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“B” represents Emotions. B has a love of nature and life. It shows Amicable, Homeliness, and Over-Sensitive (when short of self-confidence). It is not a particularly strong letter on the physical plane and can be influenced easily by others.

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Famous American Baby Boy Names Start With B

Baalveer Strong, Powerful
Babacar TBD
Babak Name of the Father of Ardeshir
Babs TBD
Badr Full Moon
Baez Boar
Bailey Administrator
Bailey Administrator, Steward
Baird Poet, One who Sings Ballads, Bard
Baird Poet
Baker Baker
Bakyt Luck, Fortune
Balder Prince
Balder Bearer of Light, Prince
Balyn Mighty Soldier
Bancroft From the bean field
Bancroft Village on a Hillside
Banks From a Hillside or Riverbank
Banner Flag bearer
Banning Small and Fair
Barbu TBD
Barclay From the Birch-tree Meadow
Barclay From the birch tree meadow
Bard Battle Against Peace, Poet
Bard Poet
Bardalph Ax wolf
Bardan Lives Near the Boar’s Den; From …
Barden From the Valley of Barley
Bardene From the Boar Valley
Bardo Variant of Bartholomew
Bardolf Axe-wolf, Bright Wolf
Bardolf Ax wolf
Bardolph Ax wolf
Bardolph Axe-wolf, Bright Wolf
Bardon Minstrel, Singer-poet
Bardrick Ax ruler
Bardrick Axe-ruler
Bardulf Axe-wolf, Bright Wolf
Bardulf Ax wolf
Barhloew Lives on the bare hill
Bari Creator, Deity, Sharp, Pointed
Barkley From the Birch Tree Meadow
Barlow Lives on the bare hill
Barlow Clearing of Barley
Barnaby Son of Consolation, Prophet
Barnaby Son of comfort
Barnard Strong as a Bear, Form of Bernard
Barnard Strong as a bear
Barnet Of honorable birth
Barnet Of Honourable Birth
Barnett nobleman, leader
Barnett Leader
Barney Son of comfort
Barney From the Land that was Burned
Barnum From the Nobleman’s Home
Baron Nobleman
Baron Warrior
Barr Gateway, Form of Barretta, A Cap
Barr Gateway
Barre Gateway
Barret Brave as a bear
Barrett Brave as a Bear, Bear-like
Barrett Brave as a bear
Barric Grain farm
Barrick A Barley Farm, Grain Farm
Barrick Grain farm
Barrie Lives at the Barrier, Fair-haired
Barrington A Troublesome Tribe or Person
Barron Warrior
Barry Marksman
Bart Rich in Land
Bart From the barley farm
Bartel From the barley farm
Bartel Rich in Land
Barth Son of the Earth
Bartholomew A Son that Suspends the Waters
Barthram Illustrious
Barthram Illustrious, Glorious Raven
Bartleah From Bart’s Meadow
Bartleigh From Bart’s Meadow
Bartley Birch Forest
Bartley From the birch tree meadows
Barton From the barley settlement
Name Meaning
Barton Town Near a Barley Patch
Bartram Glorious Raven, Bright Raven
Bartram Glorious raven
Barwolf Ax Wolf
Basarin TBD
Basil Imperial, Monarchic, Kingly
Basil Kingly
Bat Ploughman, Abounding in Furrows
Bat son of Talmaí
Bates Boatman, Ploughman
Bates Ploughman
Batu TBD
Bax Baker
Baxter Baker
Bay Russet-haired, Auburn-haired
Bay Auburn haired
Bayard Auburn haired
Baye Seventh-born Child
Bayhard Reddish Brown Hair
Baylen Auburn haired
Baylen Auburn Haired, Variant of Bayard
Bayley Law enforcer or bailiff
Bayley Law Enforcer, Bailiff, Steward
Baylon Mighty Soldier, Foolhardy
Beacher Lives by the Beech Tree
Beal Handsome
Beale Handsome
Beall Handsome
Beaman Beekeeper
Beaman From a Beautiful Hill, Bee-keeper
Beamer Trumpeter
Beanie TBD
Beaton From the Warrior’s Estate
Beau Handsome, Pretty, Beautiful Gaze
Beau Handsome or pretty
Beaux Sweetheart, Handsome, Admirer
Beceere Lives by the Beech Tree
Beck Brook, Place Name, Small Stream
Beck Brook
Becket Beehive
Beckett Beehive, Bee Cottage
Beckham Mattock Maker, Beck Homestead
Bede Prayer, Name of a Historian
Bede Prayer
Bedel A Messenger
Beecher Lives by the Beech Tree
Bejay Letters B Plus J
Bek Brook
Bela Pure, White, Within, Intelligent
Beldan Lives in the beautiful glen
Beldane Lives in the Beautiful Glen
Belden Lives in the beautiful glen
Beldene Lives in the Beautiful Glen
Beldon Lives in the beautiful glen
Belson TBD
Bemelle Strong as a Bear
Bemossed Walker
Ben Born of the Right Hand
Benecroft From the bean field
Beng Pot-shaped Hollow
Benison blessing, benediction
Benito Blessed, Similar to Latin Benedict
Benj Son of the Right, Son of the South
Benjamen Son of the Right Hand
Benjamin Right Hand’s Son; Born of the …
Benjamin Born of the right hand
Benji Born of the Right Hand
Benjiman Son of the Right Hand
Benjy Born of the Right Hand
Benn Born of the Right Hand
Bennet Blessed
Bennet Blessed, Right-hand Son
Bennett Little Blessed One, Blessed
Bennett Blessed
Bennie Born of the right hand
Benny Born of the Right Hand
Benon Industrious, Variant of Bert
Benon Industrious
Benson Born of the right hand
Benson The Blessed One
Bentley moor, grass meadow
Bentley Bent Grass Clearing
Bentley Bent grass
Benton Settlement in a grassy place
Beny TBD
Beomann Beekeeper
Beore Birch Tree
Bercleah Lives at the Birch Tree Meadow
Beresford From the barley ford
Beretun From the Barley Farm
Beretun From the barley town
Berford From the Barley Ford
Beric Grain Farm
Berick Grain Farm
Berk Man of Strength
Berk From the birch tree meadow
Berke From a Fortified Castle
Berke From the birch tree meadow
Berkeley From the Birch Tree Meadow
Berkley From the Birch Tree Meadow
Bernard As Strong as a Bear, Courageous
Bernard Brave as a bear
Bernardo Bear, Courageous, Strong
Berne Brave as a Bear, Form of Bernard
Bernie Grim Bear, Bear, Courageous
Berry From a Fortified Castle
Bert Bright, Highborn, Brilliant
Bert Bright
Berth TBD
Bertie Bright
Bertie Intelligent, Highborn, Brilliant
Bertin Bright
Bertin Bright, Industrious
Berton From the fortified town
Bertram A Knight, Bright / Glorious Raven
Bertram Bright raven
Bertrand Intelligent, Glorious Raven
Berwick From the Barley Grange
Berwyk From the barley grange
Beryl Dazzling Jewel
Bev Beaver Field / Stream, Son of Evan
Beverley From the Beaver Meadow
Beverly From the Beaver Meadow
Bevo Son of Evan, Beaver
Bick From the Hewer’s Ford
Bickford From the Hewer’s Ford; Axe-man’s …
Bilal The Chosen One, Black Man
Bill Resolute Protector
Billie Resolute Protector, Will-helmet
Billie Resolute protector
Billy Resolute Protector
Bingo TBD
Binh Peace, Peacefulness
Bink Lives at the Bank
Birch Bright or shining
Birche Birch
Bird Like a Bird, Variant of Byrd
Bird Bird
Birde Bird
Birdhil From the Bird Hill
Birdhill From the Bird Hill
Birk Place Name
Birk Birch tree
Birkett Lives at the Birch Headland
Birkey From the Birch Tree Island
Birley From the Cattle Shed on the Meadow
Birney Lives on the Brook Island
Biron Surname Used as a Given Name
Birtel From the Bird Hill
Birtle From the Bird Hill, Hill of Birds
Birtle From the bird hill
Bishop Supervisor of Spiritual Things
Bishop Overseer
Bizz TBD
Bjoern Bear
Bjorgvin TBD
Bjorn Bear, Courageous, Like a Bear
Black Dark, Dark Skinned
Black Dark
Blackie TBD
Blade Wealthy glory
Blade Wealthy Glory, Glory, Prosperity
Blaine Thin, Slender, Lean, Lean or Thin
Blaine Slender or thin
Blair Dweller on the plain
Blair Dweller on the Plain, Plain
Blaise Stammerer
Blaise Stammerer, Lisp, Stutter
Blake Dark complexioned
Blake Dark Complexioned, Pale Skinned
Blakeley From the dark meadow
Blakeley From the Dark Meadow, Pale Meadow
Blakely From the dark meadow
Blakely From the Light Meadow, Pale Meadow
Blakey Dark complexioned
Blakey Dark Complexioned, Blond
Blandford From the gray ford
Blandford From the Grey Ford
Blane Slender or thin
Blane Slender, Thin, Variant of Blaine
Blaney Slender or thin
Blanford From the gray ford
Blanford From the Grey Ford
Blayne Slender or thin
Blayne Slender, Thin, Variant of Blaine
Blaze Stammerer
Blaze Flame, Conflagration, Stammerer
Blessing TBD
Bli High
Bliss Delight joy or happiness
Bliss Delight, Joy, Happy
Bloeme Flower
Blue The Colour
Blues TBD
Blyth Cheerful
Blyth Cheerful, Merry
Blythe Cheerful
Blythe Cheerful, Happy, Carefree, Joyous
Bob Bright, Form of Robert
Bobbi Bright Famous One
Bobbie Bright fame
Bobby Bright fame
Boby Bright Fame
Boc Male Deer
Bocleah Lives at the buck meadow
Bocley Lives at the buck meadow
Boda Herald
Bode Messenger
Bodo To Announce, To Command, A Leader
Bolt From the Manor Farm
Bolton From the manor farm
Bon Good
Bond Tied to the land
Bond Bound by Loyalty
Bones TBD
Boney Pleasant, Good, Charming
Boni Charming, Pleasant, Sweet
Bonner Good Citizen, Gracious, Gentle
Bonnie TBD
Bono A Good Man, All Good
Bonzo TBD
Boogie TBD
Booker Beech-tree, Binder of Books
Bookie Scribe or Bookbinder
Boomer TBD
Boon Good
Boone Good
Boone Good, A Blessing
Booth Lives in a hut
Booth Lives in a Hut, Dwelling Place
Boothe Lives in a hut
Boothe Lives in a Hut, Dwelling Place
Boots TBD
Borden From the boar valley
Borden From the Valley of the Boar
Boris Battle, Fight, Warrior, Short
Borja Battle, Fight
Bort Fortified
Boss Caption, From Boston
Bost Pride, Blessed, Courageous
Boston A Place Name
Bosworth Lives at the cattle enclosure
Bothe Lives in a hut
Bourke Fortified Hill
Bourn From the brook
Bourne From the brook
Bowie Blond, Fair Haired, Yellow Haired
Boyce Dweller near the wood
Boyce Living Beside a Wood
Boyd Yellow hair
Boyd Son of the Yellow Haired, Blond
Brace TBD
Brack Brock’s Town; Fern; Bracca’s Town
Brad Broad
Brad Broad, From the Broad Meadow
Bradan From the Broad Valley, Salmon
Bradan From the broad valley
Bradd Broad
Bradd Broad, Wide
Braddock Broad spreading oak
Braddock Living Near a Broad Oak Tree
Braddon Broad valley
Braddon Broad Hillside
Braden Broad Hillside, Salmon
Bradene From the broad valley
Bradford A river crossing
Bradford A Person Living Near a Ford
Bradlee Dweller at the broad meadow
Bradley Dweller at the broad meadow
Bradly Dweller at the Broad Meadow
Bradon Broad Hillside
Bradon Broad valley
Bradshaw broad fence
Bradshaw Dweller of the broad forest
Bradwell From the broad spring
Brady Dweller on the broad Island
Bradyn Broad valley
Braeden Broad valley
Braeden From the Dark Valley
Braedon Broad valley
Braedon Broad Hillside
Braiden Broad Hill
Brain High, Noble
Braison Brave
Braleah From the hillslope meadow
Braleah From the Hill-slope Meadow
Bram Bramble, Raven, Father of Many
Bram Bramble
Bramwell From the bramble bush spring
Brand Proud
Brand TBD
Brandan Beacon hill
Brandan Beacon Hill, Sword
Branddun Beacon hill
Branden Beacon hill
Branden Beacon on the Hill
Brandin Beacon hill
Brandin Beacon on the Hill
Brandon Beacon hill
Brandon A Hillside Covered with Broom
Brandt Firebrand, Sword, Blade, Proud
Brandy Hill Covered with Broom
Brandyn Beacon hill
Brandyn Beacon Hill, Broom Covered Hill
Brannon Little Raven, Broom Covered Hill
Branson Brando’s Son; Beacon Hill; Sword; …
Brant proud
Brant Proud, Firebrand, Sword, Blade
Brantley Proud
Brantley TBD
Branton Proud
Branton Settlement Where Broom Grew, Proud
Brantson Proud
Braulio Sheep
Bravo An Excellent Man
Braxten Brock’s / Bracca’s Town; Variant …
Braxton From a Brown Farm; Brock’s Town; …
Brayan Strong, Powerful
Brayden Broad valley
Brayden Broad Hillside, Salmon
Braydon Broad valley
Braydon Broad Hillside
Braylen A Broad Valley
Braylon Braydon Plus Lynn
Bree High, Noble, The Exalted One
Brenan Tear Drop, Descendant of Braon
Brendan Sword-blade, Smelly Hair, Prince
Brenden Little raven
Brenden Little Raven, Prince
Brendin Prince
Brendon Traveller, Prince, Brave
Brendt Hilltop
Brennan Little raven
Brennan Little Raven, To Brand, A Prince
Brennen Smelly Hair, Prince
Brennon Prince, Variant of Brendan
Brent Hilltop
Brent One with the Brand, Hilltop
Brentan Hilltop
Brentan Hilltop, Steep Hill, Mount
Brenten Hilltop
Brenten Hilltop, Mount, Variant of Brent
Brentley Hilltop
Brentley Hilltop, Variant of Brent
Brently Hilltop
Brently Hilltop, Variant of Brent
Brenton Hilltop
Brenton Hilltop, Mount, Variant of Brent
Breon Force, Power, Strength
Bret Native of Brittany
Brett From Britain
Brett From Britain, A Breton
Brewster brewer
Brewster One who brews ale
Brewster One who Brews Ale, Brewer
Brewstere One who brews ale
Brewstere One who Brews Ale, Brewer
Breyon Power, Strength, Force
Bri Force, Power, Strength
Brian Honorable
Brian Strong, Honourable, Strength
Brice Strength or valor
Brice Strength, Valour
Brick Bridge
Brick Bridge, Form of Brice
Bridger Dwells at the Bridge
Brien Brave, Virtuous, Strength
Brigham From the Village Near a Bridge
Bright Clever, Glow, Light
Brik Bridge
Brinton From Britain
Brion Brave, Virtuous, Strength, Force
Briston TBD
Britain From Great
Briton From Great Britain, Breton
Britt The Helpful One, The Exalted One
Brittain From Britain
Brittain From Britain, Brit
Brittan From Britain, Brit
Brittan From Britain
Brittany TBD
Britton From Britain, Brit
Britton From Britain
Broc Badger
Brock Resembling a Badger, Stream
Brockley From the badger meadow
Brocleigh From the badger meadow
Brocly From the Badger Meadow
Broderick From the broad ridge
Broderick Descendant of Bruadar
Broderik From the broad ridge
Brodie Ditch, From, Muddy Place
Brodrig From the Broad Ridge
Brodrik From the Broad Ridge
Brody A ditch
Brody Waterway, Unusual Beard
Brogan Shoemaking, Sturdy Shoe
Brok Badger
Bromley From the Broom Covered Meadow
Bromley From the brushwood meadow
Bromly From the Brushwood Meadow
Bronson Brown’s Son; Son of the …
Bronson Son of the dark man
Bronzen Copper
Brook A Small Stream
Brooke A Small Stream
Brooks Son of Brooke, Running Water
Brooks Brooke’s son
Brooks Son of Brooke
Brookson Son of Brooke
Broque Badger
Brougher Lives at the fortress
Broughton From the fortress town
Brownie TBD
Bru Brown, A from of Bruno
Bruce Woods, Brewer
Bruce Woods
Bruiser TBD
Brun Dark Skinned, Brown, Dark, Armour
Brun Dark skinned
Brunno Dark Complexioned
Bruno Brown Skinned, Dark Complexioned
Brutus Brute Strength
Bryan Honourable, Form of Brian
Bryan Honorable
Bryant Virtuous, He Ascends, Strength
Bryant Virtuous
Bryce Son of a Nobleman, Quick-moving
Brycen Nobleman, Quick-moving, Speckled
Brydger Lives at the Bridge
Bryggere Lives at the Bridge
Brylle TBD
Bryon High, Noble, Brave, Virtuous
Bryon Honorable
Bryson Son of the Strong One
Bryton Bright Town
Bub Brother
Bubba Brother, Good Friend
Buck Like a Male Deer, A Stag
Buck A male deer or a stag
Buckley From a Clearing of Goats
Buckley Male goat or deer
Bud Herald, Messenger, Friend
Bud herald, messenger
Bud Herald or messenger
Budd Messenger, Herald
Budd Herald or messenger
Buddy Herald, Messenger, Friend
Buddy Herald or messenger
Budge TBD
Buff TBD
Buford A Ford Beside an Aviary
Bugsy TBD
Bulat Having Great Strength
Bull TBD
Bundy Free
Burch Birch
Burchard Strong as a Castle
Burcin TBD
Burdett Surname Used as a Given Name
Burdett Unknown
Burdette Unknown
Burdon Lives at the Castle
Burford Lives at the Castle Ford
Burgeis Town Dweller, Lives in Town
Burgeis Town dweller
Burgess Freeman from a Fortified Town
Burgess Town dweller
Burgtun From the Fortress Town
Burk From the Fortified Hill / Castle
Burke From a Fortress, Fortified Hill
Burke Fortified hill
Burl Cup Bearer, Butler, Wine Servant
Burl Cup bearer
Burle Fortified, Variation of Berlyn
Burle Fortified
Burley Lives at the Castle’s Meadow; …
Burly Lives at the Castle’s Meadow
Burn From the Brook, Creek, Place Name
Burn From the brook
Burnard Strong, Bear, Courageous
Burnard Strong or brave as a bear
Burne A Spring, From the Brook
Burne From the brook
Burnell A Burnt Hill, Strong
Burnell Strong or brave as a bear
Burnette Bear, Brown
Burnette Bear or brown
Burney Lives on the Brook Island
Burny Brave as a Bear, Damp Place
Burrell A Countryman, Fortified, Reddish
Burrell Fortified
Bursone Son of Byrne
Burt A Settlement Near a Fort
Burt From the fortified town
Burton From the fortified town
Buster One who Breaks Things
Butch Butcher, Shining Brightly
Butcher Manly
Buzzy Humming Noise, Quick Movement
Byford Lives at the River Crossing
Byram From the Cattle Yard, Place Name
Byram From the cattle yard
Byrd Like a Bird
Byrd Bird
Byrne Descendant of Bran
Byrne From the brook
Byrnes Son of Byrne
Byron Place Name, Barn for Cows
Byron At the cowshed
Byrtel From the Bird Hill