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“I” represents Law. The I shows Genteel, impulsive, Elegant, and has a warmth of Heart. It is an inspirational letter. I show interest in the arts, science, and drama.

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Here on this page, we have compiled 91 American Baby Boy Names Starting With I. Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of most popular 91 American Baby Boy Names Starting With I. You might be interested in more baby names on our site.



Famous American Baby Boy Names Start With I

Ian God is gracious
Ibai TBD
Ibis TBD
Ibrahim My Father is Exalted
Ibzan Father of a Target
Ichi First Son
Idal From the Yew Tree Valley
Ify One who is Widely Loved
Igasho Wanders
Ignacio Fiery, Ardent, Burning, Fire
Ignatious Fire, Ardent, Burning
Ignatius Fiery One, Ardent, Burning
Ike One who Brings Laughter
Ike Laughter
Ikechukwu Strength, Power of God
Ilan Tree, Good Person
Ilesha Lord Krishna
Ilex Variant of Alex
Ilia The Lord is My God
Illya My God is Yahweh
Ilya The Lord is My God
Imanol God is with us
Imants TBD
Immanuel God is Among us
Imon Truthful, Starred
Imron TBD
Indi TBD
Indio TBD
Infinity A Man Unbounded by Space / Time
Inno TBD
Innocent Harmless or innocent
Ira Watchful, Wind, Descendants
Iran The Land of Aryans, Lord of Braves
Irek TBD
Iren TBD
Irineo TBD
Iron Metal
Irven Sea Friend, Bright, White
Irvin White, Place Name, Beautiful
Irvin Sea friend
Irvine Variant of Irving, Green Water
Irvine Sea friend
Irving Handsome and Fair
Irving Sea friend
Irvyn Sea Friend, White
Irvyn Sea friend
Irwin From Irvine, Scotland, Sea Lover
Irwin Sea friend
Irwyn Sea Lover / Friend, Boar Friend
Irwyn Sea friend
Isaac One who Brings Laughter
Isaak Laughter, He will Laugh, Joyful
Isaak Laugther
Isadore Gift of Isis
Isai God Delivers
Isaiah The Lord Helps Me; God’s Helper; …
Isaiah God is my salvation
Ish Ruler, Master of the Universe
Ishaan The Sun, One who Bestows Wealth
Ishai Gift, Wealthy
Ishmael Son of Abraham, God Hears
Isi Deer-like, Deer
Isiah God’s Helper; The Lord Helps Me; …
Isidro Gifted with Many Ideas
Ismael A Prophet’s Name; Prophet; He …
Isom TBD
Israel Contender with God
Issac Laughter, He will Laugh, Joyful
Istaqa Coyote Man
Itzcoatl Obsidian Snake
Ivan God is Merciful, Gift of God
Ivan God is gracious
Ivar Archer’s Bow; Bow Warriors; Yew …
Ivars TBD
Ives Archer’s Bow; Young Archer; Yew …
Ivey Climber
Ivo Archer’s Bow; Yew; Form of Yves; …
Ivon Archer’s Bow; Yew Wood; Yew Wood …
Ivor Archer’s Bow; Yew; Bow Army; Yew …
Ivory Hard
Ivy Ivy Tree
Iye Smoke
Izaiah God is Salvation
Izzi Gift of Isis
Izzy Promise of God, Gift of Isis