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“G” represents Mysticism and Religion. The G shows Purposeful, Orderly, inventive, and instinctive.

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Famous American Baby Boy Names Start With G

Gabby Sound of God, Hero of God
Gabe God’s Bravest Man; God is My …
Gabino God is My Strength, Devoted to God
Gabrial Man / Hero of God, My Strength
Gabriel God is my strength
Gabriel Christian, God is My Strength
Gabrielle My Strength, Man / Hero of God
Gael Stranger, Cheerful, Happy
Gage Measure
Gage In Charge of Weights and Measures
Gahan Sky, Lord Vishnu
Gaige Surety, Pledge, Moneylender
Gail Lively
Gail Lively, Cheerful, Happy
Galaxy The Universe
Gale Lively
Gale Lively, Cheerful, Happy
Galen Peaceful, Calm, Healer, Tranquil
Galeun From the town on the high ground
Galt From the Town on the High Ground
Galton From the town on the high ground
Galveston TBD
Gandi An Adventurer
Gann Light skinned
Gann Light Skinned, Spear Protector
Gannon Light skinned
Gannon Light Skinned, Fair-skinned, Fair
Gar Spear
Garaden From the Three Cornered Hill
Garadin From the Three Cornered Hill
Garadun From the Three Cornered Hill
Garadyn From the Three Cornered Hill
Garafeld Battlefield
Garatun Lives in the Triangular Farm Stead
Gard Keeper of the garden
Gard Keeper of the Garden, Surname
Gardiner Keeper of the garden
Gardiner Keeper of the Garden, Gardener
Gardner A Gardener, Keeper of the Garden
Gardner Keeper of the garden
Gardner gardener
Gardy TBD
Gared Mighty with a spear
Garet Mighty with a spear
Gareth Strong Spear, Spear Brave
Garett Mighty with a spear
Garey Mighty with a spear
Garey Mighty with a Spear, Spear
Garfield A Triangular Bit of Land
Garick Spear Ruler
Gariland From the spear land
Garion mighty spearman
Garlan From the Land of the Spear
Garland A Triangular Bit of Land
Garland Battleground
Garlon TBD
Garman Spearman
Garman Spearman, Brotherly
Garmann Spearman
Garmond A Spear Protector
Garmond Spear protector
Garmund Spear Protector
Garnell Keeper of Grain, Surname
Garnell Keeper of grain
Garner Sentry, Keeper of Grain, Surname
Garnet Pomegranate seed
Garnet Pomegranate Seed, Spear
Garnett Pomegranate Seed
Garo TBD
Garold Spear Ruler
Garon Guardian, Gelding
Garr Spear
Garrad Mighty with a spear
Garrard Mighty with a Spear
Garred Mighty with a spear
Garret Mighty with a spear
Garret Mighty with a Spear, To Watch
Garrett Mighty with a Spear, Strong Spear
Garrett Mighty with a spear
Garrey Mighty with a spear
Garrey Mighty with a Spear, Spear
Garrick Spear Ruler
Garrison Spear fortified town
Garrman Spearman
Garroway Spear fighter
Garrson Son of Gar
Garry Mighty with a spear
Garry Mighty with a Spear, Spear
Garson Spear fortified town
Garsone Spear Fortified Town, Son of Gar
Garsone Spear fortified town
Garth Keeper of the garden
Garton Lives in the triangular farmstead
Garton TBD
Garvin Friend in battle
Garvyn Friend in battle
Garwig Friend in battle
Garwig Friend in Battle, Spear Fighter
Garwin Friend in battle
Garwood A Triangular Shaped Wood
Garwood From the fir forest
Garwyn Friend in battle
Gary Mighty with a spear
Gary A Spear, Mighty with a Spear
Gaston Man from Gascony
Gato TBD
Gator TBD
Gaven Little Falcon, White Hawk
Gavin White falcon
Gavin Little Falcon
Gavyn White Hawk, White Falcon
Gawen White falcon
Gawen Battle Hawk, Little / White Falcon
Gawyn White falcon
Gawyn White Falcon, Battle Hawk
Gayle Cheerful, Jovial, Happy, Stranger
Gaylen Healer, Tranquil, Calm
Gaylon Healer, Tranquil
Gaylord A Dandy, Lively, High-spirited
Gbenga Lifted
Geary Changeable
Geary Fickle, Spear, Changeable
Geffrey Peaceful; God’s Peace
Geffrey Peaceful
Gehan TBD
Gehrig TBD
Gene Wellborn or noble
Gene Of Noble Descent, Well-born
Geniinewab One who is Sitting Like an Eagle
Genji Two Beginnings
Geof Peaceful Ruler
Geoff Peaceful
Geoff Peaceful Gift
Geoffery divinely peaceful
Geoffrey Divine Peace, Peace
Geoffrey Peaceful
Geol Born at Christmas
George Farmer
George Earth Worker, Farmer
Geovanni God is Great, Variant of John
Gerain Old
Gerald Mighty with a spear
Geraldine TBD
Gerard Spear Strong, Spear-brave
Gerardo Strong Like a Spear
Gerardo Brave with a spear
Gerd Brave with a spear
Gerd Spear Hard, Brave with the Spear
Gere Rules with a spear
Gere Form of Gerald, Rules by the Spear
Geri Changeable
Germain From Germany
Germaine Brother, From Germany
German Warrior, Brotherly, From Germany
Gerold mighty with a spear
Gerrald Mighty with a Spear
Gerred Rules by the spear
Gerrell Mighty with a Spear
Gerri Brave with the Spear
Gerrit Mighty with a spear
Gerrold Spear Rule
Gerry Mighty with a spear
Gershon Exile, Stranger in Exile
Gervase Honourable, Servant Spear
Gervase Honorable
Gery Mighty with a spear
Gevorg TBD
Gian God is Merciful
Giancarlo God is Merciful
Giancarlos Small Champion
Gianni Knowledgeable
Giannis Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Gibby Bright Pledge, Son of Gilbert
Gibson son of Gilbert
Gideon Tree cutter
Gideon Tree Cutter, Hewer
Giga Large
Gil French Form of Julius
Gilbert Bright Young Man
Gilbert Illustrious pledge
Gilberto Bright Young Man
Gilberto Illustrious pledge
Gilburt Illustrious Pledge, Trusted
Gilburt Illustrious pledge
Gildas Gilded or golden
Gildas Golden, Name of a Historian
Giles Kid, Young Goat, Shield Bearer
Gilly Bright, Famous, Shining Pledge
Gilman Man of Promise
Gilmar Famous hostage
Gilmer Famous hostage
Gilmer Famous Hostage, Sword Bearer
Gilpin Trusted
Ginger Pure, Spring-like
Gino Well-known Fighter, Well-born
Gionata TBD
Giorgi Earthworker, Farmer
Giorgis Earthworker, Farmer
Giorgos Earthworker, Farmer
Giovani God has Shown Favour
Giovanni God is Merciful, Gift from God
Giovanni God is gracious
Giovanny Variant of John
Gismo One who is Playful
Giuseppe God Raises, He Shall Add
Gizmo One who is Playful
Gladwin Happy Friend
Gladwyn Happy Friend
Gladys One who is Lame
Glen Secluded valley or glen
Glendon Valley, Glen, Settlement
Glenn Valley, Valley in the Mountains
Glenwood A Forest in a Valley
Glynn TBD
Goby An Audacious Man
Gocha TBD
Godfrey God’s Peace; Peace from God
Godwin Friend of God
Godwin Friend of God; God’s Friend; A …
Godwine Friend of God
Goerge Farmer
Gogo Like Grandfather, From Ngoni
Gold Gold, Blond
Gold Gold
Golden Gold or gilded
Golden Gold, Gilded, Blond
Goldwin Golden friend
Goldwine Golden Friend, An Old English Name
Goldwine Golden friend
Goldwyn Golden Friend
Gonzales Wolf
Gonzalez Fight, Whole, Safe
Gonzalo Safe Fight, Wolf, Fight, Battle
Gonzo Whole, Safe, Fight
Goodwin Good Friend, Friend of God
Goodwin Good friend
Goodwine Good Friend
Goodwyn Good Friend, Friend of God
Goodwyn Good friend
Gordan Hill near the meadow
Gorden Hill Near Meadows
Gordon Hill near the meadow
Gordy triangular-shaped hill
Gorge Earthworker, Farmer
Gosheven Leaper
Gospel TBD
Gowyn God’s Friend
Goyahkla One who Yawns
Goyathlay One who Yawns
Gracjan TBD
Graden Gray haired
Graden Grey-haired
Gradon Gray haired
Gradon Grey-haired
Grady Son of Gradaigh, Noble
Graham Grand home
Graham Warring, Warlike, Grey Homestead
Gram Grand Home, Warring
Gram Grand home
Grandmaster TBD
Granger TBD
Grangere Farmer
Grant Great plains
Grant Great, Large, Great Plains, Tall
Granville From the Large Town
Gray Haired or Bearded Person
Gray Gray haired
Grayling Grey Haired or Grey Bearded Person
Graysen Son of the Grey Haired Man
Graysen Son of the gray haired man
Grayson Son of the Steward
Grayson Son of the gray haired man
Greg Awake, Vigilant Watchman, Fierce
Greg Vigilant watchman
Gregg Vigilant watchman
Greggory Watchful, Vigilant
Gregorio Italian Form of Gregory, Watchful
Gregory Awake, Watchful, Alert
Gregson Awake, Watchful, Vigilant Son
Gregson Vigilant son
Gresham Form the Graze Land
Gresham Village by the pasture
Gretar TBD
Grey gray-haired
Grey Grey-haired, Bearded Person
Grey Gray haired
Greyson The Son of the Steward
Greyson Gray haired
Griffin A Fox, Chief, Lord, Strength
Griffin Hooked nose
Grisham Village by the Pasture
Grove TBD
Grover Wood or forested area
Grover Wood, Forested Area
Guadalupe Plenty, River of the Wolf
Guan TBD
Guatemoc One who Falls Like an Eagle
Guatimozin One who Falls Like an Eagle
Gudni TBD
Guido Guide
Guil TBD
Guilbert Trusted, Shining Pledge
Guilbert Trusted
Guillermo Protection, Will-helmet
Guillermo Resolute protector
Gun Strong, Warrior
Gundee A Friendly Man
Gundey A Friendly Man
Gundi A Friendly Man
Gunnar Battle Army, Warrior
Gunner Battle Warrior, Soldier with a Gun
Gunner Battle warrior
Gus Various, Form of Gustave
Gustav Royal Staff, Staff of the God
Gustave Royal Staff, Staff of the Gods
Gustavo Staff of the Goths
Guy Professional Guide
Guy Guide
Guyapi Frank
Guyon Guide, Lively
Guyon Guide
Gwydion God of Magic
Gwyn A Fair Person, Blessed
Gye Wide, Forest, Wood
Gypsy Wanderer