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“J” represents Aspiration. The J shows Clever, Truthful, Creative, and Helpful. J is warm-hearted, well-meaning, and reliable.

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Famous American Baby Boy Names Start With J

Jaan Life, Soul, God is Gracious
Jaaron To Shout, To Sing
Jabar Bone-setter, Repairer
Jabari Brave, Strong Hearted, Courageous
Jabarie Brave
Jabbar Peasant, All Powerful, Mighty
Jabbie Happiness
Jabi TBD
Jabril Archangel of Allah
Jacarrio TBD
Jace Moon, Nickname
Jacek Hyacinth Flower
Jacey From the Initials J C
Jacie Variation of Jace
Jacinta Hyacinth
Jack God is Gracious, Son of Jack
Jackie God has been Gracious
Jackson God is Gracious / Merciful
Jacky Son of Jack, He who Supplants
Jaclyn One who Supplants, To Protect
Jacoby Held by the Heel, Following After
Jacory TBD
Jacq Yahweh May Protect, Son of Jack
Jacque Holder of Heel
Jacques Following After, Supplanter
Jacquez Supplanter
Jacqui Supplanter
Jacson God is Gracious / Merciful
Jacy Of Cornish Hen Mouse and Lustre
Jade Precious Green Stone
Jaden The Precious Stone
Jadon God has Heard, Judge, Thankful
Jadrien Blend of Jay or Jade and Adrien
Jae-Dynn God will Judge, Thankful
Jaedan TBD
Jaeden Thankful, God will Judge
Jaedyn Thankful, God will Judge
Jaelin TBD
Jaeson To Heal
Jager To Chase, Hunter, Carter
Jagger To Chase, To Hunt, Hunter
Jago Supplanter
Jaheem Raised Up, Dignified
Jaheim Raised up
Jahiem Raised up, One with Dignity
Jahir A Person who Always Help, Helper
Jaice A Healing
Jaidan Jade
Jaiden God has Heard
Jaidin TBD
Jaidon Heard by God
Jaike Yahweh May Protect, Holder of Heel
Jailen meadow of the blue bird
Jailen Jay Plus Lynn
Jailin TBD
Jaime Following After
Jaimie Supplanter
Jaiquan TBD
Jaire TBD
Jairo Jehovah Enlightens
Jaisen To Heal, The Lord is Salvation
Jajuan God is Merciful
Jaka Young Man
Jakari Ja Plus Corey
Jake Supplanter, Held by the Heel
Jakeb Supplanter
Jakie One who Supplants
Jakob He who Supplants, Holder of Heels
Jakobe Tortoise
Jaks TBD
Jale Happy
Jaleel Glorious, Revered
Jalen Flute, Calm or Serene
Jalin TBD
Jaliyl Greatness
Jalon Tarrying, Murmuring, God Lodges
Jamaal Beauty, Handsome, Elegance
Jamar Handsome, Happy, Healthy
Jamarcus Sensitive Warrior, Unclear
Jamari Warrior, Handsome / Beautiful
Jamarreon Strong Willed
Jame Holder of Heel, Yahweh May Protect
Jameel Beautiful, Handsome
Jamel Handsome, Grace
Jamen Beautiful
James Following After, Supplanter
Jameson Supplanter, Son of James
Jameson son of James
Jamey Supplanter, He who Supplants
Jamie Supplanter, One who Supplants
Jamien Beautiful
Jamil Handsome, Beautiful, Grace
Jamin Right Hand, South Wind
Jamison Supplanter, Son of James
Jamont TBD
Jan-Michael TBD
Janel TBD
Janell TBD
Janelle TBD
Jani God is Gracious, Lord of Men
Jann God is Gracious
Jano God is Merciful / Gracious
Jaquan TBD
Jaquez Supplanter
Jarad Locust, Liberal, He Descends
Jaran Lake, Small River, To Sing
Jared Descends
Jarel Mighty Spearman
Jarell Mighty Spearman
Jaren To Sing
Jaret Brave Spear Man
Jarett One who Rules, Variant of Jared
Jarin To Sing
Jarius TBD
Jarn Lake
Jarod Descendant
Jaron To Sing, To Cry out, Singing
Jarone To Shout / Sing
Jarrad TBD
Jarran To Sing
Jarreau TBD
Jarred Descendant
Jarrel Mighty Spearman
Jarrell Gerard’s Son; Mighty Spearman; …
Jarren To Sing
Jarret Mighty Spearman, Spear Strong
Jarreth Blend of Jar or Jer and Gareth
Jarrett Ruler with Spear, Mighty Spearman
Jarrette Brave with the Spear
Jarrod Spear Strong
Jarron To Sing, Modern Variant of Jaron
Jarryd Descent
Jarvis Spearman, Driver, With Honour
Jaryd Descent
Jaryl Mighty Spearman
Jas Gift of God, Supplanter
Jasa TBD
Jascha Holder of Heel, Yahweh May Protect
Jase A Healing, The Lord is Salvation
Jasen A Healing, The Lord is Salvation
Jashawn TBD
Jasiah Yahweh Heals / Supports
Jasmine A Flower
Jason Healer, The Lord is Salvation
Jasper TBD
Jastin Judicious
Java TBD
Jave TBD
Javen Victory, Son of Japheth
Javian Greece
Javien One of Noah’s Sons in the Bible
Javier Owner of a New House
Javin Swift, Fast
Javion Greece
Javonte Unclear
Javy Victorious
Jawaun Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Jawn Black
Jax God is Merciful
Jaxen Son of Jack
Jaxon God has been Gracious, Son of Jack
Jaxson Yahweh May Protect, Son of Jack
Jay The Lord is Salvation, Victory
Jayar Phonetic Name Based on Initials
JayBee TBD
Jayce A Healing
Jaycee Attractive, From the Initials J C
Jaycob Replacer, Supplanter
Jayd Jade
Jaydan God will Judge, Variant of Jaedyn
Jaydee Phonetic Name Based on Initials
Jayden God has Heard, Thankful
Jaydon Jehovah has Heard, A Biblical Name
Jayk Yahweh May Protect, Holder of Heel
Jaylan Flute
Jaylen Flute
Jaylend Lending Help, Helpful to Others
Jaylin Jay Bird
Jaylon TBD
Jaymar TBD
Jayme Supplanter, One who Supplants
Jaymes Supplanter
Jayron Healer
Jayronn Healer
Jaysen A Healing, Variant of Jason
Jayson A Healer, A Healing
Jayvee Phonetic Name Based on Initials
Jayvon To Heal, Greece
Jaz Unclear
Jazz original American music
Jazzi Jazz
Jean God is Merciful, John
Jeanette TBD
Jeb Following After, Held by the Heel
Jecson TBD
Jed The Hand, Friend of God
Jedediah Beloved of Jehovah
Jedidiah Beloved of the Lord, Friend of God
Jeez TBD
Jeezy TBD
Jeff Peaceful Ruler, Divinely Peaceful
Jefferey Peace; God’s Peace
Jefferson The Son of Jeffrey
Jeffery Peaceful Ruler, Divinely Peaceful
Jeffre Peaceful Ruler
Jeffrey Divinely Peaceful, Peaceful Gift
Jeffri Peaceful Ruler
Jeffries Peaceful Ruler
Jeffry Divinely Peaceful
Jeffy Peace
Jefrey TBD
Jehu God Lives, One who Exists
Jelani Mighty One, Great / Powerful
Jem Supplanter, The Lord Exalts
Jemal Handsome, Camel
Jemar The Origin of is the Language
Jemon Worldly
Jennings God is Merciful
Jennis Variation of Jenny
Jenny White Spirit / Wave, Fair
Jensen God is Merciful
Jenyd Rules by the Spear
Jeoffrey TBD
Jeorge A Tiller of the Soil, Earth Worker
Jeph TBD
Jerad Rules by the Spear, He Descends
Jeral Spear Rule
Jerald TBD
Jeramey Appointed / Exalted by Yahweh
Jeramiah God will Uplift, Exalted
Jeramy God will Uplift
Jeran To Sing, Modern Variant of Jaron
Jerande Rules by the Spear
Jerard Descent
Jere Lifted Up, Exalted of the Lord
Jered Descent, Form of Jared
Jerel Mighty Spearman, Strong
Jerem Exalted by Yahweh
Jereme The Lord Exalts
Jeremey Appointed / Exalted by Yahweh
Jeremiah God will Uplift
Jeremie God will Uplift
Jeremy God will uplift
Jeremy Appointed by God, The Lord Exalts
Jeren To Sing, Spear Rule, Holy Name
Jerett Mighty Spearman, Spear Strong
Jeric Strong, Gifted Ruler
Jerick Strong, Gifted Ruler
Jeriel Strong, Open Minded, Fear
Jerimiah Appointed / Exalted by Yahweh
Jerin To Sing, Simple, Intelligent
Jermain Brotherly, Variant of Germaine
Jermaine Brotherly
Jermane Brotherly, Variant of Germaine
Jermayne Brotherly, Variant of Germaine
Jermel Beauty
Jermell Beauty
Jermey Appointed / Exalted by Yahweh
Jerod Mighty with a Spear, Descendant
Jerohn To Sing
Jerold TBD
Jerom Sacred Name, Holy Name
Jerome Of Holy Name, Sacred
Jeromie Exalted by Yahweh
Jeromy Holy
Jeron To Sing, To Shout, He will Sing
Jerone One who Bears a Holy, Sacred Name
Jerrad Rules by the Spear, He Descends
Jerram Appointed / Exalted by Yahweh
Jerred Descent, Rules by the Spear
Jerrel Strong, Open Minded
Jerrell Unclear, Strong, Open Minded
Jerren To Sing
Jerrett Mighty Spearman, Spear Strong
Jerric Strong, Gifted Ruler
Jerrick Fragrant City, Strong
Jerrid Rules by the Spear, Descent
Jerriel Strong, Open Minded
Jerrin To Sing, Creator
Jerrod Descent, Rules by the Spear
Jerrold Rules by the Spear, Spear Ruler
Jerron To Sing
Jerry Mighty Spearman, Spear Ruler
Jerryl Strong, Open Minded
Jervis Spearman
Jeryl Strong, Open Minded
Jeshan Clear
Jess God Sees, The Lord Exists
Jesse God’s Gift; Wealthy; Lord Exists; …
Jessee God’s Gift; God Sees
Jessen Hope, Joyfully
Jessie The Lord Exists, God is Merciful
Jessy Jehovah Exists, Gift, Wealthy
Jester TBD
Jestin Upright, Righteous
Jesus God will Help
Jesy God’s Gift
Jetal To Throw, Winner
Jett Gemstone, A Deep, Glossy Black
Jevon From Greece, Created Name
Jevonte Created Name, Son of Japtheh
Jewel Precious Stone, Jayanta
Jeyson TBD
Jhan Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Jhon The Lord is Gracious
Jhonathan Gift of Yahweh, Yahweh has Given
Jhonny Gift of God, Form of John
Jiggs Curiosity
Jill Youthful
Jillian Downy; Jupiter’s Child; Youthful; …
Jim Following After, Supplanter
Jimbo Nickname for James
Jimmey Holder of Heel, Yahweh May Protect
Jimmie Supplanter, He who Supplants
Jimmy Supplanter, God May Protect
Jinwoo TBD
Jinx Magic Charm
Jireh TBD
Joan God is Gracious
Joaquin God will Judge
Jobe Persecuted, The Afflicted
Jobi Persecuted
Jockie God is Merciful
Jodie Jewish, From Judea
Jody Form of Joseph, God is Gracious
Joealen TBD
Joel God is Willing, Lord is God
Joelle Yahweh is God
Joern Friend of the Wild Boar
Joeseph Yahweh will Add Another Son
Joesph Grace of Fruitful Life
Joey Form of Joseph
Joff Divinely Peaceful, Peaceful Ruler
Joffre Peaceful Ruler
Joffrey Peaceful Ruler
Johan Gift of God, The Lord is Gracious
Johathan Gift of Yahweh, Yahweh has Given
Joher Brave – Devoted
John God is Merciful, Gift of God
Johnathan Jehovah has Given, Manliness
Johnathon Jehovah has Given, Manliness
Johnie The Lord is Gracious
Johnnie TBD
Johnny TBD
Johnson Son of John, Variant of the John
Johny God is Merciful, Gift of God
Johs TBD
Joie Rejoicing, Joy
Joko Young Man
Jokull From the Glacier
Jolen Valley of the Dead Oaks
Jolin Valley of the Dead Oaks
Jolon Valley of the Dead Oaks, Dead Oaks
Jomo Farmer, Burning Spear
Jon The Lord is Gracious
Jon-Jon TBD
Jon-Michael TBD
Jon-Paul TBD
Jonah Dove
Jonald TBD
Jonard TBD
Jonas Dove, He that Oppresses
Jonatan Gift from God, God has Given
Jonathon Jehovah has Given, Gift of God
Jonel TBD
Jones God is Merciful, Thanks to God
Jonn God is Gracious
Jonnie TBD
Jonno TBD
Jono God is Gracious
Jonothan Yahweh / God has Given
Jonte God is Merciful
Jonthan Gift of Yahweh, Yahweh has Given
Jony God has Given, Gift of God
Joon Talented
Jophiel Angel of Enlightenment
Joran Farmer
Jordain To Flow Down, Descend
Jordan To Flow Down, Down-flowing
Jorden Down Flowing
Jordi To Flow Down, Descend
Jordin Flowing Down
Jordon Down Flowing, Descend
Jordy To Flow Down, Descend
Jordyn Flow Down, Descend
Jorel Mighty Spearman
Jorell Mighty Spearman, He Saves, Modern
Jorge Farmer, A Tiller of the Soil
Jorgo TBD
Jorian Farmer
Jorje Farmer, Earthworker
Jorrel Mighty Spearman, One who Saves
Jorrell Mighty Spearman
Jory Descend, Farming Man
Josan TBD
Jose May God Give Increase
Josef God will Increase, God will Add
Joseff Yahweh will Add Another Son
Joseluis TBD
Joseph Grace of Fruitful Life
Josey Yahweh will Add Another Son
Josh Excited, Happiness
Joshua Jehovah Saves
Joshuah The Lord is Salvation
Josiah Jehovah has Healed
Joslin Yahweh will Add Another Son
Jospeh God will Add ( Another Son )
Josph Grace of Fruitful Life
Jossy TBD
Josue God is Deliverance
Jourdon To Flow Down, Descend
Jovan Warrior, God is Merciful, Youth
Jovani Father of the Sky
Jovanni Form of Jovan, Father of the Sky
Jovanny Form of Jovan, Father of the Sky
Jovante TBD
Jovany Father of the Sky, Form of Jovan
Jovis TBD
Jovon Majestic, God is Merciful
Joy Happiness, Rejoicing, Victory
Joyce Of the Lord
Juan God’s Grace; John; God is Gracious …
Juano Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Juba TBD
Judah The Praise of the Lord
Judas praised
Judas The Praised One, Praise, Thanks
Judd Praised, Flowing Down
Jude Name of Saint, Praised, Thanks
Judge Judge, Arbiter, Expert
Judi TBD
Judith Praise
Judson Son of Praise
Judy Praise
Juergen Earthworker, Farmer
Jules Youthful, Soft Bearded, Youth
Julian Youthful, Down-bearded Youth
Julianne TBD
Julias Downy; Jupiter’s Child
Julien Jove’s Child; Youthful; Soft …
Julito TBD
Julius Youthful, Downy
Junar TBD
June One who is Youthful
Junior TBD
Junius Youthful, Loyal to Juno
Juran TBD
Jush To be Pleased, Satisfied
Justain Just, Upright, Righteous
Justen Just, Fair Minded, Righteous
Justice Morally Right, Upright, Righteous
Justin Love, Clever, Just, Upright
Justine Righteous, Fair
Justis Just, Fair Minded, Fair, Righteous
Juston Righteous, Fair, Just
Justus Just, Upright, Fair, Righteous
Justyn Just, Fair, Righteous, Upright
Juventino Youth
Jym Holder of Heel, Yahweh May Protect