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“D” represents Balance. The D shows Will-Power’s natural talent for Business, Perseverance, Authority, and Organization.

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Famous American Baby Boy Names Start With D

Daanyal Wise
Dace Southerner
Dace Southerner, Of the Nobility
Dacey Southerner
Dacey Adored, Southerner
Dacian Southerner
Dacian Southerner, Of the Nobility
Dack From the French town Dax
Dack Reference to the French Town Dax
Daddy TBD
Dade Dark One, Man from Hadria
Dael Lives in the valley
Dael Lives in the Valley, Small Valley
DaeQuan TBD
Daevon TBD
Dago Teaching
Daijon Gods Gift of Hope
Dailon TBD
Dain From Denmark
Dain From Denmark, Brook
Daine From Denmark
Dainis God of Wine
Dajon TBD
Dakota Friendly Companion, Friends
Dakota Allies or friends
Dakotah Friend, Ally, Tribal Name
Dalbert Bright, Proud, Day-bright
Dalbert Bright or shining
Dale Hollow or valley
Dale Living in a Valley
Dalen Hollow or valley
Dalen Valley, Rhyming Variant of Waylon
Daley Hollow or valley
Daley A Place for Assembly, Valley
Dallas Waterfall Near the Field
Dallen Blind, Similar to Dallin
Dallin From the Dale, Proud, Blind
Dallis TBD
Dalston Daegel’s town
Dalton The Settlement in the Valley
Dalton Town in the valley
Dalvin Proud Friend
Dalyn Hollow or valley
Dalyn Hollow, Valley
Damar TBD
Damarcus From the God Mars
Damari Unclear
Dame Tamer
Dameon Tame
Damian To tame
Damian To Tame, Subdue, Tamer
Damien To Tame, Subdues, Spirit, Subdue
Damion Tame
Damon To tame
Damon To Tame, Constant, Spirit, Subdue
Damond Constant, Loyal
Damone Gentle, One who Tames
Dana God is My Judge, Judge, Arbiter
Danae God is My Judge
Dandre The Strong / Courageous Man
Dane From Denmark
Dane From a Valley, From Denmark
Daneil God has Judged, God is My Judge
Dangelo Descendant of Angelo, Angel
Danger One who Takes Great Risks
Danial God is My Judge
Daniel The Lord is My Judge, Joyful
Daniel God is my judge
Danielle God is My Judge
Danish Knowledge, Careful, To be Clever
Daniyar TBD
Dann Judge, An Abbreviation of Daniel
Dannie God is My Judge
Danniel God is My Judge
Dannis Follower of Dionysos
Danno Field Gathering
Danny God is my judge
Danny Form of Daniel, God is My Judge
Danon God is My Judge
Danovan Form of David
Dante Steadfast, Faithful, Enduring
Dante Enduring
Danyal Prophet
Danyele TBD
Danylo God has Judged, God is My Judge
Danzel Fertile Land, Fort
Daquan A Spring
Daran Great, Small and Great, Wealthy
Daran Great
Darby A Settlement Where Deer Come
Darby Free
Dardo Astute and Skillful
Darek Ruler of the People, Gifted Ruler
Darek Ruler of the people
Darel Darling, Beloved, Open
Darel Darling or beloved
Darell From Airel, Beloved
Daren Born at Night, Great
Daren Great
Darence Blend of Darell and Clarence
Darian Wealthy, Upholder of the Good
Darian Great
Dariel Open, Variant of Darrel Open
Dariel Little darling
Dariell Little Darling, Open
Dariell Little darling
Darien Wealthy Protector
Darik Ruler of the People
Darin Precious Present, Great
Darin Great
Dario Rich, Maintain Well
Darion Gift, Similar to Darin
Darious Wealthy, Protector
Darius Wealthy
Dark Gift, God of Lord
Darl Darling, Beloved
Darlen A Darling, A Sweet Man
Darnall Hiding Place
Darnall Hidden place
Darnay A Tale of Two Cities
Darneil Hidden Place
Darnel Hiding Place, The Hidden Alcove
Darnel Hidden place
Darnell Hidden Spot
Darnell Hidden
Darol Leader
Darold From Airelle, Lord of the Manor
Darold Blend of Daryl and Harold
Daron Great
Darrance Blend of Darell and Clarence
Darrel Darling, Beloved, France
Darrel Darling
Darrell Darling, Form of Daryl, Dear
Darrell Darling
Darren Greta, Oak Tree
Darren Great
Darrence Blend of Darell and Clarence
Darrian Gift, Similar to Darin
Darrick Ruler of the Land
Darriel Beloved
Darrien Gift, Similar to Darin, Protector
Darrin Great, Form of Darren, Wealthy
Darrin Great
Darrion Great, Form of Darren
Darrius He who Upholds the Good
Darrold TBD
Darrold Blend of Daryl and Harold
Darroll Open, Variant of Darrel Open
Darron Great
Darrow Spear Wielder
Darry Wealthy
Darryl Darling, Form of Daryl, Dear
Darryl Darling
Darryle From Airelle
Darryll Darling, Beloved, From Airelle
Darryll Darling
Darryn Great
Darton From the Deer Park, Place Name
Darton From the deer park
Darus Wealthy, Protector
Darvel Eagle Town
Darvell Town of Eagles
Darvin Blend of Daryl and Marvin
Darwin Dear friend
Darwyn Dear / Good Friend
Darwyn Dear friend
Daryl Darling, Dear, Beloved
Daryl Darling
Daryle Darling, Beloved
Daryle Darling
Daryll Darling, Dearly Loved
Daryll Darling
Daryn Gifted, Great, Small
Das Love, Devotee, Servant of God
Dasan Devotee, Servant of God, Vasan
Dasen Leader
Dashawn Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Dashi One who is Fast, A Charming Man
Dasin Leader
Dassan Leader
Dathan Faith or Law
Daulton Town in the Valley
Daunte Enduring
Dauren TBD
Dav Friend, Beloved, Favourite
Dave Beloved; David’s Son; Form of …
Daved Beloved One
Daveon Beloved, Variant of David
Daveon Beloved
Davey Dearly Loved
Davian Adored, Beloved
Davian Beloved
David Adored, Beloved One
David beloved
Davidson Surname, Variant of David
Davidson Son of David
Davie Cherished, Beloved
Daviel Beloved, Variant of David
Daviel Beloved
Davin Beloved, Dear One, Bright Finn
Davion Brilliant Finn, Beloved
Daviot Beloved, Variant of David
Daviot Beloved
Davis Adored; Son of David; David’s Son; …
Davis Son of David
Davison Son of David; David’s Son; …
Davison Son of David
Davo TBD
Davon Dear One
Davontae TBD
Davonte TBD
Davy Beloved, Son of David
Davy Beloved
Davyd Beloved One, Adored
Dawan Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Dawin Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Dawn Awakening, Daybreak, Sunrise
Dawson Beloved, Son of David
Dawson Beloved
Dax Reference to the Town, Water
Daxton French town Dax
Day Light, Hope, Day
Dayan Judge
Daylan Hollow, Valley
Daylan Hollow or valley
Dayle Valley
Dayle Hollow or valley
Daylen Valley, Rhyming Variant of Waylon
Daylen Hollow or valley
Daylin Hollow, Valley
Daylin Hollow or valley
Daylon Hollow, Valley
Daylon Hollow or valley
Daymond Tamer
Dayna Dane
Dayne From Denmark
Dayner From Denmark
Dayner Variant of Dane from Denmark
Dayron TBD
Dayshawn Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Dayson Surname
Dayson Son of the Beloved, Surname
Dayton Sunny town
Dayton Sunny Town, Bright
Daz Wealthy, Small and Great
Deacon One who serves
Deacon A Servant / Friend, Dusty One
Dean Hollow or valley
Dean Dweller in a Valley, Hollow
DeAndra Male, Manly, Virility, Brave
Deandre Strong and womanly
Deandre Strong – Manly
Deane Place Name, Valley
Deangelo From the Angel, Heavenly Messenger
Deborah TBD
December Born in December; Winter’s Child
Deck One who Dyes
Declan Man of Prayer
Deddy Wealthy Protector, Gift of God
Dedric Gifted Ruler; The People’s Ruler; …
Dedrick Ruler of the people
Dedrick Powerful Ruler of the People
Dee Brave, Unclear
Deegan Black-haired
Deejay TBD
Deem Rainbow After the Rain
Deems Judge’s Son
Deerward Guardian of the deer
Deeter A Friendly Woman
Deforest From the Forest
DeForrest From the Forest
Deion Of Zeus, Follower of Dionysos
Deiondre Valley
Deji TBD
Dejon Yahweh / God is Gracious
Dejuan God is Merciful
Deke Palm tree
Deke Ruler, Servant
Dekel Palm tree
Dekel Dusty One, Servant, Palm Tree
Dekle Palm tree
Dekle Dusty One, Servant
Del Proud Friend
Delano Coming from Swamps, Night Time
Delbert Bright as day
Delbert Sunny Day, Shining One
Dell From the Yew Tree Valley, Rich
Delman Man from the valley
Delman From the Dell
Delmar From the Sea, Mariner
Delmas Noble
Delmer Mariner of the Sea
Delmon Of the mountain
Delmon From the Mountain Valley
Delmont Of the Mountain
Delroy The King, Son
Delson TBD
Delton From the town in the valley
Delton A Settlement in a Valley
Delvin Good friend
Delvin Bright / Godly Friend
Delvon Good friend
Delvon Bright Friend, Godly Friend
Delwin Bright Friend, Valley Friend
Demar TBD
Demarco Of Marco, From the God Mars
Demarcus Dedicated to Mars
Demario TBD
Demarion Wished for a Child
Demason Judge’s Son
Demasone Judge’s Son
Demetre Follower of Demeter
Demetri Gift from Demeter
Demetrious Follower of Demeter
Demetris Earth-lover of Demeter
Demetrius Of the earth
Demetrius Of the Earth, God of Fertility
Demian To Tame
Demis TBD
Demond From South Munster
Demonte Living Near the Top of a Mountain
Dempsey From the Judge’s Meadow; Proud
Denali Great One
Dene From the valley
Dene From the Valley, Place Name
Deney Follower of Dionysus
Deniel The Lord is My Judge
Denim Strong Cloth
Denis Named for Saint Denys
Deniss Follower of Dionysus
Denley From the valley meadow
Denley The Dean’s Farm; From the Valley …
Denney Follower of Dionysius
Dennie God of wine
Dennie Follower of Dionysius
Dennies Follower of Dionysus
Dennis God of wine
Dennison Son of Dennis
Dennison Son of Dennis; Dennis’ Son
Denny Follower of Zeus, God of Wine
Denny God of wine
Deno TBD
Denson TBD
Denton Settlement in the valley
Denver Green valley
Denzel A place in Cornwall
Denzel From Denzell
Denzell A place in Cornwall
Denzil A place in Cornwall
Denzil A Place in Cornwall, British Town
Deon God of wine
Deon Abbreviation of Dionysius
Deondre Brave, Manly
Deontae TBD
Deonte TBD
Dequan Spring
Derald Blend of Daryl and Harold
Derald TBD
Deran Wealthy, Small – Great
Derebourne From the deer brook
Dereck Ruler of the people
Derek Ruler of the People
Derell Darling or beloved
Derell Darling, Beloved, Open
Derex Famous Ruler
Deric The People’s Ruler
Derick Ruler of the people
Derick Ruler of the People, Gifted Ruler
Derik Ruler of the People, Gifted Ruler
Derik Ruler of the people
Derin Gift of God, Precious Present
Derius Wealthy
Derrall Darling or beloved
Derrall Darling, Beloved, Open
Derrance Blend of Darell and Clarence
Derrek Ruler of the people
Derrek Ruler of the People, Gifted Ruler
Derrel Beloved, Variant of Darrel
Derrell Darling or beloved
Derrell Darling, Beloved, From Airel
Derren Great
Derren Great, Small and Great, Wealthy
Derrian Great
Derric TBD
Derrick Ruler of the people
Derrick Rich
Derrik Ruler of the people
Derrik Ruler of the People, Gifted Ruler
Derrill Darling or beloved
Derrill Darling, Beloved, Open
Derrin Great
Derrion Great, Good Wealth
Derrold Blend of Daryl and Harold
Derrold TBD
Derryl Darling or beloved
Derryl Darling, Beloved
Derryn Wealthy, Small – Great
Dervin Gifted friend
Dervis TBD
Dervon Gifted friend
Derwan Guardian of the deer
Derward Guardian of the deer
Derward Guardian of the Deer, Deer Keeper
Derwent Derwent River in England
Derwent TBD
Derwin Guardian of the deer
Derwin Friend of the Deer, Gifted Friend
Derwyn Guardian of the deer
Derwyn Guardian of the Deer, Dear Friend
Deryck Ruler of the people
Deryck Ruler of the People, Gifted Ruler
Deryk Ruler of the People, Gifted Ruler
Deryk Ruler of the people
Deryl TBD
Des Names beginning with Des
Desean The Sean, The Gift from God
Deshaun God is Merciful
Deshay TBD
Deshon Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Deshun God is Merciful
Desiree Desired, Longing
Desmond From south Munster
Desmond Gracious Defender
Destin Determined, Destiny, Fate
Deston Fate
Deston Destiny, Fate
Destrey Destiny
Destrey Fate
Destrie Fate
Destrie Fate, Variant of a French Surname
Destry Fate
Destry Destiny
Detroit TBD
Dev Poet
Dev Divine, Poet, God, Respect
Devaan Divine, Worshipper of the God
Devan Men of Devon, Divine, Like a God
Devan Poet
Devante Fighter of Wrong
Devaughn Divine Qualities, Little Deer
Deven TBD
Deven Poet
Deveon Poet
Deveon A Form of Devon
Deveral Riverbank
Devere Riverbank
Devereau Riverbank
Devereaux Riverbank
Deverel Riverbank, Place-name
Deverel Riverbank
Deverell riverbank
Deverell From the Bank of the River
Deverick Riverbank
Devery Riverbank
Devid God, Beloved / Friends
Devin Of a Little Deer, Poet
Devin Poet
Devion Poet
Devion Bard, Poet
Devon English and American Place Name
Devon Poet
Devone TBD
Devonn Poet
Devonne TBD
Devontae Men of Devon
Devonte Men of Devon, Of a Little Deer
Devron Poet
Devry Riverbank
Devy Devine, Fawn, Poet
Devyn Poet
Dew Friend, Divine, Favourite
Dewain Dark, Song
Dewane TBD
Dewayne Waggon Maker, Swarthy, Dark, Black
Dewey Adored, Prized, Form of David
Dewey Prized
Dewitt White Complexioned, Blond
Dexter Dexterous, Right Handed, Dyer
Dez Lord of Light
Dhane TBD
Diallo Bold One, From Malinke
Diamantis TBD
Diamond A Shining Protector
Diamond Bright guardian
Diamont Bright guardian
Dian A Candle, From God of Wine
Diana Heavenly, Divine
Diandre Blend of Dion and Andre, Manly
Diandre Manly
Diane Night
Dianne TBD
Diar An Expensive Wood
Dias TBD
Diaz Teaching
Dic Peaceful / Powerful Ruler
Dick Rich and powerful ruler
Dick Rich and Powerful Ruler, Powerful
Dickey TBD
Dickie Dominant Ruler, Powerful Ruler
Dickson Rich and Powerful Ruler
Diego Doctrine, One who Supplants
Diego Supplanter
Dijen Fighter, Handsome
Dijon Gracious God
Dik Wild
Dikesone Rich and powerful ruler
Dilan Loving, Son of Waves, Faithful
Dill Heart, Lots of Love
Dillan Faithful, Loyal, Form of Dillon
Dillard TBD
Dillion Faithful, Loyal
Dillon Faithful, Like a Lion, Loyal
Dimi TBD
Dimitri From the Mother of Land
Dimitrios Earth-lover, Follower of Demeter
Dimitrious Follower of Demeter
Dimitris Earth Mother
Dimitrius Follower of Demeter
Dimos Follower of Demeter
Dingo Resembling the Wild Dog
Dino Little sword
Dino Little Sword, Various
Dins One who Climbs to the Top
Diogo Superior, Doctrine, Teaching
Dion God of wine
Dion God, Abbreviation of Dionysius
Diondre Manly, Blend of Dion and Andre
Diondre Manly
Dionicio TBD
Dionisis TBD
Dionta TBD
Dionte Follower of Zeus, God of Wine
Dionte God of wine
Dirk Ruler of the people
Diron Bird
Dito TBD
Dix Strong Ruler, From Richard, Ten
Dix Strong ruler
Dixon The Legend, Rich, Powerful Ruler
Dixon Rich and powerful ruler
Diz Silly, Giddy
Dizzy TBD
Django Yahweh is Gracious / Merciful
Djimon With Strong Blood or Strong Roots
Dmitriy Loves the Earth
Doan Rolling Hills
Doane From the Low, Rolling Hills
Doane From the low rolling hills
Dobbs A Fiery Man
Dock TBD
Domenic Lord, Child Born on Sunday
Domenick Alternate Spelling of Dominick
Domingo Lord’s Child; Lord; Child Born on …
Domini Belonging to God, Of the Lord
Dominic Lord’s Child; Belonging to the …
Dominic Belonging to the lord
Dominick Belongs to the Lord
Dominique Lord’s Child; Of the Lord; From …
Domonic Belonging to God, Of the Lord
Don Ruler of the World
Don World ruler
Donal World Mighty, Great Chief
Donald Ruler of the World
Donald World ruler
Donavan Brown-haired Chieftain, Dark
Donavon Dark, Brown-haired Chieftain
Dondi Virility, Brave, Manly
Dondre God of Wine, A Form of Deandre
Dondre God of wine
Donell World Rule, Great Chief
Donis Ruler, Lord
Donn World ruler
Donna TBD
Donne World Ruler, Form of Donn
Donne World ruler
Donnie Ruler of the World, Form of Donn
Donnie World ruler
Donny Form of Donald, World Leader
Donny World ruler
Donovan Son of the Dark One, Dark Warrior
Donovan Dark warrior
Donta Steadfast, Enduring
Dontae To Endure
Dontay To Endure
Dontaye To Endure
Donte To Endure
Dontell To Endure
Dontre TBD
Dontrell To Endure, Enduring
Dony Dark Courage, Brave, Dark One
Doon There
Doran Exiled, Stranger, Fist, Gift
Doran Exiled or stranger
Dori Gift from God, Adored
Dorian From the Tribe
Dorian Mountainous region of Greece
Dorien Descendant of Dorus, Place Name
Dorien Of the sea
Dorion Of the Sea, Descendant of Dorus
Dorion Of the sea
Doron Stranger, Fist, Exile, Gift
Doron Stranger
Dorothy Gift, Gift of God
Dorrance Stranger
Dorrel King’s Doorkeeper; Stranger; …
Dorrell King’s Doorkeeper; Stranger; …
Dorren Stranger, Fist, Exile, Dark-bowed
Dorrin Stranger
Dorsea From Orsay
Dorsey Tribe Near the Sea, From Orsay
Doug From the Dark River
Douglas Dark Stream, Dark River
Douglas Dark stream or dark river
Douglass Black Water, From the Dark River
Doune From the Down Hill
Dove White
Doye Descendant
Doyle Dark Stranger, Black Stranger
Draca Dragon
Dracon Dragon, Modern Variant of Drake
Dracon Dragon
Drag Mythical Creature
Dragon Fire-breathing Creature
Drake Dragon, Male Duck, Snake
Drake Dragon
Draven Avenger
Drayce Dragon, Modern Variant of Drake
Drayce Dragon
Drew Manly
Drew Wise
Drey TBD
Dridan From the Dry Valley
Driden From the Dry Valley
Dru Manly, Similar to Andrew Manly
Drue Manly, Abbreviation of Andrew
Drue Manly
Dryden From the Dry Valley
Duan TBD
Duane Dark, Form of Wayne, Wagoner
Duane Dark
Duck TBD
Dude A Cowboy, Small
Dudley From the People’s Field; People; S …
Dug Dark River, Dark Stranger
Dujuan God is Gracious
Duke Title of Nobility, A Leader of Men
Duke Leader
Duncan Brown Warrior
Dunleigh From the Hill Meadow
Dunley From the Hill Meadow
Dunly From the Hill Meadow
Dunn Brown Warrior, Brown
Dunn Brown warrior
Dunstan brownstone fortress
Dunstan Brown Stone, Brown Fortress
Dunton Hill Settlement
Dunton From the town on the hill
Dunya The World, Dark-featured
Dupree From the Meadow
Duran Firm, Enduring, Durable
Duran Firm or enduring
Durand Firm, Enduring
Durand Firm or enduring
Durant Steadfast, Firm, Enduring
Durant Firm or enduring
Durante Firm, Enduring, Steadfast
Durante Firm or enduring
Durell King’s Doorkeeper; Strong
Duron Strong, Bird, Freedom
Durrant Firm or enduring
Durrant Firm, Enduring
Durrell Hardy, Resilient
Durward Gatekeeper
Durward Gatekeeper, Door Guard
Durwin Dear / Best Friend
Durwood TBD
Durwyn Friend of the deer
Durwyn Friend of the Deer, Dear Friend
Dushan Spirit, Inspiration
Dushawn TBD
Dustan Valiant fighter
Dustan Valiant Fighter, Dusty Place
Dustin Valiant fighter
Dustin Valiant Fighter, Brave Warrior
Duston Valiant fighter
Duston Valiant Fighter, Dusty Place
Dusty Valiant fighter
Dusty Tough Like a Stone of Thor
Dustyn Valiant fighter
Dustyn Valiant Fighter, Dusty Area
Duval Of the Valley
Duwane Love
Duwayne Black, Dark
Dwade Dark Traveller
Dwain Dark
Dwaine A Little Dark One
Dwane A Little Dark One
Dwayne From the Dunes, Dark, Black
Dwight Blond
Dwight Blond, White
Dwight DeWitt, blond
Dyami Eagle
Dylan Son of the sea
Dylan From a Large Sea, Winner of Mind
Dylann Sea
Dyllan Sea
Dylon Loyal
Dyson A Short Form of Dennison