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“K” represents Aspiration. The K shows Sensitive, Vigorous, and Creative. K sees itself as an authority figure.

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Famous American Baby Boy Names Start With K

Kabecka Twin
Kabin TBD
Kachada White Man
Kacy Descendant
KaDarius TBD
Kade From the Wetlands, Circular
Kadeem Servant, Slave to God
Kadema Forward
Kaden Fighter, Companion
Kadenscott Fighter of Sottish Origin
Kadi TBD
Kadie TBD
Kadin Companion
Kadin Companion, Friend, Confidant
Kadyn Fighter
Kaeden Fighter, Companion
Kael Slender, Fair, Form of Caelan
Kaela A Stylish Man
Kaelem Honest
Kage Shadow
Kahan Lord Krishna; Warrior’s Son; …
Kahlil Close Friend
Kai Earth
Kai keeper of the keys
Kaiden Warrior, Friend
Kainoa Sea with No Restrictions
Kaipo Sweetheart, Darling
Kairo Victorious One
Kaitlyn Modest, Pure
Kale Affectionate, Calm, Fair, Ocean
Kaleb Brave, Faithful, Heart, Bold
Kaleigh Spear, Crown, Wealth, Happiness
Kalel Son
Kalen Mighty Warrior, Friend
Kalen Mighty warrior
Kaleo The Sound, Voice from Hawaii
Kalev A Devotion to God
Kalif TBD
Kalin Flourishing, Form of Caleb, Friend
Kalvin Hairless, Bald
Kalyn Slender, Narrow
Kamall Perfection
Kamari The Enemy of Desire, Moonlight
Kameron Form of Cameron Crooked Nose
Kamie Loving
Kamron Form of Cameron Crooked Nose
Kamryn Variant of Cameron, Crooked Nose
Kamy Loving
Kane Tribute; Warrior’s Son; Bright; …
Kaneenawup One who is Sitting Like an Eagle
Kanga A Raven
Kanoa Free One
Kanye Freedom
Karam The Cause of, Noble Nature
Karan A Warrior, Light
Kareem Kind, Generous, Humane, Noble
Kareen Pure
Karen Pure
Karik Form of Carrick
Karim Generous, A Title of God
Karis TBD
Karl Farmer
Karl Farmer, Free Man
Karmen Fruitful Orchard
Karson Son of the Marsh Dwellers
Karter Cart Driver
Kase Descendant of Cathasaigh
Kasen Pure, Helmet Protection
Kasey Watchful, Full of Energy, Alert
Kason Son of the Marsh Dweller
Kastriot TBD
Katsumasa TBD
Kaven Handsome
Kavi A Poet, Lyricist, A Wise Man
Kavin Handsome, Beautiful
Kavon Of a Little Deer
Kawan TBD
Kay Fire, Pure, Rejoicing, Love, Happy
Kayam Immortal, Always, Soft
Kayden Round, Gentle, Cask, Companion
Kaye Pure, Rejoiced
Kayhan World
Kayle Faithful
Kayleb Faithful, Variant of Caleb
Kaynard TBD
Kayo From Initials
Kayon Strong Existence
Kayson Rejoice, Healer, One who Heals
Keagan Flame, A Thinker, Form of Hugh
Keanan Ancient, Sharp
Keanan Ancient
Keandre Virile, Manly, Ancient
Keanu Cool Breeze over the Mountains
Keaton Where Hawks Fly
Kedar A Raga, Powerful
Keddrick Gift of splendor
Keddrick Gift of Splendour, Form of Cedric
Kedric Gift of Splendour, Form of Cedric
Kedric Gift of splendor
Kedrick Gift of splendor
Kedrick Gift of Splendour, Form of Cedric
Kee Key, Peace, Love, Lord Krishna
Keef Descendant, Barrel Maker
Keegan Little Fiery One, Small Fire
Keenan Ancient One, Ancient
Keenan Ancient
Keene Sharp, Wise, Learned, Ancient
Keene Sharp
Keenen Small, Ancient, Little Ancient One
Keet Shed Town, Urbane
Keeton Shed Town
Kegan Fiery, A Thinker, Form of Hugh
Kei Wise, Blessing, Power
Keifer Cherished, Barrel Maker
Keila Lively
Keion Follower of Zeus, Born to Nobility
Keishon TBD
Keith Of the Forest, Wood
Keith Of the forest
Keithan Windy Place, Forest
Kekoa Courageous, Bold
Kel Ravine, Swampy Land, Trowel Worker
Kelan Thin, Slender, Slim
Kelby From the Farm Near the Spring
Kelcey Victory Ship, Brave
Kelcie Victory, Ship
Kele Sparrow
Kelin Narrow, Tiny – Slender
Kellan Powerful, Mighty Warrior
Kellen Swamp, Slender, Slim, Powerful
Kelley Warrior, Defender
Kellin Slender, Narrow
Kelly Warrior, Lively, Aggressive
Kelly Warrior
Kelsey Ship island
Kelsi Victory, Ship
Kelton Town of the Keels
Kelvan From the Narrow River, River Man
Kelvan From the narrow river or river man
Kelven From the Narrow River, River Man
Kelven From the narrow river or river man
Kelvin From the Narrow River, River Man
Kelvin From the narrow river or river man
Kem The Sun
Kemal Perfect, Highest Honour
Keme Little Dark
Kemo TBD
Kemp Athlete, Sports Person, Warrior
Kemp Warrior
Kempe Warrior, Champion
Kempe Warrior
Ken Handsome, Form of Kenneth
Ken Handsome
Kenard Brave Cheiftain
Kendahl TBD
Kendal Valley of the River Kent
Kendale valley of the river
Kendale Valley of the River Kent
Kendall Valley of the River Kent
Kendel Valley of the River Kent
Kendell Valley of the River Kent
Kendis Pure
Kendrick Royal ruler
Kendrick Royal Ruler, Fearless Leader
Kendriek Royal ruler
Kendriek Royal Ruler, Son of Harry
Kendrik Royal Ruler, Son of Harry
Kendryk Royal Ruler, Son of Harry
Kendryk Royal ruler
Kenelm Defends the Family, Brave Helmet
Kenelm Defends the family
Kenji Second in Strength, Second Son
Kenley Imperial Meadow
Kenly From the King’s Meadow
Kenn Handsome, Bright Water
Kenn Handsome
Kenna Born of Fire, Good Looking
Kennan Little Ken, Form of Keene, Wise
Kennan Little Ken
Kennard Bold, Brave, Strong
Kennard Bold
Kenne TBD
Kennedy Protected with Helmet, Chief
Kennedy Ugly head
Kenneth Handsome, Royal Oath
Kenneth Handsome
Kenney Abbreviation of Kenneth, Surname
Kennie TBD
Kennith Handsome, Sprung from Fire
Kenny Handsome, The Valley of the Kent
Keno Tribe, Clan, Brave
Kenriek Royal Ruler
Kenrik Royal Ruler, Royal Chieftain
Kenrik Royal ruler
Kenryk Royal Ruler
Kent Bright, White, Edge, Border
Kent Bright or white
Kenton From the King’s Estate; Royal …
Kenton The royal settlement
Kentrell Royal Estate, Royal Chieftain
Kentrell Royal estate
Kenward Bold, Royal Guardian
Kenward Brave guardian
Kenway Brave Warrior, Brave
Kenya Animal Horn, Harmless, Innocent
Kenyatta Jewellery, Musician (East Africa)
Kenyon Blond, Strength, Blond Haired
Keola Alive, Life
Keon Sweet, Caring, Intelligent
Keone The Sand
Keoni The Righteous One
Keonta Noble, Well Born, Born of the Yew
Kerin Blessings, Maiden
Kermit Free Man, Without Envy
Kerrick Royal Ruler; King’s Ruler
Kerrick Royal ruler
Kerry Son of the Black One
Kert Simple Pleasures
Kerwin Dark Skinned, Swamp Friend
Keshaun Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Keshawn God is Gracious / Merciful
Keshawn God is gracious
Keshun Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Kester Follower of Christ
Keston TBD
Kevan Gentle, Handsome, Beloved
Keven Handsome, Variant of Kevin
Kevin Little gentle one or handsome
Kevin Name of a Famous Hermit-saint
Kevinson TBD
Kevon Variant of Kevin, Handsome Child
Kevonte handsome
Kewan Handsome
Key Protected
Keya Speed, Flower in Bengali
Keyes To Rejoice
Keyon Guiding, Leading
Keyshawn Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Kfir Lion Cub, Name of Closer
Khail Gift from God
Khalil Best friend
Khalil Charming, Sincere Friend
Khalon Strong Warrior
Khang Hearty One, Robust
Khari Kingly, Like a King
Khary TBD
Khasan TBD
Khiri TBD
Khiry Unclear, Warrior
Khoa TBD
Khoi TBD
Khris Anointed, Christ-bearer
Khristian Anointed, Follower of Christ
Khye TBD
Kian Kings, Royal, Ancient, Distant
Kiara A Finger, From Kikuyu
Kiefer Barrel-maker, Pine Tree
Kiel Living Near a Narrow Channel
Kieran Small and Dark-skinned, Dark
Kieren Little Dark One, Beam of Light
Kiersten TBD
Kieth Windy Place, Forest
Kiev Fair, Kind, Gentle
Kijana Youth, Strong Young Man, Teenager
Kiley A Wood, A Church
Killian Small and Fierce, Twin, Blind
Kilo TBD
Kim Warrior chief
Kim Warrior Chief, Noble, Chief
Kimball Warrior chief
Kimball Warrior Chief, Noble, Brave
Kimbel Chief Warrior, War Leader
Kimber Ruler, Royal Fortress
Kimberly Cyneburg’s Field / Clearing; Ruler
Kimo God May Save You
Kimon King or Great Man
Kincy Friendly
King Monarch
King Leader, Ruler, Monarch
Kingdon From the King’s Hall
Kingslee From the King’s Meadow
Kingsley From the King’s Wood or Meadow; …
Kingston TBD
Kingswell king’s well
Kingswell Lives at the King’s Spring; From …
Kinsey Victorious
Kinsey Victorious Prince, Royal Victory
Kinsley King’s Meadow; King is One of …
Kion Born of the Yew, Well Born, Noble
Kiowa TBD
Kip From the pointed hill
Kipp From the pointed hill
Kippar From the pointed hill
Kippie From the Pointed Hill
Kippy Sharply Pointed Hill
Kirby Church village
Kire TBD
Kirin Poet, Praise, Glorifies
Kirk Dweller by the church
Kirk Dweller by the Church, Church
Kirkland Dweller by the church
Kirkley From the Church’s Meadow
Kirklin church’s estate
Kirkly From the Church’s Meadow
Kirkwood Church in a Wood
Kirt Enclosure, Courteous
Kishi Long – Happy Life, Night, Seashore
Kit Follower of Christ
Kiyon Noble, Born Of The Yew, Well Born
Klee Clay
Kleef From the cliff
Kleef From the Cliff, Cliff
Klint TBD
Klinton Settlement by the River Glyme
Knight Noble or soldier
Knight Noble, Soldier
Knoton Wind
Knox From the hills
Knox From the Hills, Hill
Kobe Supplanter
Kobe Supplanter, A City, Turtle
Kobie Brave, Fearless
Koby Dark-haired, Supplanter
Kody Cushion, Helper
Koen Honest Counsellor, Wise Counsel
Kohl A Form of Cole, Unclear
Kojo Born on Monday
Kolby Dark Haired, Dark, Dark Skinned
Kole Cabbage Farmer
Koli TBD
Kolichiyaw Resembling a Skunk
Kolten Coal Town
Kolton Coal Town
Konner Alternate Spelling of Conner, Wise
Konnor Variant of Connor, Loving Wolves
Kono Squirrel who Eats Pine Nuts
Kool TBD
Kopi TBD
Korbin Raven haired
Korbin raven
Korbin Raven-haired, A Raven
Kord Cordmaker
Kord Bold Adviser, Wise
Kordale Cordmaker
Kordale Cord-maker, Surname
Kordell Cordmaker
Korey Hollow
Korie Ravine
Korrigan Spearman
Korrigan Spearman, Surname
Kory Unclear, Hollow
Kotori Screech Owl Spirit
Koz Universe, Order, Beauty, Harmony
Kraig Steep Rock, Variant of Craig, Rock
Kreg Watchful, Awake
Kregg Awake, Watchful
Kris Christ-bearer, Anointed
Krish Short Form of God Krishna
Krista TBD
Kristan TBD
Kristanna Gracious, One who Gives
Kristen Follower of Christ
Kristian Christ Bearer, Follower of Christ
Kristin TBD
Kristofer He who Holds Christ in his Heart
Kristoffer Carrier of Christ
Kristoph TBD
Kristopher Carrier of Christ
Krys Bearing Christ, Follower of Christ
Kstiz Song, Sky
Kurt Wise counsel
Kurt Wise Counsel, Courteous
Kurtis Polite, Courteous, Bold Counsel
Kuruk Bear (Pawnee)
Kwahu Eagle
Kwame Born on Saturday
Kwane Strong
Kwatoko Bird with Big Beak
Kyan Little King, Ancient
Kylan A Wood, A Church
Kyle Land where cattle graze
Kyle Narrow, Channel, A Wood, A Church
Kylee Slender, Narrow
Kyler Land where cattle graze
Kyler An Archer, A Place Name
Kynan Chief, Leader, Wisely Intelligent
Kyndall valley of the river
Kyne Royal
Kyne Royal, Wild Goose, Barnacle Goose
Kyon Guiding, Strong Existence
Kyran Dusky, Dark-haired, Dark
Kyree Benevolent
Kyren Ray of Light
Kyrk Dweller by the church
Kyrk Dweller by the Church, Church
Kyron Victorious
Kyson Son of Ty