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“E” represents Strength. The E shows Entertaining, independence, Skillful, intellectual, and imagination.

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Famous American Baby Boy Names Start With E

Eallard Brave
Eallison Son of Elder
Earl Nobleman
Earl Nobleman, Chief, Leader, Warrior
Earle Nobleman
Earle Nobleman, Chief, Leader, Prince
Earlie Noble Leader
Early Noble Leader
Earnest Sincere
Earnest Sincere, Serious, Form of Ernest
Earvin Friend of the Sea, Sea Friend
Earvin Friend of the sea
Earwine Friend of the sea
Earwyn Friend of the Sea
Eason Protector, Great One
Easton Eastern Settlement, From East Town
Eavan Yahweh is Gracious
Ebin Rock
Ebony TBD
Ed Names beginning with Ed
Eddie Names beginning with Ed
Eddis Son of Edward
Eddrick prosperous ruler
Eddy Names beginning with Ed
Eden Place of Delight, Pleasure
Edgar Wealthy Spear-man, Owner of Spear
Edgar Lucky spearman
Edgardo Fortunate and Powerful
Edgerin Wealthy Spear, Owner of Many Spear
Edgie A Trendsetter
Edi Healing, Strife for Wealth, Herb
Edilson TBD
Edison Son of Adam, Handsome
Edison Son of Edward
Edith TBD
Edmand Protector of Wealth, Wealthy Guard
Edmon Protector of Prosperity
Edmon Prosperous protector
Edmond Prosperous Protector
Edmondo Prosperous protector
Edmondo Protector of Prosperity
Edmund Wealthy Defender
Edmund Prosperous protector
Edmundo Prosperous Protector
Edna TBD
Edric Wealthy Ruler, Rich Ruler
Edric Wealthy ruler
Edrick Wealthy Ruler
Edrik Wealthy Ruler
Edsel Rich Man’s Estate; From Ed’s Hall; …
Edson Son of Edward, Son of Domingo
Edson Son of Edward
Eduard Wealthy Guardian
Eduardo Wealthy Guardian
Edvard Wealthy Guardian
Edwald Wealthy Ruler
Edwaldo Wealthy Ruler
Edward TBD
Edward Wealthy guardian
Edwardo Form of Edward
Edwin Prosperous Friend, Valued
Edwyn Prosperous Friend, Valued
Edwyn Prosperous friend
Efrain Doubly Fruitful, Fertile
Efrain Doubly fruitful
Efrem Very Fruitful, Form of Ephraim
Efren Ephraim, Fertile, Productive
Efthymis TBD
Egbert bright sword
Egbert Intelligent, Bright Sword / Edge
Egerton From the Town on the Ridge, Edge
Egerton From the town on the ridge
Ehab Gift
Eian Lovable
Eiden Fire, Variant of Aidan
Ein Battle Leader
Ejay Stands for Earl James
Ekin Harvest, Crop
Elan Tree, Friendly
Elbert High-born, Brilliant, Shining
Elcio TBD
Eldan Old and Wise Protector
Elden Old and Wise Protector
Elder From the Tree; One’s Elder; …
Elder from the elder trees
Elder From the elder tree
Eldhose Birth
Eldon Foreign Hill; Ella’s Mound; Old …
Eldon Foreign hill
Eldose TBD
Eldred Old / Wise Ruler
Eldred Old and wise advisor
Eldrian Old and Wise Adviser, Old
Eldrian Old and wise advisor
Eldrick Old and Wise Adviser, Old
Eldrick Old and wise advisor
Eldridge Old Adviser, Old Leader
Eldur From the Elder Tree
Eldwin Old / Wise Ruler, Wise Adviser
Eldwin Old and wise advisor
Elgin Noble, White, Fair One
Elgin Noble or white
Elgine Noble, White
Elgine Noble or white
Eli All Powerful, Uplifted, Elevation
Eli Uplifted or ascent
Elian My Lord Responded, God is Family
Elias The God is My Lord
Elias Jehovah is God
Eliezer My Helper is God, Help, Court
Elijah Yahweh is My God, Beautiful
Elijah The Lord is my God
Elin Brightness, Shining
Eliot Jehovah is God, Believes in God
Eliot Jehovah is God
Eliott Jehovah is God
Eliseo The Lord is My Salvation
Elisha God is My Salvation
Eljay The Lord is My God
Eljin Noble or white
Eljin Noble, White
Elkin God’s Creation
Ellard Brave
Ellard Imperial, Hardy, Brave, Noble
Ellder From the elder tree
Ellery From the elder tree island
Ellery Humorous, Cheerful, Cheery
Ellie Height, Ascension
Ellington Ella’s Town
Elliot Jehovah is God
Elliot Believes in God, Form of Elijah
Elliott Jehovah is God
Elliott Yahweh is My God, Jehovah is God
Ellis The Lord is my God
Ellison Son of Elder
Ellison Yahweh is My God, Son of Ellis
Elliston Noble’s Town; From Elijah; My God …
Ellsworth Great Man’s Home; Nobleman’s …
Ellwood From the old forest
Elmer Noble
Elmo God-helmet, Protector, Descendant
Elmoor Lives at the elm tree moor
Elmore Lives at the elm tree moor
Eloy Chosen One, The Highest
Elric The King, Wise Ruler, Elf Ruler
Elric The king
Elrick The king
Elrick Wise King, The King
Elrod The king
Elroy King, Red-haired Youth
Elroy The king
Elsdon From the Noble’s Hill
Elson From the Old Town, Son of Ellis
Elson From the old town
Elston Noble’s Town; From Elijah; My God …
Elsworth Elf Enclosure
Elton From the Old Estate, Old Friend
Elton From the old town
Elvern Elfin
Elvern Elfin, Elf-wise Friend
Elvey Elf Warrior
Elvin Noble Friend, Magical, Elfin
Elvin Elfin
Elvio Blond, Fair
Elvis Elf Friend, All Knowing, All Wise
Elvis Wise
Elvy Elf warrior
Elvyn Elfin, Elf-wise Friend
Elvyn Elfin
Elwald Old Welshman
Elwell old well
Elwell From the Old Spring
Elwen Elf Wise Friend
Elwin Elf-wise Friend, Variant of Alvin
Elwin Elf wise friend
Elwood From the Old Forest, Elf Ruler
Elwood From the old forest
Elwyn Elf Wise Friend, Fair Bow
Elwyn Elf wise friend
Elyes My God is Yahweh
Emanuel God is with us
Emanuel God is with us, With us is God
Emerick Immortal
Emeril TBD
Emerson Industrious ruler
Emerson Home Power, Industrious Ruler
Emery Industrious Ruler, Ruler of Work
Emery Industrious ruler
Emil Industrious
Emil Challenger, Industrious
Emile Eager to Please, Industrious
Emiliano Industrious, Eager
Emilio Challenger
Emilio Industrious
Emmanuel God is with Me
Emmet Powerful, An Ant, Whole, Immense
Emmett Industrious, Hard Working, An Ant
Emmett Industrious
Emmit An Ant, Energetic, Powerful
Emmitt Industrious, Strong
Emon Starred, Truthful, Voice
Emory Powerfully Courageous
Emory Industrious ruler
Endika Lord of the Manor, House Owner
Ennis Any Choice, Bird Like
Enoch Vowed, Dedicated, Devoted
Enos Humankind, One Vigour, Man
Enrico Ruler of the House / Home
Enright Son of the Attacker
Enrique Ruler of the estate
Enrique Ruler of the House, Estate Ruler
Enzo Ruler of the House, Winner
Epic TBD
Erasmo Dear / Dearest, Friendly, Loved
Erec Island, Lone Ruler, Ever Ruling
Eric Eternal ruler
Eric Ruler, Peaceful Ruler
Erica Ever Ruling, Island, Lone Ruler
Erick Ruler, Ruler of the People
Erickson son of Eric
Erico Ever Ruler, Ruler of the People
Erie Nobleman, Leader
Erik Ever Powerful, Ever Ruler
Erika Ruling Forever
Eriks Lone Ruler, Island, Ever Ruling
Erin Exalted, Name for Ireland, On High
Eriq Ever Kingly, Great
Erix Ever Ruling, Lone Ruler, Island
Erland Outsider / Foreigner, Stranger
Erle Nobleman
Erling Nobleman’s Offspring; Descendant; …
Ernard Strong, Brave as a Bear
Ernest Sincere
Ernesto Serious Minded, Sincere, A Son
Ernesto Sincere
Erny Serious, Earnest
Errol To Wander, Nobleman, Leader, Earl
Erron Lofty / Inspired, Variant of Aaron
Erskine Over the Knife
Ervan Sea Friend
Ervin Friend of the Sea, Form of Irving
Ervin Friend of the sea
Ervine Friend of the Sea, Place Name
Ervine Friend of the sea
Erving Noble, Boar Friend
Erving Friend of the sea
Ervis TBD
Erwann A Form Irving
Erwin Friend of the Sea, Form of Irving
Erwin Friend of the sea
Erwyn Friend of the Sea
Eryl Lookout Point
Esequiel God Strengthens
Esmond Favoured Protection
Esmond Wealthy protector
Esmund Wealthy Protector
Esteban Crowned, Crowned in Victory
Esteban Crowned
Estevan Crowned, Variant of Stephen
Eston From East Town
Ethan Strength or long lived
Ethen Strength, Strong, Solid
Euell Spring, River Source
Eugene Noble, Born Lucky, Well-born
Eugene Well born or noble
Eugenio Of Noble Descent, Well Born, Noble
Eugeny TBD
Eusebio Devout, Pious
Evaan Young Warrior
Evan Youth warrior
Evan The Lord is Gracious
Evans Son of Evan
Evel Wicked
Evelyn Life, Hazelnut, Little Bird
Ever Strong as a boar
Ever Strong as a Boar, Passover
Everard Strong as a wild boar
Everard Strong as a Wild Boar, Brave
Everet Strong as a wild boar
Everet Strong as a Wild Boar, Hard Boar
Everett Strong as a wild boar
Everett Strong as a Wild Boar, Wild Boar
Everette Wild Boar
Everhard Strong as a wild boar
Everleigh From Ever’s Meadow
Everley From Ever’s Meadow; Boar Meadow
Everly From Ever’s Meadow
Everson TBD
Evert Strong as a boar
Everton Boar town
Everton town where boars dwell
Everton Boar Town, Hardy, Brave
Evgueni Well Born
Evian Springwater
Evian Spring-water
Evit A Bright Man
Ewald Powerful
Ewald Powerful, Powerful in the Law
Ewan Born to Nobility, Young Warrior
Ewell Spring
Ewing Lawyer
Ewing Well Born, Of Noble Birth, Lawyer
Exavier The New House
Eytan Firm, Strong, Strength of God
Eythan Long-lived, Enduring
Eythor TBD
Ezekial God Strengthens
Ezekiel Strength of God
Ezel Never Ending
Ezequiel God will Strengthen
Ezra Helper
Ezra Humble, Salvation, Helper