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“F” represents Love. The F shows Domesticated and Home-Loving. F is Friendly, a Planner, Comforting and Loyal. It is straightforward for the F to carry a strong sense of family responsibility.

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Famous American Baby Boy Names Start With F

Faber Bean Grower
Fabian Bean Grower, Grower of Beans
Fabian Bean grower
Fabion Bean Grower
Fadi Redeemer, Sacrificer, Saviour
Faegan Little Fiery One, Joyful
Faegan Little fiery one
Faer Traveler
Faer Traveller
Fagan Little fiery one
Fagan Little Ardent One, Little Hugh
Fagen Hot Tempered, Ardent, Little Hugh
Fagin Small Ardent One, Little Hugh
Fahim Wise, Learned, Prudent, Sagacious
Faidon TBD
Fain Joyful
Fain Pleased, Joyful
Faine Joyful
Fair Beautiful Hair
Fairfax Blond
Fairfax Blond, Pretty / Fair Haired
Fairlie From the Bull’s Pasture; Bull …
Faizon An Understanding Man
Falcon Keeper, Falconry
Falcon Falconry
Falk Surname Relating to Falconry
Fame One who is Well-known
Famous One who is Well-known
Fane Joyful
Fane Man with Crown, Happy, Joyous
Farad Unmatched, Unique
Fareed Unique, Incomparable
Faren Handsome Servant
Faris Horseman
Faris Horseman, Perspicacity, Rider
Farleigh From the Bull Pasture, Surname
Farleigh From the bull pasture
Farley From the bull pasture
Farlow From the Bull Pasture, Surname
Farlow From the bull pasture
Farly From the bull pasture
Farnall From the Fern Slope
Farnell From the Fern Slope
Farnham Meadow with Ferns
Farnham From the fern field
Farnly From the Fern Meadow
Farold Powerful Traveller, Mighty Voyager
Farold mighty warrior
Farold Powerful traveler
Faron English Surname, Pharaoh
Farr Traveler
Farr Traveller, Voyager
Farren Traveller, The Land, Adventurous
Farren Traveler
Farris Rock, Iron Strong
Farris Rock
Farrs Son of Farr
Fars Son of Farr
Farson Son of Farr
Faustino Fortunate, Enjoying Good Luck
Favian Understanding
Favio Understanding
Fayard Strong Magician
Fayne Joyful
Febin Moon Light
Fedja TBD
Fedrick Peaceful Ruler
Feel Happy, Successful, Lucky
Fel Lives by a Crag
Felder Person Living by a Clearing
Felipe Friend of Horses
Felipe Lover of horses
Felix Fortunate or happy
Felix Fortunate, Happy, Name of a Saint
Felton Town Near the Field
Fendi TBD
Fenix Phoenix
Feraz Sharpness
Ferdinand Brave Yet Peaceful
Ferlin A Man from the Country
Fernald From the Fern Slope
Fernand Adventurer, Bold Voyager
Fernando Brave Yet Peaceful
Fernando Adventurous and risky
Ferrell Hero, Man of Courage, Brave
Ferric Iron
Ferron Baker, Ironworker
Ferron Baker
Ferry Rock
Fidel Loyal, Faithful and Sincere
Fielding Pasture Made by Clearing a Forest
Fielding Lives in the field
Filbert Very Brilliant, Very Bright
Filbert Brilliant
Filbuk Brilliant
Filmarr Famous
Filmer Famous, Famed
Filmer Famous
Filmon TBD
Filmore Famous, Famed
Filmore Famous
Fima TBD
Finch A small songbird
Finch A Small Singing Bird
Fine An Elegant Man
Finis End
Finley Sunbeam
Finn Light skinned or blond
Finn Light Skinned, Blond
Finnegan TBD
Fiore Little Flower
Firman Firm, Strong, Traveller
Firman Firm or strong
Fish Fisherman
Fisher One who Fishes, Fisherman
Fito TBD
Fitzgerald Son of Gerald, Surname
Flaco TBD
Flag A Patriotic Man
Flash One who is Fast, A Shining Man
Fleming Dutchman, A Native of Flanders
Fleming Dutchman from Flanders
Fletcher One who Feathers Arrows
Fletcher Arrow maker
Flex Fortunate
Flint A stream or a flintstone
Flint A Flint-stone, Stream
Flo Peaceful Soul, Blooming
Flora Flower
Florentino Blooming, Flower, Flowering Plant
Florian Flowery, Flourishing
Floyd Grey or white haired
Floyd White Haired, The Hollow, Flood
Flurry flourishing, blooming
Flynn Son of a Red-haired Man, Surname
Flynt A stream or a flintstone
Flynt A Stream, A Flint-stone
Foivos TBD
Ford River crossing
Ford From the River Crossing
Forde River crossing
Foren One who is Bold
Forest Woodsman, Lives in Wood
Forest Woodsman
Forester Woodsman, Forest-ranger, Surname
Forester Woodsman
Forin One who is Bold
Forrest Woodsman, Of the Woods, Forest
Forrest Woodsman
Forrester Woodsman, Protector of the Forest
Forrester Woodsman
Foster Of the Woods, Woods Man
Foster Woodsman
Foued TBD
Fowler Game Warden, Falcon Trainer
Fowler Game warden
Fraine Dweller at the Ash Tree, Foreigner
Fraine Dweller at the ash tree
Fran Free, From France, Frenchman
Frances Free Man
Francesco Derived from the Latin Francis
Francis Free, French Man
Francis Free or from France
Francisco Saviour, Free, From France
Francisco Free or from France
Franco Frank, French Man
Frank Free or from France
Frank Free, Free Landholder, Javelin
Frankee Free One, Frenchman
Frankie Free, Diminutive of Frank Free
Frankie Free or from France
Franklin Free Landowner, Land Holder
Franklin Free landowner
Franklyn Free Man, Free Landholder
Franklyn Free landowner
Franky Free, From France
Franky Free or from France
Franz A Free Man, French Man
Fraser Curly Hair, French Town
Fraser strawberry, curly-haired
Fraser Curly hair
Frayne Dweller at the Ash Tree, Foreigner
Frayne Dweller at the ash tree
Fred Calm Monarch, Form of Frederick
Fredd Peace
Freddie Calm Monarch, Peaceful Ruler
Freddy Form of Frederick, Peace
Frederic Peaceful Ruler
Frederick Calm Monarch, Peaceful Ruler, Elf
Frederick Peaceful ruler
Fredi Elf, Magical Counsel
Fredric Peaceful Ruler, Elf
Fredrich Peaceful Ruler
Fredrick Calm Monarch, Peaceful Ruler
Fredy Holy Peacemaking
Freeland From the free land
Freeman Free Man
Frenchie Modern Variants of Frances
Frewen Noble Friend
Frewin Noble Friend
Frewyn Noble Friend
Frey Lord
Frey Lord, God of Weather
Freyne Dweller at the Ash Tree, Foreigner
Freyne Dweller at the ash tree
Frick Bold, Brave Man
Frick Bold
Friday Friday
Frika Bold
Frisa Curly haired
Fritz Calm Monarch
Frost One who is Cold
Frosty One who is Cold
Froylan TBD
Fuller Cloth Thickener, Cloth Bleacher
Fuller Cloth thickener
Fullere Cloth Thickener
Fulton The Field Near Town
Fuzzy TBD
Fytch Ermine