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“C” represents Energy. The C loves to be the organizer. It shows Good-Humored, Extravagant, and Dexterous.

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Famous American Baby Boy Names Start With C

Cabe Rope-maker, A Cape
Cable Rope, Rope-maker
Cabot Strolling Player
Cacho Carlos
Cactus The Cactus Plant
Cadby From the Warrior’s Settlement
Cadda Warring
Cade juniper
Cade Circular, Round, Lumpy, Gentle
Caden Barrel, Fighter
Cadyn Round, Son of Cad
Cael Slim, A Warrior of the Fianna
Caesar Head Full of Hair, Form of Cesar
Cage TBD
Caiden Warrior
Cain Craftsman; Warrior’s Son; Spear; …
Caindale From the Clear River Valley
Caine Gatherer
Caitlin TBD
Calbert Cowherd, Cowboy
Calder Cold Brook, Rough Waters, Stream
Caldre Cold Brook
Caldwell Cold Water Source
Cale To be Faithful, Bold
Caleb To be Faithful, Messenger, Bold
Cali TBD
California TBD
Callie Son of Alexander
Callum White / Bald Dove
Calum Dove
Calvert calf leader
Calvert Cowherd, Cowboy
Calvex Shepherd
Calvin Little Bald One
Camara Teacher
Camden From the Twisting Valley
Camerin Crooked Nose
Cameron Bent Nose, Crooked Stream
Camilo Ceremonial, Attendant
Camren Crooked Nose
Camron Bent Nose, Crooked Nose
Camryn Bent Nose
Canard Duck, Newspaper
Candid Hidden
Cannon Occupational Name
Canon Occupational Name
Cap A Chaplain
Cappy Profit, Good Fortune
Cardell TBD
Caren Dear Little One, Pure
Carey Ciardha’s Descendant; Place Name; …
Carissa TBD
Carl Man, Free Man, Farmer
Carle Peasant Settlement, Free Man
Carlester Man
Carleton Peasant; Settlement; Farmer’s Town
Carli Strong One
Carlisle From the Walled City, Place Name
Carlon From the Castle, Small Champion
Carlos Powerful, Free Man
Carlson Son of Carl
Carlton Settlement of Free Men
Carlyle From the Protected Tower
Carmelo Garden of God, Garden
Carmen Garden, Orchard, Son of
Carmine Vine Dresser, Garden of God
Carnell Defender of the Castle, Winner
Carol Free Man, Little One Dark Haired
Carole TBD
Carolyn The Little Champion
Caron Love
Carrington Beautiful
Carrol Champion, Man
Carroll Zealous Warrior, Champion
Carsen Son of Marsh Dwellers
Carson Mossy Place
Carswell Lives at the Watercress Spring
Carter Transporter of Goods with a Cart
Cartere Drives a Cart
Cartier One who Drives Cart
Cartland From the Land Between the Streams
Cartrell Cart Driver
Carvel From the Villa by the March
Carvell From the Villa by the March
Carver Sculptor, One who Carves Wood
Carvin TBD
Cary Man, Place Name, Pretty Brook
Caryn TBD
Case Container, Bringer of Peace, Box
Casen Descendant of Cathasaigh
Casey Alert, Watchful, Vigilant, Wakeful
Cash Case Maker, Wealthy Man, Vain
Casim The Person who Distributes
Casimir Peacemaker, From a Polish Word
Cason Great One
Casper King of the Treasure
Caspian Sea
Cassidy One with Curly Hair, Clever
Cassius Vain, Empty, Poor, Robbed, Hollow
Caster Beaver, From the Roman Camp
Castro Beaver, Leader
Castulo Beaver
Cat Smart
Catahecassa Dark Hoof
Catalino Pure, Chaste
Catfish TBD
Cavin Beautiful at Birth, Handsome
Cayden Fighter, Spirit of Battle
Cayle Bold
Cazimir Destroyer, Declaration of Peace
Ceaser He who was Cut out of the Womb
Cecil Blind, Sixth, Day, Grey Eyes
Cedric Generous / Friendly Character
Cedrick War Leader, Gift of Splendour
Ceejay Letters C Plus J
Celdtun From the Farm by the Spring
Cevin Gentle, Kind, Fair
Chaakmongwi Crier Chief
Chace Huntsman, Hunter
Chachi TBD
Chacko TBD
Chad Of Great Love, Warrior, Warlike
Chadd Fierce, Protector, Warrior
Chadrick War, Warrior, Mighty Warrior
Chadwick Place Name
Chadwyck Chad’s Dairy Farm
Chady Warrior, Battle
Chaim Life, Crooked
Chale Strong – Youthful
Chalie Son, Lad, Boy
Chalo TBD
Chamar Son of the Lord, Danger, Courage
Champ Survival, Winner
Chance Good Fortune, Chief Secretary
Chancellor Record Keeper, Occupational Name
Chancy Chance
Chandler candle maker
Chandler Maker of Candles, Candle-maker
Chann Wise, Young Wolf, Beauteous
Channe Wise, Young Wolf
Channing Wise, Knowing, Occupational Name
Channon Form of Shannon, Wise One
Chanse record keeper
Chante Singer, To Sing, Song, Being Sung
Chantz Chance
Chapman Merchant, Tradesman, Trader
Charl Free Man
Charlee Modern Form of Charles
Charles Manly, Strong, Free Man
Charleson Son of Charles, A Man
Charleston From Charles’s Farm; A Man; …
Charleton Similar to Carleton
Charley Manly, Strong
Charli Free Man
Charlotte Feminine of Charles
Charlton Peasant Farm, Place Name
Charly Manly, Variant of Carl
Chas Manly, Form of Charles, Farmer
Chase Skilled Hunter, Huntsman, Hunter
Chasen Huntsman, Hunter
Chaska First Son Born (Sioux)
Chatham From the Soldier’s Land
Chatima The Caller
Chato TBD
Chau A Pearl
Chaunce Chancellor, Occupational Name
Chaunceler Chancellor
Chauncey Church Official, Chancellor
Chauncy Church Official, Chancellor
Chavatangakwunua Short Rainbow
Chavez Dream Maker, May God Protect
Chayce Huntsman
Chayton Falcon (Sioux)
Chazz Free Man
Che Name of Lord Shiva / Vishnu
Ched TBD
Cheech TBD
Cheetah TBD
Cheick TBD
Chelton Clay
Chencho Crowned with a Laurel
Cheo TBD
Cherokee People of a Different Speech
Chesley Camp in a Clearing
Chess Camp of the Soldiers
Chester A Legionary Camp
Cheston Rocky Fortress, Camp
Chet Camp of the Soldiers, Fort
Cheveyo Spirit Warrior
Chey God
Cheyenne Alien Speakers, A Tribe
Chez Famous, Free Man
Chi Man with Purpose
Chic Earth
Chicago Powerful
Chicha Beloved (West Africa)
Chick A Man, Variant of Carl
Chidi God Exists
Chijindu God is the Owner of Life
Chil Clay
Chillee One who is Cold
Chilton From the Farm, By the Spring
Chino Small, Golden Heart
Chip Chipping Sparrow, Strong Man
Chips TBD
Chiqui Sweet
Chistopher TBD
Chito Free One, Frenchman
Chitto Brave
Chloe Sweet One, Polite
Chochmo Mud Mound
Chochokpi Throne for the Clouds
Cholo TBD
Chon TBD
Choncey Fortune, A Gamble
Choovio Antelope
Chop TBD
Chopper TBD
Choviohoya Young Deer
Chowilawu Joined Together by Water
Choy TBD
Chris Running Water
Chrishan Awakened, Almighty Lord
Chrissy Form of Christopher, Anointed
Christ Anointed
Christian Follower of Christ, Anointed
Christion Follower of Christ, Christian
Christon Variant of Christian
Christoper Bearing Christ
Christopher Christ-bearer, To Carry
Christpher Bearing Christ
Chubby TBD
Chuchip Deer Spirit
Chuck Free Man, Strong and Manly
Chuckie Strong, Manly, A Free Man
Chucky Man
Chum TBD
Chunta Cheating
Churchill Lives at the Church Hill
Chuy TBD
Cicero The Historian, Farming Peas
Cico TBD
Cindy Moon
Cinque TBD
Cinwell Lives at the King’s Spring
Cisco Diminutive of Francisco
Claiborn From the Clay Brook
Claiborne Stream by a Clay Bed
Clair Famous, Bright, Shining, Clear
Claire Bright, Famous
Clare Bright, Clear, Famous, Victorious
Clarence Clear, Luminous, Famous
Clark A Member of Religious Order
Clarke Clergyman, Cleric
Claro One who is Clean – Transparent
Claud Lame
Claude Lame, Preserving, Disabled
Claudio Lame, Disabled, Limping
Claudius Feeble Man, Lame, Limping
Clay Settlement by the Clay Pit
Clayborne Brook Near the Clay Pit
Claybourne From the Clay Brook
Clayburn From the Clay Brook, Born of Clay
Clayton Settlement by the Clay Pit
Cleavon From the Cliff Land, Cliff
Cleavon cliff
Cleiton TBD
Clem Form of Clement, Merciful, Mild
Clement Merciful, Mild, Gentle
Cleon Glory, Fame, Good Repute
Clester Fortified Place
Clete TBD
Cletus Calling Forth, Summoned, Invoked
Cleve Dweller by the Cliff, Cliff
Cleveland A Hilly Region / Area
Clever One who is Smart
Clevon From the Cliff, Slope Land
Cliff cliff at the river crossing
Cliff Settlement by the Cliff
Clifford Ford Near the Cliff
Cliffton From the Farm Near the Cliff
Clifland From the Cliff Land
Clifton A Settlement at a Riverbank
Cliftun From the Farm Near the Cliff
Clint Settlement Near the Headland
Clinton Settlement Near the Headland
Clinttun From the Headland Estate
Clintwood Forest Near the Hill Town
Clive Living Near a Cliff, Slope, Bank
Clovis Famed Warrior, Name of a King
Clyde TBD
Clyffton From the Farm Near the Cliff
Clyfland From the Cliff Land
Clyford Ford Near the Cliff
Clyftun From the Farm Near the Cliff
Clyve Cliff by the River
Coach TBD
Cobi Holder of Heel, Yahweh May Protect
Coburn Wild Bird Stream
Coby Following After, Supplanter
Codell Helpful
Codey Cushion, Helpful, Pillow
Codi Helpful, Cushion
Codie Cushion, Helpful, Helper
Cody Descendant of the Helpful One
Coen Brave
Cohen Brave, Priest
Colan Victory of the People
Colby Dark, Dark Haired, Coal Village
Cole A Person of Swarthy Appearance
Coleman Dark Skinned, Charcoal Burner
Colemann Dark Skinned, Coal Miner
Coleton TBD
Coletun From the Dark Town
Coley Swarthy, Coal, Dark One
Colfre Dove
Colier Charcoal Merchant, Coal Miner
Colin Victory of the People, Young Boy
Colis Son of the Dark Man, Coal Seller
Colleen Victorious, Little
Collie Victory of the People
Collier Coal Miner, Charcoal Merchant
Collin People’s Triumph; Creative; …
Collins Victory of the People
Collis People’s Triumph; Son of the Dark …
Collyer Charcoal Merchant, Coal Miner
Colman Charcoal Burner
Colt Young Horse, Frisky
Colten Coal Town
Colter Taking Care of Horses
Coltere Horse Herdsman
Colton Coal Town, Town of Colt-breeding
Coltrane Frisky, Young Horse
Columbus A Dove
Colver Dove
Colvert Seaman, Renowned Mariner
Colvyr Dove
Colyer Charcoal Merchant, Coal Seller
Colyn Victory of the People
Colys Son of the Dark Man
Con Constancy, With, Together
Conan Exalted, Hound, Wolf, High
Conde TBD
Conley Ardent, Wise, Hero
Conner High Desire
Connie Hound, Wolf, High, Brave
Conor Wise Aid, High Longing
Conrad Experienced / Honest Adviser
Constance Constant, Steadfast
Constantine Constant, Steadfast, Firm
Conte TBD
Cony Hill Hollow
Cook Occupational Name
Cooper A Maker of Barrels / Tubs, Seller
Coopersmith Barrel Maker
Corben Raven, Raven-haired
Corbett Little Raven, Dark as a Raven
Corbin Raven, Raven-haired
Corby Raven, Raven-haired
Corbyn Raven, Raven-haired
Cord Bold / Wise Counsellor
Cordale Cord-maker, Variant of Cordell
Corday Cord-maker, Variant of Cordell
Cordel Cord Seller / Maker
Cordell Rope / Cord Maker
Corky Hill, Hollow
Corley Generous, Hill Hollow, Benevolent
Cornel College
Cornelius Like a Horn, Strong Willed, Wise
Cornell Horn, Form of Cornelius
Corny Talkative Person, Crow, War Horn
Correy Dweller Near a Hollow
Corrick From the Ravine, Hill Hollow
Corry The Hollow
Cort Bold / Wise Counsellor, Courtier
Cortez A Refined, Accomplished Person
Cortland Royal Land, Courtier
Cortney Court-dweller
Corvin A Raven, Raven-haired
Corwan Friend of the Heart
Corwin Friend of the Heart
Corwine Friend of the Heart
Corwyn Friend of the Heart
Cory Helmet, The Hollow
Cote River Bank, Coast
Cotton Wise, Knowledgeable
Coty Old House
Cougar Resembling the Wild Animal
Coulter Back Country, Young Horse, Frisky
Courtenay From Courtenay in Northern France
Courtland From the Court’s Land; Dweller by …
Courtney Court Attendant
Cousin TBD
Covell Lives at the Cave Slope
Coven Hillside Hollow, A Twin
Covyll Lives at the Cave Slope
Coy From Quy
Coyote TBD
Craig Living Near a Rock or Cliff
Cramer Shopkeeper, Merchant
Crandall From the Crane Valley
Crandell From the Crane Valley
Crane Crane
Cranley From the Crane Meadow
Cranston From the Crane Estate
Cranstun From the Crane Estate
Crash TBD
Crawford From the Crow’s Ford
Cree Tribe Name
Creed Belief, Guiding Principle
Creek From the Small Stream
Creighton A Settlement on a Ridge
Crespin Curly Haired, Curly-haired
Creston TBD
Criag Rock
Cricket Resembling a Chirping Insect
Cris TBD
Crish TBD
Crismon Flower
Crispin Curly-haired
Criss Follower of Christ
Crist Christian
Cristen Follower of Christ, Christian
Cristia TBD
Cristian Follower of Christ, The Anointed
Cristobal TBD
Cristofer With Christ Inside, Christ Bearer
Cristopher Bearer of Christ
Croften From the Enclosed Town
Crofton Cottage Town
Crompton From the Winding Farm
Cromwell Lives by the Winding Stream
Crosleigh From the Cross Meadow
Crosley From the Cross Meadow
Crosly From the Cross Meadow
Cross From the Place
Croydon Valley of Saffron, Surname
Cruz Carrying a Cross, Cross
Crystal Unblemished, Clear
Crystian Follower of Christ
Cuauhtemotzin One who Falls Like an Eagle
Cuba A Place of Abundant Fertile Land
Culbart Seaman
Culbert Seaman
Cullen The Son of the Holy One, Handsome
Culver Dove
Cupere Barrel Maker
Curley Curly-haired
Curly Curly-haired
Currin Hero, Champion
Curt Bold / Wise Counsellor, Polite
Curtis Polite, Courteous
Curtiss Polite, Courteous
Cutler Knife Maker
Cyd Lord, A Public Hill
Cyle From Ancient Times
Cypher A Coded Message
Cyril King, Lordly, Proud, Masterful
Cyrill Master, Lord
Cyrus Like the Sun, First King of Iran
Czar Head of Hair, Emperor