
Adolf noble wolf
Adolfo Distinguished, Strong Wolf
Adolph Noble Wolf
Adonis Man Loved by Aphrodite
Adonius Unconquerable
Adrain Dark One, Man from Hadria
Adrian Dark One, Rich, From Hadria
Adric Blessed Ruler
Adriel Follower of God
Adrien The Dark One, Rich – Wealthy
Adrin Grace, God is Gracious
Adrion From Adria
Adron From Adria
Aedan Little Fire, Born of Fire
Aeden Little Fire
Aeithen God’s Angel
Aeker From the Oak Tree
Aekerley From the Oak Tree Meadow
Aekerman Man of Oak
Aekley From the Oak Tree Meadow
Aeldra Lives at the Elder Tree
Aelish Truth Teller
Aeneas He who is Praised, To Praise
Aeric Lone Ruler, Ever Ruling, Island
Afrim Productive, Fertile, Fruitful
Agustin Great, Magnificent
Ahmad Highly Praised, Commendable
Ahmat Worthy of Praise
Ahmed Leader, One who is Praise Worthy
Ahote Restless One
Ahron Enlightened, Fighter
Ahsen Gratitude
Ahtahkakoop Quilt of Stars
Aidan Superior, Mystery, Intelligent
Aiden Born of Fire
Aidyn Little Fire
Aiekin Oaken
Aigars TBD
Aiken Made of Oak, The Oaken
Aikin Oaken, Made of Oak
Aikon TBD
Ainslie My Own Meadow, Hermitage Meadow
Ainsworth From Ann’s Estate
Airon TBD
Aisford Lives by the Ash Tree Ford
Aisley Dwells at the Ash Tree Grove
Aiston From the Ash Tree Farm
Ajaye Unconquered
Ajdin TBD
Akando Ambush
Akeem Knowledgeable, Wise, Leader
Akilah Wise, Intelligent, Thoughtful
Akira Intelligent, Anchor, Bright
Akker From the Oak Tree
Akron Ninth-born Son
Akula Transcendental, Without Cast
Alastair Defender of Mankind
Albain Man from Alba
Alban From Alba, A City on a White Hill
Albee Man from Alba
Albern Noble Courage, Of Noble Valour
Albert Noble and Bright, Highborn
Albertino Noble, Variant of Albert
Alberto Aristocratic and Bright
Albin White, Old English for Brilliant
AlBrown TBD
Alburn Noble Warrior
Alburt Noble, Bright
Alcott From the Old Cottage
Aldan From the Old Manor, Form of Alden
Alden Old and Wise Protector, Defender
Alder From the Alder Tree, Birch Tree
Aldis From the Old House, Old, Tired
Aldred Wise Counsellor, Old Adviser
Aldric Old, Wise Ruler, Old Leader
Aldrich Old, Aged and Wise Ruler
Aldrik Old, Wise Counsellor, Old Ruler
Aldrin Old and Wise Ruler
Aldus From the Old House, Old, Wise
Aleco Defender of Men
Alejandro Defender, Protector of Mankind
Alejo Helper
Aleph Leader
Aler From the Alder Tree
Alessandro Defender of Man; Man’s Defender
Alev TBD
Alexa Defender
Alexander TBD
Alexandre French Form of Alexander
Alexandro Defender, Protector of Mankind
Alexavier Protector of the New House
Alexei Defender of Man, Helper
Alexis Defender of Mankind, Helper
Alexsander Defender of Men
Alexx TBD
Alexy Helper
Alexzander Protector of Mankind
Alfie Counsel from the Elves
Alfonso Prepared, Noble, Eager
Alford From the Old Ford, Place Name
Alfred Wise Counsellor, Name of a King
Alfredo Wise Counsellor, Sage
Alfrid Wise Counsellor, Sage, Elf Counsel
Algin Mustachioed
Alice Of a Noble Kind
Alicia Nobel
Alijha Follower of Christ
Aliou TBD
AlJohnson TBD
Alki Violent Force
Alkis Wealthy
Allain Little Rock, Peace, Harmony
Allan Harmony, Stone, Noble, Fair
Allard Brave, Highborn and Courageous
Allen Form of Alan, Noble, Comely
Allex Helper / Defender of Mankind
Allie Rock, Comely
Allison Son of the Highborn
Allred Wise, Red Haired Man
Allyn Handsome, Comely, Little Rock
Almer Infamous, Noble Man
Almo Noble, Famous
Alois Well-known Fighter, Famous Warrior
Alonso Alfonso, Ready for Battle
Alonza Noble – Eager
Alonzo Eager for Battle
Aloysius Renowned Warrior, Fame and War
Alphonse Eager, Ready for Battle, Noble
Alphonso Ready for a Fight, Noble and Ready
Alphy Inspired Advice, Noble and Ready
Alson Son of All
Alston From the Noble’s Home; Place Name; …
Alton From the Old Town; Ella’s Town; …
Alva Noble Friend, Elf, Brilliance
Alvaro Army of Elves, Elf Army
Alvie Noble Friend, Diminutive of Alvin
Alvin Noble Friend
Alvyn Noble Friend, Elf Friend
Alwin Noble Friend, Defender
Alwyn Noble Friend, Elf Friend
Alyn Little Rock, Handsome
Alyse TBD
Amad Serious, Much Praised
Amadee Love of God, Loved by God
Amado Loving Deity, Loved by God
Amadom Loves God
Amadou Love of God
Amali Work
Aman The One who is Peaceful
Amanda Active
Amani Peace, Wishes, Aspiration, Belief
Amare One who Builds
Amari Protector, Strength, Builder
Ambrose To be Immortal, Ever-living
Ameer Ruler, Prince, Superior, Chief
Amel Hope, Aspiration
Amelia Work, Effort
Amherst a place name
Amick Friend
Amin Divine Grace, Trustworthy, Honest
Amir Rich, Leader, Wealthy, Ruler
Amit Unlimited, Boundless
Ammar Long-living, Builder, Popularity
Amol Faithful, The King
Amory Industrious Leader, Brave
Amos A Burden, To Carry, Strong
Amron TBD
Amsden From Ambrose’s Valley
Amyn Trustworthy, Faithful, Truthful
Anakin Warrior, Soldier, Hidden, Obvious
Anca Black Eagle
Anders Virile, Manly, Priceless, Brave
Andersen Inestimable, Priceless
Anderson Son of Andrew, Masculine
Andi Man, Warrior
Andra Strong, Courageous
Andre Virile, Manly, Brave, Masculine
Andrea Brave, Masculine, Manly
Andreas Brave, Of a Man, Warrior
Andres Manly, Warrior, Masculine, Brave
Andreu Masculine, Warrior
Andrew Manly, Masculine, Warrior
Andrews Manly, Brave, Virility
Andria Brave, Manly, Virility
Andrian Manly, Dark One, Brave
Andric Manly, Brave
Andriel Manly, Brave
Andrij Brave, Manly, Virility
Andru Warrior
Andrue Manly, Brave
Andy Manly, Brave, Variant of Andrew
Aner TBD
Anestis TBD
Angad An Ornament, Part of God
Angel Messenger of God, Angel, Messenger
Angello Messenger
Angelo God’s Messenger; Angel
Angus Unique Choice, Exceptional
Anibal Graced by God, Grace of Possessor
Anil Breeze, Purest, Wind, God of Wind
Anis Close Friend, Friendly, Amiable
Anjelo Messenger, Heavenly Messenger
Anmol Priceless, Precious, Valuable
Anna Name of a King, Food, Grain
Annette God is Gracious / Merciful
Annick Sun, Soldier, God has Shown Favour
Annie Grace, Favoured
Anoki Actor
Ansa Portion
Anscom Lives in the Valley, Place Name
Anscomb Place Name
Ansel God’s Protection; Follower of a …
Ansell God’s Protection; Variant of …
Anselmo Divine Protection; God’s Helmet; …
Anslem Protected by God
Ansley My Own Meadow, Place Name
Anson Anne’s Son; A Surname; Son of …
Antar Rush Boldly in to Danger, Heart
Antavious TBD
Anthone Highly Praised, Priceless
Anthoney Highly Praised
Anthony Worthy of Admiration
Antiman Like a Condor in the Sun
Antinanco Like an Eagle in the Sun
Antione Beyond Price, Invaluable
Antoine Worthy of Admiration, Inestimable
Anton Priceless, Highly Praiseworthy
Antone Worthy of Praise, Of Value
Antoney Worthy of Praise, Of Value
Antonia Inestimable, Priceless
Antonio Highly Praiseworthy
Antony Priceless, Highly Praiseworthy
Antwain Beyond Price, Invaluable
Antwaun Variant of Anthony, Beyond Price
Antwon Beyond Price, Invaluable
Antwone Inestimable, Priceless
Anuj Younger Brother, Lord Ganesha
Anwar Devotee of God, Lustrous, Shiny
Apache A Tribal Name
Apolo Manly Beauty
Aponivi Where the Wind Blows Down the Gap
Aputsiaq Snow Flying from the Sky
Aqissiaq Like a Bird
Arash Bright Arrow, A Hero
Arashi Storm
Aray Lucky
Arber Dealer of Herbs
Archer Bowman, An English Surname
Archere Bowman
Archibald Bold, Valuable, Daring, Precious
Archie Bold, Form of Archibald
Archimedes Think First, Master of Thought
Arcus Rainbow, Goddess of Rainbows
Ardel From the Hare’s Dell
Ardell From the Hare’s Dell; Eager; …
Arden High, Soaring, Eagle Valley
Ardie Great Forest
Ardley From the Home Lover’s Meadow
Argenis One who has a Great Whiteness
Argentino Shines like Silver
Argiris TBD
Ariah Lion, Best, Excellent
Arian Spares, Pledge, Oath, Golden Life
Aric Ruler of All, Sacred Ruler, Ruler
Arick Ruler of All, Rule with Mercy
Ariel Lion of God, Name for Jerusalem
Arik Ruler of All, Sacred Ruler
Arin Mountain of Strength, With Spokes
Ariya Lion of God
Arizona Place of Little Spring
Arjun Confidence – Power, A Warrior
Arkansas Of the Downriver People
Arland Pledge
Arledge Lives at the Hare’s Lake
Arleigh Meadow of the Hare, Place Name
Arlen Oath, Pledge
Arley Meadow of the Hares, Place Name
Arlie Oath; From the Hare’s Meadow
Arlin Pledge, Oath
Arlis Promise
Arlo Fortified Hill, Hill
Arlon Pledge
Arlyn Oath, Pledge
Arman Longing, Wish, Hope, Desire
Armand French Form of Herman, Army Man
Armando Of the Army
Armani Longing for
Armeen TBD
Armond Army Man, Soldier
Armondo Warrior, Army Man, Soldier
Armstrang Strong Armed
Army Man with a Strong Arm in Battle
Arnatt Little Eagle
Arnav Sea, Great Ocean, Silence of Ocean
Arndell From the Eagle’s Dell
Arne As Powerful as an Eagle, Eagle
Arneel Eagle Strength
Arnel Eagle Strength
Arnell Eagle Ruler
Arnet Little Eagle
Arnett A Little Eagle
Arnie Eagle Power, Exalted, On High
Arnold As Powerful as an Eagle
Arnoldo The Eagle Rules
Arnott Little Eagle
Arol TBD
Aron Lofty or Inspired
Arren Mountain of Strength, Enlightened
Arric Rule with Mercy
Arrick Ruler of All, Rule with Mercy
Arron Lofty, Exalted, High Mountain
Arrow Warlike, Pointed Projectile
Arsenio Manly, Virile, Disputed, Potent
Artak TBD
Artem Well Being
Artemiy TBD
Arther Bear, Rock, Noble Strength, A Bear
Arthur Noble, Bear, Rock, Noble Strength
Artie Noble, Rock
Artiom Follower
Artis Bear, Rock, Noble, Lofty Hill
Artjom TBD
Arturo Noble, Strong as a Bear, Bear
Arturs Noble Soldier
Arty Bear, Rock
Arvel Wept over
Arvid Friend of the People
Arvie Friend of the People
Arvil Fusion of Soul
Arvis The People’s Friend
Arvon The People’s Friend
Arwen Love
Arwin People’s Friend; Examination; …
Arwood From the Fir Forest
Arwyn People’s Friend
Arya Powerful, Noble, Great, Truthful
Aryan Warrior, Honourable, King, Noble
Aryn Mountain of Strength, Enlightened
Asaiah God Made, The Lord Hath Wrought
Ascot Lives at the East Cottage
Ascott Lives at the East Cottage
Asdrubal TBD
Ashby From the Ash Tree Farm
Ashe Ash Tree Town
Asher Favourable, Blessed, Fortunate
Ashford Lives in the Ash Tree Ford
Ashlee Ash Wood
Ashleigh Ash Wood
Ashley Meadow of Ash Trees
Ashlin Meadow of Ash Trees
Ashlon Strong
Ashly Meadow of Ash Trees
Ashok King, One without Sorrow
Ashtin Ash Tree Enclosure, Ash Tree
Ashton Town of Ash Trees
Ashwin King of King, Spear Friend
Ashwyn Spear Friend
Askold TBD
Aspen The Aspen Tree
Assaad Brave, Happier
Asterios TBD
Athan Immortal
Atherton Dweller at the Spring Farm
Atom TBD
Atticus Coming from Attica, Father like
Attkins Son of Aiken
Attmore From the Moor
Attwell Lives by the Spring
Atwell Lives by the Spring, Place Name
Atwood Lives in the Forest, Place Name
Atworth at the farmstead
Atworth Lives at the Farmstead, Place Name
Aubrey noble, bearlike
Aubrey Bearlike, Elf Ruler / Power
Aubry Rules with Elf Wisdom
Aucaman Condor from Wilderness
Aude Old Friend, Deserted, Desolate
Audel Old Friend
Auden Ancient / Old Friend, Bold One
Audie Old Friend
Audley Prosperous Guardian, Old Friend
Audrey Of Noble Strength
Audric Old, Wise Ruler, Old Leader
Auggie Deserving of Respect, Sacred, Pure
Augie Deserving of Respect
August Venerable, Holy, Form of Augustus
Augustine Exalted, Majestic, Dignity
Aundre Nobel Wolf, Manly, Brave
Aurelio Gilded, Golden
Aurick Noble Valour / Leader
Aurora Light, Sunrise
Aury Golden-haired
Austan Holy, Dignified, August
Austen Venerable, Majestic
Austin Exalted, Great, Magnificent
Auston Holy, Dignified, August
Austyn Majestic, Variant of Augustine
Autry Noble Strength
Autumn Autumn
Avan Water, Joy, Desire, Pleasure
Avee Sun – Air
Avelino TBD
Averell Wild Boar, Boar-warrior
Averil Wild Boar, Born in April
Averill Wild Boar, Born in April
Avery Counsel from the Elves
Avon A-one, The River
Awan Supporter, Friend, Somebody
Awen Somebody
Awin Somebody
Awon Somebody
Axayacatl Water-faced
Axel Father / Man of Peace, Axe
Axle Source of Life, Father of Peace
Axton From a Stone Town
Ayaan First Ray of the Sun, Nature
Ayal Gazelle, Hind, Doe, Deer, And
Ayalon Deer
Ayan Movement
Ayawamat One who Follows Orders
Aydan Fire, Mystery, Superior
Ayden Enlightened, Bright, Strength
Aydin Educated, Illuminated, Clear
Ayers Son of Ayer, Heir to a Fortune
Aylmer High-born, Renowned, Nobly Famous
Ayman Lucky, Righteous
Ayrton TBD
Azariah One who Hears the Lord
Azat Gazelle, –
Azdine Hope of Religion
Aziz Powerful, Friend, Dear One
Azwan TBD